Sudden Past Life Memory

My left leg was aching and both legs were restless. I also felt such a heavy weariness come over me that I could not ignore. I went upstairs and got in bed, covering my eyes to help ease the headache I had all day.

I had to change positions several times because my leg kept throbbing with a strange electrical pulsing pain. I wondered briefly if it was sciatica but the thought passed quickly as I fell into the happy bliss of the in-between.


It was then that I was aware of being in a house with several other people. I was in a wheelchair being wheeled around and could see the brown wood of the structure I was in. There was a door immediately in front of me and I was talking to my brother, mother and father who were huddled around me. I was also very aware that I was a man and the fact that I could not move my legs.

I began to wake up in the midst of talking with my family and when I did I struggled to determine which reality was real. Was the dream what was really happening? Or was it me, laying in bed, that was real?

I opened my eyes and still struggled to determine where I was, who I was and what was going on. My legs were not hurting, though, and I think this is what ultimately brought me back to reality.

Early 1800s

Once I was able to locate myself in present time, I thought about my “dream” and knew instantly that it was no dream. I had remembered a past life. A past life where I had been hurt and lost most if not all feeling in my legs. And there was pain with it similar to the shooting, electrical pain I had been feeling.

I wondered when the life was and knew it was the early 1800’s. I smiled, congratulating myself, but did not seek anymore information about the life. I did not want to unintentionally cause myself more harm than good. If done improperly, a past life can bring into the present life aspects of it to include pain, upset and other irrational behavior/thought. Since I had already had pain that caused me to need to lay down, I did not want to intensify it. Plus, it had gone and I felt better. I wanted to keep it that way.

It still amazes me, though, how suddenly and spontaneously some of my past lives have come to me. This one came with the sensation of sitting in the wheelchair and feeling the hardness of the seat. I also felt it being rolled around, its wheels bumping roughly on the floor. It was so vivid and real. I didn’t even know they had wheelchairs that long ago! So cool.


A Time of Adjustment – Message from the High Council

It has been one of those days for me where I continue to get a message over and over: you are adjusting, you are adjusting, you are adjusting.

I finally asked for clarification. This is the answer I got:

In the next few months expect exponential change for you and others like yourself who are in the fourth stage of awakening. To clarify, the term “stage” is merely used to help you better understand where you stand in this process of acclimation. For you, and others like you, there is a mental adjustment being made specifically altering the way you think, the way you judge, the way you perceive others and your environment. With this adjustment also comes understanding that you are not alone in this universe nor are you alone in this world nor are you alone in the body BUT you are but one in a million upon million upon trillion of others individualized souls striving for a return the One; to Wholeness. This adjustment period will cause you to think and over think and then over think some more. You will doubt that what you are thinking is even in fact your own thought because at times these thoughts will seem so alien, so outright ridiculous to you, that you will reject them in entirety only to be puzzled to find yourself once again thinking those same thoughts. The thoughts and patterns of thinking will not be like what you are use to yet they are YOU in your most utterly beautiful of states.

For the time being, for approximately three weeks from the full moon, you will find that your mind may seem empty and your head painfully noticeable to you. Headaches, energy sensations, ringing, dizziness, visual fluctuations, sounds and other phenomenon will be noticed but not unbearable. Know that you are not alone in these sensations nor are they indicative of something dire. They are merely evidence of your adjustment so look upon them as such and do not be alarmed.

During this adjustment period also you will be quite stable in other areas of your life. Enjoy this time and the moments of calm and certainty that befall you. Because in time you will become more and more acutely aware of changes which need to be made. No this is not another turn-your-life-upside-down period but you may at first feel it is such. It will simply be asked of you to consider once again if you are in fact truly living up to your potential; your capability; your purpose. As you probably have noticed this question is asked of you often. This also is for a purpose and you will notice that you begin to answer the question with more certainty every time it is presented to you for consideration.

You are close, Dear one. Hold tight to your knowingness, your Divinity, your Truth.

I will ask of those reading this to not concern yourself with the mention of a fourth stage and to not get caught up in questions asking what current stage you are in. If you are in a similar position as myself in this process then this message will ring true to you. Otherwise, it may not.

Also, the thoughts and patterns of thinking mentioned above are not negative ones. They align with your purpose. For me, I have had thoughts hit me out of the blue to do things to help people. For example, I keep getting the thought to visit the homeless people in my community and offer them Reiki treatments free of charge. This is very unlike me yet it is very much aligned to my purpose. When I get them I immediately think, “Why am I thinking that??”

Current Symptoms of the “Shift”

I figured it was about time that I share some of the odd sensations and physical issues I have been having since my last update.

Current Symptoms

  • Headache, especially in the mornings and at night
  • Stomach upset in the morning
  • Energy sensations in third eye, crown and base of head
  • Deep sleep
  • Vivid dreams often with messages
  • Upper back stiffness
  • Lower back (pelvis) stiffness
  • Leg pain (feels like “growing pains” from youth)
  • Restless energy in legs
  • Ringing in ears (mostly right ear)
  • Dry, flaky skin that is manageable but irritating
  • Increased thirst
  • Visual anomalies (seeing flashes of light, colored streamers coming out of son, etc)
  • Tiredness/lack of motivation
  • Periods of total calm
  • Odd, heavy energy that descends over crown of head
  • Sleep disturbances

Coping Mechanismsclary-calm-did-you-know

This is what I have been doing to handle some of my symptoms:

  • Upset stomach – I drink a glass of water and eat something calming like oatmeal with fruit
  • Leg restlessness and pain – Put feet up and/or meditate to ground energy
  • Dry skin – Wash face with grapeseed oil, limit harsh chemicals
  • Increased thirst – Drink!
  • Back pain – Yoga, stretching, exercise
  • Headache – Ask for healing, rarely I take Ibuprofen
  • Tiredness/lack of motivation – When tired, I try to sleep; for motivation I go outdoors
  • Sleep disturbances – Meditate, focus on heart chakra, let it pass without fixating on it

These are life changes I have made that have either eased or completely eliminated my symptoms:

  • Drinking mineral water with apple cider vinegar in the morning with daily probiotic
  • Limiting gluten (not gluten-free, I can’t do that)
  • Limiting sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • Drinking alkaline water from Kangen machine daily (usually 1 gallon or more)
  • Eating organic as often as possible
  • Eating 3 or more servings of veggies daily
  • Stopped using antiperspirant deodorant completely

Current DoTERRA Essential Oil Usage

  • ClaryCalm/Monthly Oil Blend– aids in self-acceptance, expressing one’s inner child, enhances sexuality, promotes balance
  • Whisper/Women’s Oil Blend – assists in balancing masculine/feminine energies; calms anger and other negative emotions
  • Patchouli – helps individuals be more grounded and stable
  • Serenity/ Calming Oil Blend – calms negative feelings, promotes forgiveness of self and others, assists in relieving self-criticism and judgement of others/self