Dream: Close Encounter

I had a very active night of dreams last night. One very long one I will recount because it relates to a message I received upon waking.

Dream: Close Encounter

This dream has many layers, so I will break it into its pieces so that it flows better.


I was standing inside a large auditorium. It was dark except for where I was focused. Instructions were being given by someone. I followed them.

I tapped the air in front of me and a holographic screen appeared. I was to put in a code in a certain sequence. I remember inputting the code into boxes. I wrote the numbers with my fingers on the screen. I remember the sequence was something like: 12479172179. I remember mostly knowing I had it out of sequence and being told by someone to put the one before the seven. I vividly saw the numbers as I squished the 1 before the 7 (the code above is the correct sequence).

The code was of the utmost importance. It was to reveal information that I needed to have to pass the exam. I copied and pasted the code I had just put in by putting the palm of my hand toward the screen and then closing it in a fist. Then I took it to another area to my right. I pushed my hand toward the empty air and a screen appeared. It was as if I flung the number sequence into the screen. When I did this, the screen accepted the code and pages of information appeared. I remember reading it closely. It was formatted like a website, with boxes of information. I recall two distinct boxes. They took up the entire main part of the screen. One box was a rose color and the other was white. The rose color was on the left. I also recall that the rest of the boxes were gold in color.

Wedding Gifts

Then I was inside a building. I think it was a school because that it how it felt and appeared. I walked down a long hallway toward a room and entered. I met up with a man there and remember that we discussed blindness. I have a faint recognition here that I was blind or had some kind of disability, though I do not recall that specifically.

People began to approach me talking about wedding gifts. I remember feeling irritated and rejecting the idea of marriage. I had a memory from this lifetime that I think got confused with the dream. In that memory I relived a conflict with myself that I had when I was suppose to marry a friend. I could not resolve the conflict in life, and was reminded of that. That conflict was between the spiritual side of myself and the side focused on mundane, “normal” life.


I turned around and the classroom vanished. In front of me were sitting several individuals. They were at a rectangular table. On one end of the table was a cornucopia of fruits and vegetable. Then I noticed that two of the individuals were eating vegetables. The one I noticed first, a man, was eating a red bell pepper. The other one was eating a raw zucchini squash.

I said to them, “It will be so great to have a garden again! We will have more zucchini’s than you can eat. This time I won’t be the only one tending it!”. I was truly excited, too.

inverted rectangular pyramid

Drawing of the UFO viewed from underneath. It was very long. Imagine this shape as completely silver in color without any seams or indications of openings. Very smooth and shiny, like a bar of silver.

Close Encounter

Then I was standing beside a very large wheat field. The wheat was long dried up and dead. It spread out for as far as I could see. I walked and talked at the same time, discussing how the field would be plowed and the dead wheat replaced with fresh, new seedlings. I was very excited at the idea.

In my giddiness, I looked up into the sky. To my surprise, I saw a very, very large space craft gliding silently across the sky. What is odd is it did not leave a shadow!

The craft had to be miles long and it was rectangular in shape. The bottom of it came down in a triangular shape that was cut off, kind of like a pyramid without a tip. It was silver in color and reminded me of a silver bar. It had no windows or openings that I could see.

I yelled out, “Do you see it? Do you see it? Someone get their phone!”

A person came out with a cell phone to take a picture of the craft while I continued to stare at it in awe. I had a strange feeling in my throat – the feeling of fear rising up and getting stuck there. It was like I had a knot in my throat. Yet I do not remember feeling scared, more like surprised and wondering what would happen next. The fear was the fear of the unknown, or perhaps the knowing but not wanting to know.

As the craft moved along, I saw what looked like colorful bubbles floating alongside it. Upon closer inspection I recognized them to be blimps and hot air balloons. I remember wondering why they would be following this craft. Was this our government’s way of getting close without being detected? Or were they just curious individuals getting a closer look?

The last part of the dream was that the person taking the video and pictures of the craft had their phone confiscated by the government. They put the contents into a news release along with other “phony” UFO sightings. I remember that the only footage they released of the craft appeared more like a shadow than the real thing.