Sleeping with Satan

Yesterday I started out the day with very high energy and then by mid-afternoon I was hit with a slight headache and an intense tiredness. I took my two oldest for a walk and this brightened up my mood significantly, but I still crashed last night. I ended up sleeping 11 hours!

Sleeping with Satan

Most of my dreams last night involved some kind of root and second chakra stimulation. Surprisingly, I was not awakened when this occurred but I recall one dream in vivid detail.

In the dream I was not interested in sex with this man but I ended up doing as he wished because I felt I had no other choice. I was not scared or intimidated and the feeling was not ominous at all. Instead it was more of a feeling that I had to do it as part of a process. I suspect the individual resembled Satan because of my reaction to what he wanted me to do.

I do not actually remember having sex with Satan either nor do I actually recall seeing him. I recall a discussion and then a my chakras being activated to intense pleasure. Then I could not shut down the chakras. It was like they had a mind of their own.

When the chakras finally settled the dream resumed. I found myself in a cemetery standing next to an iron fence. The satanic looking man was telling another man where to bury parts of a body. The other man was taking a golden helmet that was scratched and well worn and putting it inside another grave. They were burying body parts in old graves and I watched as a man dug a small hole, opened up the casket and put something in.

I looked at the ceiling high wrought iron fencing and outside of it was a mother, daughter and another woman leaving the cemetery. They were grieving and as I watched I thought of helping them by passing on a message from the woman who they had lost. I decided not to tell them and recall thinking I would probably be wrong anyway. I began to cry for them and for myself.

I again had root and second chakra activity that pulled me away from the scene for a time. When I re-entered the scene I was still standing next to the fence and removing a silver necklace from my neck. I placed it on the wall to get later. When I came back to get it, someone had messed with it and the chain was knotted and very long. The corrugated quartz pendant was also missing. I fiddled with it for some time but it separated and I could not get it to fit. I found the pendant, though.

A man came up to me to help and I explained what happened. He said he liked the type of chain it was and when I looked at it the silver chain had turned into multiple large loops. It was quite pretty.


This dreams seems to be mostly related to my chakras being activated. I associated the process with something “bad” and so it created the “Satan” character.

The cemetery symbolizes the end of a habit, behavior and/or a rebirth. It can also represent sadness. A corpse also represents a part of someone that has “died”. Because I was thinking of mediumship my interpretation of this scene of the dream is that I am leaving behind that aspect of myself. Upon considering this I realized that I may never do a mediumship reading again. This saddened me but then I knew that it will be replaced with ascension counseling – speaking to the guides and Higher Selves of people struggling through the changes associated with ascension in order to explain the current transformation process the individual is experiencing.

The helmet symbolizes protection and guarded thoughts. The broken necklace indicates that I need to listen to my heart rather than let my judgement be clouded by my emotions. Since it is repaired and I am shown a better version of it indicates this situation will be repaired.The crystal represents the Higher Self and it is preserved and not lost, indicating that I should listen to that part of myself.