Message: You’re Starving

Yesterday morning upon waking, I heard very clearly a voice saying to me, “You’re starving”.

At the time, I had been awake quite some time and was grumpy because I did not want to get out of bed so early. The message came out of the blue when my mind had quieted and I was tuning into my third-eye and heart.

I was not hungry.

The voice was hoarse-sounding and came from directly in front of me. It did not startle me because it was quiet and seemed to come from within my mind rather than from some place physical. It was very obviously a male voice.

I have no idea who it was or why they would tell me I was starving. Of course, ever since then, I have been wondering what it means.

The most obvious would be that I was literally hungry. But this was not true at the time.

The next obvious was that this “hunger” is another kind of hunger, one that means a need or craving for something.

This makes much more sense to me.

Starving implies that I am more than hungry, too. This is complete lack of sustenance.

It makes me wonder how this applies and has me contemplating so much about my life. So far, I do not feel such a lack, but I do feel an emptiness inside still. Perhaps this emptiness is what the statement is referring to. Maybe I need to start trying to do something about it.


7 thoughts on “Message: You’re Starving

  1. mollyb111 says:

    The veils are thin.

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  2. talynia says:

    It’s odd though. I hear left and right the veils are thinner than they ever were and yet I never saw a spirit or any other being with my eyes. I see however all kind of light spectacles and light orbs fading in and out of vision. No idea what those are, but I never did see something that I can place in the category of another being with form and even if it is translucent or whatever, I did not see spirits, entities or other dimensional beings and I wonder why, as I consider my Third Eye vision actually quite developed for such a short time of my Awakening from August 2014 till now. But Maybe I am wrong and I still do not see everything there really is to see…

    About your message “You are starving”. Maybe It is a starving for more spiritual experiences, a starving for OOBEs? Or a starving to understand everything you experience. I do not think it’s literal either, so no to food and hunger.

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    How do you know you have never seen a spirit? Are they going to look any different than an incarnate person? I had an experience last year at a park I go to all the time. An older gentleman was standing beside a playground around a lot of people and I noticed no one was paying attention to him, looking at him, noticed him in any way. Something felt odd. He was just watching people. Then he noticed me noticing him. When he focused on me I felt a “different” energy. I was running around a track and he kept positioning himself to watch me. I started to feel really uncomfortable at this mans intense stare. Then suddenly I was “told” he was a spirit. He started hiding behind trees and shyly peeking around to watch me. He knew that I knew he was discarnate and felt intimidated by me but wanted to watch me. I was watching him, turned away, then when I turned back he was gone. I had a similar experience in Costa Rica as well. “They” get shy when someone notices them and sometimes they try to hide. You never know, they are around us and they don’t look any different. But, they feel different and they will act different when you “see” them.

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  4. SKYLAR A says:

    A song called Constant Craving immediately popped up in my head, originally by k.d. lang.
    This is an awesome cover though by J2 featuring Lesley Roy

    And this part of the lyrics in particular feels connected to your other post ‘Dream: Wear your glasses’:

    And constant
    Has always

    Maybe a great magnet pulls
    All souls to what’s true
    Or maybe it is life itself
    That feeds wisdom to its youth

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