Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been struggling through an intense physical and emotional purging these last six days or so. It all was building up prior to that but got especially intense around May 1st.

As I mentioned previously, I have been struggling with a string of illnesses. First a lingering head cold (which is STILL lingering) and then intestinal complications that stretched out for days. Well, that wasn’t the end of it. My entire family got a nasty stomach bug. It started with my son Sunday night and on Tuesday the rest of us got it one-by-one within hours of each other. I had naively thought I was immune, assuming I was the one who gave it to the rest of the family so was surprised when I came down with it.

Every time I get the stomach bug I think it is the worst. The last time I had it I was five months pregnant with my youngest (over 3 years ago). Pregnant with the stomach bug is awful and potentially dangerous. I thought at the time it was the worst I had ever felt. Well, I was wrong. This hit me so hard and so violently that I nearly passed out. Twice. I was sweating profusely, my head felt ice cold, I couldn’t see and when I could see the room was spinning and I couldn’t judge distance properly. It literally seemed at the time that I was about to be sucked into an abyss where death was awaiting me. And then after the vomiting stage was over I was extremely weak to the point that walking a few steps would incite dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and breathlessness.

Through all of it I was still coughing, courtesy of the ever-lingering cold that doesn’t go away.

To top it all I got an awful sore throat the day after the stomach bug. Thankfully that has now subsided.

Amidst all of this illness I went through a gauntlet of emotional upheaval. Mostly the emotional purging occurred during sleep. I would wake up crying, sometimes multiple times in one night, from dreams that often disappeared as soon as I tried to recall them. If I did recall them, the dreams were confusing or linked to past experiences that I thought I had long put behind me.

To top it all off, the Kundalini has been active. This time, however, it has been painful, or at least what I recall of it has been. It started out with just some energy fluctuations and surges. Then I got sick. Since the stomach flu I have now had two instances where I have experienced pain from the Kundalini energy. It feels like someone sticks their hand into a chakra and then twists forcefully. The specific areas of this pain are the root, sacral and solar plexus.

This is the first time I have had physical illness mixed in with an intense emotional purging. The two together are extreme but not as bad as last November and December.

On to the Next Section – The Molt

So what is going on? This is the Reset I wrote about last week. Clearing out lingering blockages in preparation for whatever comes next. All of the emotional purging is to clear away the last vestiges of the False Self. Those patterns, beliefs and falsehoods that are the basis of the illusory reality it clings to. And man oh man am I ever hanging on.

This is also the result of the next section of the Equinox Portal that is available to us through mid-summer. I am told there are two in this month alone, with the third opening just as May ends and June begins. One right after the other. I am not sure I can handle it if it is more of what I just went though, though. This is intense! Yet I know it needs to be this intense to release the vice grip of the False Self. I see an image of a hand holding tightly to something and another hand releasing the grip finger by finger.

All in all I feel like I am in my death throes. I wake up most mornings thinking, “I am dying.” I even had a dream where I was in a hospital talking to a nurse whose job it was to educate the dying on the death process. WTF right!? During the day I often feel like my body is dying, too. It is a very real feeling but then at the same time I am not concerned one bit. Totally accepting of whatever fate awaits me. It is like I am molting, shedding my human skin.



Me and my dog Trooper in December 2002.



Here are some examples of the dreams I’ve been having, the ones I have recalled that is:

I am my sister talking to my mother. I am telling her I can’t stay very long and I only came to check-in and see how everyone is doing. I am asked to stay and I begin to cry. I wake up crying and feeling as if I am dying from the inside out.

I am with my aunt in a darkened library. I am crying and hysterical. I ask her to help me. I say, “Why is he here? I just want him to go away and leave me alone. Make him go away!” She says, “Remember when I visited 10 weeks ago? It was nice, wasn’t it?” I stop crying and smile and say, “Yes, it was.” Then I return to crying. I feel beside myself with angst. I wake up in tears. My pillow is soaked.

I was inside a car with someone who I couldn’t see but knew was a woman. There was a tiny brown snake that resembled a large worm in the crease of the seat. Then there were many little worm-like snakes all over. I knew they were extremely poisonous so was using scientific-looking tongs to pick them off one-by-one.

