Stella Nova

At one point last night when I was wide awake after an especially vivid dream, I became aware of a stream of consciousness entering my energy field. It was directed at me and spoke to me. I knew it was Pleiadian and it felt connected to my guidance,though I could not determine if it was from one specific individual or all of them. My heart and solar plexus were especially sensitive and my entire energy body felt different, though how I can’t say.

My awareness of this consciousness stream seemed to initiate a communication that was both complete Knowing intermixed with telepathy. I knew that the stream was coming from a space craft of some sort. I also knew I was part of the ground crew and they were checking in – passing on information or mission notes to me.

I asked for the name of the vessel and heard, “Stella Nova.” I thought about it and wondered what their mission was. I heard, “Colonization of…..” The planets that were mentioned were not familiar and I cannot recall their names now. I do remember they had letters attached to them, like “A” followed by a numerical sequence. Some of them were actual names, but none of them from the Milky Way Galaxy, at least not that I know of.

Then I heard that I was receiving the transmission at a frequency of  2.878 Hz. This went completely over my head.

There was an exchange here involving mathematical equations. I saw them, understood them at some level, and was discussing the formula in algebraic terminology. I remember balancing the equation, but why I was doing this or what the equation was for is lost to me.

In recalling this exchange, I felt the need to search for brainwave frequencies to see where 2.878 Hz fell. Turns out, that frequency is considered to be within the range of Delta waves – 0-4 Hz.  Those who have high amounts of Delta brainwaves while awake are more empathetic and tuned into the unconscious. They are also associated with an all-encompassing bliss state, intuition, paranormal experiences and OBEs/astral projection. Sounds like me in a nutshell! lol

In researching brainwave frequency, I came across the Doppler Effect and equations that were eerily similar to what I remember balancing during last night’s exchange. The wavelength equations on this website are the most similar except the variables were not the same.

It was not until this morning that I finally understood the meaning behind the name of the ship. Stella Nova translates to “New Star”. If you read yesterday’s blog post, you will see the connection. As I was researching Stella Nova, I came across this article. When I read the part entitled, “A Star is Born” I knew without a doubt that the name of the ship was directly connected to yesterday’s message.

I wanted to add that throughout the night and into this morning I have had an odd feeling of newness. A trepidation that is becoming very difficult to ignore. The feeling must be akin to how a fledgling feels when it’s brothers and sisters have already jumped from the nest and taken flight. The little bird knows it has wings and knows they are used to fly, but has never flown before and doesn’t know if it can. The drop is scary and the nest is comfortable so it wants to stay where it is safe. But eventually it will have to leave the nest and fly out into the big, wide, new world.

I feel like a part of me is dying. It is a very real feeling and one I have felt before. But this time the feeling is much, much bigger.

Image credits: Birth of a Star



I was awakened from a particularly odd and intensely vivid experience last night. I was semi-lucid to lucid during the experience, which made it that much more intense, but I do not recall the sensation of leaving the body.


When I first became aware of being in this dream experience, I was with a guide who I could not see but could hear clearly. The guide felt male to me and was asking a female who was with me to point out her star in the sky. She pointed upward and the entire scene shifted in a circular motion, as if we were rotated in some way. Above us the entire night sky opened up and a bright star was located, focused upon and then magnified. I got extremely excited at this time but do not recall what we talked about regarding this star. I knew it represented a planet, though, as the image when magnified was of a planet and not a star. I do not remember now what the planet looked like.

The male guide who was with us then asked me, “Where is your star?” I eagerly pointed to the opposite side of the woman’s star. It was low on the horizon and very bright. “There”, I said.

Again, the entire scene around us shifted with us in it. I felt to be in some kind of circular craft or ship but could not identify it as such. However, I could see the massive image of a planet behind me. I assumed it to be Earth as it was full of blues and greens like Earth. It was just behind me in my peripheral vision and I knew then that I was not on this planet but above it actually in the night sky!

I focused on the night sky and saw my star/planet. I was very happy that we were focusing upon it. As I watched, the planet became magnified to the point that I was actually standing on it. The woman who was with me was now gone and it was just me and this being/guide. I say being because at this point he felt foreign to me and very, very intelligent and wise beyond anything I have felt from my other guides.

I found myself standing upon a blue, spongy ground that appeared to be in layers. Looking at it from above, it appeared like feathers layered upon feathers of blue.The blue was vibrant and bold and I thought nothing of it being there. It was as it should be.

I was extremely excited at this point, looking upward at the night sky from my position on the blue spongy ground. I could see platforms of similar blue material above me and asked permission to “fly/jump” up to these platforms. I got the go-ahead to explore from my guide who seemed to enjoy watching my excitement. There was a paternal feeling coming from him and I felt very much like a child embarking on an adventure of learning.

I was hesitant at first about whether I could make it to the first platform. It was oval and loomed about twenty feet above me. I could see other platforms above and to the side. They seemed almost like a staircase leading up. I saw nothing but black void above so it is no surprise that I was intimidated.

I jumped up but failed to make it the first time. I got encouragement form my guide so tried again. This time I made it.

The next thing I knew I was in a city that appeared very modern but it is a city without walls. The rooms and buildings (not sure what to call them) were divided by low walls that were short enough to step over. I went directly to a seat near one of the low dividers and sat down. I remember someone talking to me then, a female who I could not see but who was on the same level as me and was my “friend”. We were talking about eating and I saw spread out next to me food in a display waiting to be eaten. I don’t remember exactly what the food was but in my mind I saw it as “dessert”. I recall taking a bite and being encouraged to eat more by my friend who was thrilled that I was there. I told her, “I am saving it for later” and said something about it being “mine” and always being there and available to me.

My consciousness got the better of me at this point and I pulled myself out of the “dream” and into the “in-between” state. I stayed there in the void for some time talking to the guide who had shown me this mysterious planet of blue. I could see clearly in my mind a vision of the planet I had been hovering over prior to visiting the blue place. I had thought it was Earth but it did not appear as Earth. It was too large and the land masses were not the same. Plus it had odd cloud formations that swirled and had a golden coloring in them. I blinked to get a better look and the image did not falter. I wondered silently, “Where am I?

To my surprise I got a clear answer, “Cassiopeia”. I repeated it, “Cassiopeia” and heard myself corrected with, “CassiopEIa” (emphasis on the long E sound).

I felt true admiration for the name and the planet at this point and kept repeating the name so I would not forget. In the midst of my repeating I heard, “We are here”. This threw me and I began to have my alien considerations and so began to reject that any of the experience was real. I was instantly calmed and remembered then that my origins prior to Earth were likely alien and so relaxed. I did not completely reject the possibility but was not receptive to further communication.

When I opened my eyes I heard a final message, “Expect change”.

Space Traveling

I spent the rest of the morning in dreams that are hard to recall. I do, however, remember flying through space with my guide at one point being taught about different planets. I know I was on the moon of one of them being shown a planet. I wish I could remember more of what I saw and experienced but I must have been too curious and so was only allowed to recall some of it.