Benadryl, Take Me Away!

I took Benadryl last night because I have been sleeping so light and waking so frequently that I have not been getting good quality sleep. I use to take it nightly so I thought, “Why not?”

When I woke this morning I was in such a relaxed state of dream bliss that I could not make myself get out of bed. I slept 12 hours! The first thing I thought of when I awoke was the old Calgon commercials from when I was growing up. It may give away my age but I don’t care. Take a look and walk down memory lane with me. The one I chose is the exact one that popped into my mind when I woke up.

I almost wrote an “Ode to Benadryl” but figured it was a bit too much. 🙂

Odd Dreams and Vibrations

As a result of my deep sleep, I do not remember much of my dreams. I do recall one instance where I was walking along and saw large patches of lush, green clover. The vividness of the scene brought on awareness quickly and as I reached down to touch it I awoke. My body was buzzing with the pleasant energy of reentry but I was not interested in going OOB. I just wanted to sleep and remember nothing.

After several unsuccessful attempts to pull myself out of bed I fell into a vivid dream. I was watching a man and woman in an office space sorting through important papers. The woman was tall, blonde and wore office attire with high heels. There was a strong feeling that they were doing something illegal and trying to get out of there quick with the evidence.

Then a plain clothed officer came into the room. The woman kept her back to him and then turned and greeted him without alarm, as if he were an old buddy. She said something to him about the papers and he responded in kind. She did not resist being arrested. As he put the cuffs on her she said to him, “You came all the way from New York for me?” and then, “A little ol’ gal from Chicago, Illinois?”

I immediately felt an odd sensation that pulled me from the dream. I literally felt like my energy body was being shaken back and forth, from left to right. It was quite intense at first and then as I became more aware of my body and the feeling settled and did not get worse. I was delighted to have these new sensations and said to my guide, “Bring it on!” willing the strange vibrations to intensify. They continued so I checked my heart rate and it was slow and regular. With nothing to worry about I scanned my body top to bottom and noticed the vibrations spread from my heart chakra to my crown and did not exist below my solar plexus area.

“What is this?” I wondered. I heard, “You are changing”. Yeah, tell me something new.

They faded away without incident and I finally got out of bed still wondering why these vibrations were so different. Was it because of the Benadryl?


One thought on “Benadryl, Take Me Away!

  1. M says:

    Probably was the B. I took some for the first time ever the other night for pollen allergies. I normally use Sudafed but tried the B to see how it would work. I had the most vivid dreams that night, like my dreams were some kind of game board with shifts and traps and potential prizes. I became lucid and began controlling my destiny in the dream. Anxiety manifested as being trapped in a tight spot in the dream, a miniature version of the set in the movie “Cube”, and it brought me to partial consciousness. I then noticed heat swimming around in my lower spine, along with vibrations that all suggested a possible imminent rising of K.

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