I was sitting on my bed clearing dirt off of it with my hands. I noticed my dog Trooper in the room. I went up to him and hugged him close. He felt skinny and fragile. He stared into my eyes for a long time and I knew he was communicating with me. He was telling me he was sick, that he didn’t feel good and that it was time for him to go (to die).” I hugged him close again and thought, “It’s okay if you want to go. I will be alright.” But instead I looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you for being my companion.”

I woke up crying but understood that this was him showing me that in life he had also stared at me and communicated the same message. I had given him what he wanted. Sometimes when we think we are hurting another we are actually helping them.




Fidget Spinner in action. See the Vesica Pisces? 


Signs and Symbols

Angel number 53 – Received over a week ago. Preparing me for “change” and “major life challenges”.
Angel number 250 – Received this morning. Unexpected good is coming from unexpected sources.
Dead Dove – Received before stomach flu (May 1st). A dove flew into bedroom window and died on the spot. Symbol of lost love, endings.
Vesica Pisces – Kids got Fidget Spinners. When I played with one I saw it formed a Vesica Pisces and knew it was a message.
Sun and Moon – Seeing the sun and moon right next to each other in the sky.
11, 111, & 1111 – A near constant right now, especially 11 and 111.




Dreams and Message: Haripura

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Not feeling too motivated to write in my blog. Plus, there is little to report other than dreams. My mood has been low for the most part with occasional spurts of energy and/or contentedness. I’ve also been tired early in the evening, sleeping deeply and then waking up at 3:30-4am every morning wide awake. My guidance is quiet for the most part. My Knowingness tells me I am taking a Time Out. I’m okay with that, too. Feeling spiritually numb, disinterested and disillusioned.

Dream: Cooking and Gardening

I was in a house similar to my mom’s preparing a tuna dish by adding the tuna and mayo. I remember making a huge batch of tuna salad but I didn’t eat it. My friend Yvonne was there helping me with the ingredients and also gave me a present – a case full of eyeliner of various shades in a small, wooden box. She said they had been a gift to her, but she didn’t want them and wanted me to have them.

Then I was outside looking at a garden. All of the veggies were leafy green types: broccoli, Swiss chard, spinach. Some of the plants, I think the spinach, was going to seed. I remember being mostly focused on the broccoli and talking about harvesting it.

Then I was talking with a man. I felt a desire to just be close to him because I was lonely. I didn’t hug him or get close, instead I chose to go off on my own. I laid down on the grass near the garden path of broccoli and closed my eyes feeling that I needed to be alone and preferring it to the possibility of rejection or disappointment that comes with being close to others. Overall, I felt very lonely but just accepted that was the way it was going to be.

Broccoli – in need of spiritual nourishment and/or putting up my defenses in a certain situation.

Tuna – stamina and agility, building strength and character through life experiences.

Mayo – disappointment in my waking life.

Eyeliner- there is something I need to focus my attention on.

Opening a box – some aspect of myself is being revealed to me, something once hidden is being revealed.

Dream: Bus Money

I was on a bus with a bunch of people. It resembled a school bus inside but I never saw the outside. The front had no seats and was full of children sitting on the floor. I was in the back sitting on the right. A guy came to the back and sat on the left across from me. He resembled a musician, perhaps the singer of a rock band. I just looked at him and remember that he seemed full of himself. Then a person came on and was handing out money. He handed me a $100 bill but did not give one the the musician. I took it but was not sure why it was given to me or if I wanted it.

Musician – need to be more expressive of my feelings.

Money – success and prosperity is within reach, can also represent a quest for love or power.

Riding bus – going along with the crowd, little control over life or situation.

In-Between: Haripura

Saw myself about to receive an injection. When I looked at it there was written on the syringe the word, “Haripura”. As I woke I heard both the word Haripura and Aripura.

The feeling from this vision was that I need to inject myself with enthusiasm or energy for life. It can also mean I am in a time of healing. This corresponds to a message I have received and a Knowingnes that I am currently taking a Time Out. Haripura is Sanskrit and the name a of a town in India. Aripura means “an enemies” town. There is also a link to a particular medicament. Info found here. I am not sure what the message in the name is. It may just be another reference to India/Hinduism.

Symbols: Star, Caterpillar and Butterfly

Some very interesting messages in the form of symbols coming to me over the past week.

5-Pointed Star/Pentagram

About a week ago while at the playground with my son, I found a silver ring laying in the pebbles. It was a ring with a silver star on the top. I kept it, thinking I would give it to my daughter but it was too big for her. Adult-sized. I lost track of it but it kept showing up in my path, daily and multiple times.

