Yesterday in one of those rare moments to myself, I suddenly was hit with a pang of fear in my heart. It made an energy hole in my chest that seemed to go straight through me. With it came the thought, “I am not taking this (ascension) seriously.” Then I laughed at myself. I am the most serious person I know and I am not taking something serious?

This whole ascension process, the transformation of the Earth, the shift in consciousness – I have not been really thinking about it or considering the immense change it involves. I hear the messages, I have the experiences, but somehow I am taking it all in stride. Putting it “on the shelf” for later much like I do any information that I cannot prove or seems unlikely or unreal to me.

Yet at that moment I was completely aware of just how important and catastrophic this transformation can be/is/will be. I mean really, think about it. There are higher beings speaking to me, to others like me. I am going through the oddest energy fluctuations most of which I cannot even describe. I know things, see things, do things that are beyond comprehension to most. This has been my life since 2003. It has become my “norm”, but it is not normal. And what is even more insanely odd about it is I am not alone in this experience anymore; this transformation. It is increasing in frequency. It is real. And eventually it will be real for everyone.

I was being asked to take this change, this ascension process, seriously. It is not a joke. It is not a dream. It is easy to pretend it is all a dream as life continues on as if nothing has changed.

I am noticing the sheer numbers of people online who are new to this transformation. They are struggling. What will happen to the children? What will happen when the tipping point is reached? When more than half the world is “awake” and ascending?

I privately hope I am not here. I cringe to think of the chaos. Perhaps that is why I felt so much fear.


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