Dream: Wear Your Glasses

Just recalled a dream I had forgotten that I believe is significant.

Dream: Wear Your Glasses

I was driving to a party. I saw a row of houses lined up and spotted my destination. It was the only white house on the block. Not only was it white, but it was flat-topped, adobe style, stucco. The main area was lower than its two, taller sides which almost made it look like a miniature castle.

I did a u-turn and parked my car. As I opened the door, the host and hostess came out the door. As I got out of my car I said, “But I didn’t even knock yet”. They said, “We heard your arrival”. I recall vaguely hearing a bell ringing when I parked my car and thought it odd.

They escorted me inside. I was the first guest. I walked into the living area where there was a white, marble fireplace in the center. I recall seeing lots of wood molding and trim as well as flowers and nice furniture.

The host and hostess stood and watched me look around. Then one of them asked, “Don’t you want to put on your glasses?”

Surprised, I peered around the room, checking my vision. Did I need glasses? No, I could see quite well.

I told them, “No, I can see fine”.

Then they asked again, “Don’t you want to put on your glasses? It would help you see better”.

I said, “No, I don’t want to”.

Again, they asked me if I wanted to put on my glasses.

I thought about it. I had glasses, I remembered that, but I could see fine. I was seeing fine right at that moment. Yet the question was repeating.

My response this time was, “No, I don’t think so. If I put on my glasses then I will have to take them off again and then things just won’t look the same. I will know what I am not seeing and want to see it all the time”. I was sad about this but to me it made more sense to avoid the disappointment that would inevitably follow me taking my glasses off again.


I told my mom about this dream and she said, “Sounds like you don’t want to see something”. True, very true. What? I suspect that I was being given the option to expand my awareness or perception in this body and for some reason I thought of the after-effects of having such an opportunity and felt it was not worth it.

I can completely understand why I would reason this way. So many, many times now I have had awe-inspiring, eye-opening, jaw-dropping revelations and/or experiences. And every time the wonder and awe of the experience leaves behind a gaping hole that cannot be filled by this physical experience. Physical life and what it has to offer doesn’t even come close.

I am left here longing for another experience to fill the hole; longing to return Home.

I suspect I was offered another glimpse into the unknown. With all the glimpses I have had up to this point, and all I have learned, I guess whatever it was caused me to feel the hole left behind would be too much for me right now.

I kinda want to kick the me in the dream right now. Grr!


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