Then, my son brought me a tiny star eraser two days ago. He tried to stick it directly into my eye. Then he put it over his own eye over and over again asking me to look at him. At this point I felt I needed to pay attention. Not only to the star but also to my son. It was like someone was telling me, “Your son will show you things. Pay attention.”

I told my guides, “Okay, if the star is a message, then send it again.” This morning, the star ring showed up in my path again. And near the star ring was another little star eraser.


Around the same time as the stars started showing up, a caterpillar showed up. At the playground my daughter spotted a tiny caterpillar in the grass. He was only an inch long and greenish brown so I don’t know how she saw him. He was very well camouflaged. My youngest came and watched as she inspected the tiny creature. We had a discussion then about the life cycle of the butterfly and how the caterpillar would turn into one eventually.


Image of the page my son was obsessed with. He kept pointing from picture 2 to picture 4 over and over and also to the page numbers.


Similarly, butterflies began to show up. The monarchs are migrating and every time I go to the park with my son we see monarchs. One day, however, there were so many flying overhead that I remember knowing it was a sign and to pay attention. It was beautiful to see them in mass like that! I hadn’t seen so many since 2003 when I was on a lake in North Texas and ended up in the middle of a mass of them. 2003 was the year of my initial spiritual awakening.

Additionally, my son brought me a plastic toy butterfly a few nights ago. He kept putting it on me and talking about it, saying, “Butterfly” over and over.

Then last night he brought me a book about butterflies and asked me to read it over and over and over again. The book is about the life cycle of the butterfly. It’s called Busy Butterflies. The specific part he was obsessed with was the pages showing the four stages of the cycle. He kept saying, “Caterpillar. Butterfly. Caterpillar. Butterfly” pointing to the pictures of each in the cycle. Then he would point to the page numbers. Page 9. Page 8. Page 9. He was obsessive about it.


Toy butterfly my son was playing with and showing me.


The pentagram or five-pointed star is symbolic of the four elements and Spirit. It can symbolize mind/spirit over matter. Rather than go into detail, this website gives a good explanation of the pentagram symbolism and use. This website is also useful.

Personally, however, I have seen the star as a message before. A very long time ago – 2005 or maybe earlier – I was shown the star as a symbol of myself and my spiritual progress. At that time, I was shown that I was in between the points on the star. I really didn’t understand the meaning of this other than to show my progress and at the time I was very disappointed because I was not at the topmost point where I knew I should be.

Add this to the APEX dream I just had and it appears my guidance is trying to show me that I have made it to a point on that star. Whether it is the topmost point (representing Spirit or the I AM) or not is not clear yet.

The butterfly and caterpillar messages are clear. A transformation is occurring/in process or maybe already complete.

Numerologically speaking, 8 is my lifepath number and 9 is the number of completion in numerology. This year, 2016, is a 9 year (2+1+6 = 9). The way I see it, the 9 indicates a transformation is about to be complete. Thus, the butterfly is about to emerge from its cocoon.



The Universal Galactic Language

As I wrote previously on Dayna’s blog, I am a Pleiadian Starseed. My home is Lyra. My mission is to unite the Starseeds.

Since I am already present in the body, I have to be reminded of the specifics of my mission. The morning briefings accomplish this and are specifically for me, but Dayna is a part of them as she requested this.

Yesterday I was reminded that I am here to help activate other Starseeds so they Remember who they are. Part of this is through images of the Universal Galactic Language. The specific images I am being shown are of sign language. The images portray not only a message that is understood by humans but is also encoded with information that initiates activation.

Below are the two main signs I have seen. I have been shown them signed as well as written. When I signed the first one I felt an overwhelming joy that made me laugh out loud like a small child. The pictures below were taken this morning and I have felt joyful all day.

I see you

Universal Galactic Language sign. The literal translation is “I see you” but it is used as a greeting to indicate that one sees themselves in the other. If you notice, both eyes and the third eye are are part of the triangle. Each side of the triangle is representative of the body, mind and spirit with corresponding colors of green, yellow and blue.


Another Universal Galactic Language sign. This translates to “You are me” but is similar to us saying “Welcome” except that it invites the other to “join” as the two fingers in back are joined together in the one in the front. This and the above sign are used together as a greeting. When written, the second sign is drawn inside the triangle and the lines are wavy.