Mission: Illuminate Mankind

Wow, where to start. Lots to write about…..

Okay, well, I will likely have to split this all up into two posts to make any sense of it.

Dream: White Winged Unicorn

I was at an amusement center of some kind. One of those indoor kinds with video games, food, bumper cars, etc. People were everywhere. Kids especially. I was with my family, but none of them were recognizable except my middle son. There was a place where there was suppose to have been a bowling ally put in but it was not there and someone directed me to the restroom. Inside it was very cramped and two women came in and got into a shower fully clothed. The shower was literally right up against the back of the toilet and positioned above it so that the person on the toilet was underneath the shower. I got sprayed by the water and got grossed out.  I left as soon as I could. Amusement park is enjoyment of life. Shower is renewal and forgiveness.

I went outside and everyone was talking about this new ride. I saw a billboard sign of the ride but can’t recall the name now. My guides tell me the name was “Apex” so I take their word for it. We walked to the entrance and I looked up. I saw a horse-shaped orange statue high above us. Then it moved and I knew it wasn’t a statue. One of the kids pointed and yelled to look. The orange horse creature then moved and as it did it morphed into this brilliantly white winged unicorn.

I lost the family group then because I was staring at the winged unicorn. It became very large then, as if I or him shifted positions so that we were much closer. He was on this ramp leading up at a very steep angle. He could not go anywhere but up because he was pinned in by railing on both sides of the ramp. He was up on his hind legs kicking at the railings and trying to get out only to get stuck and have to stay on the ramp. His horn was exceptionally long and he was using it like a sword. He was neighing very loudly and snorting in anger. Eventually he reared up and took off, galloping up the ramp at breakneck speeds. I watched him reach the end, leap up into the air and fly off into the distance. It was magnificent. He was the most beautiful creature. Winged unicorn is a mixture of unicorn and Pegasus. Pegasus is swiftness and bravery in a stormy relationship. Unicorn is high ideals, hope and insight into a situation. White is purity.

Stunned, I walked into the APEX ride location.  I was late. It was meant to start at 11. My family group was already inside. The ticket agent asked for my ticket.  An old man from my group gave it to the ticket lady. She looked at the ticket and said, “This is a very old ticket. Ancient.” My interpretation of this was that it came from the 1980’s and I saw in my mind this very old and tattered ticket stub. A ticket is the start of something and the price one has to pay to gain admittance. This one is old, like I’ve been trying to gain admittance for a long time.

I went inside but had a gallon water jug with me. I set it on the floor because I couldn’t take it with me. As I went in, I saw a grouping of chairs with at least a dozen jugs of water on them. Contained or controlled emotion.

Inside was pitch black. It was like a movie theater without the screen. I felt around, calling for my group. The old man grabbed my hand and said, “We’re sitting on the floor” and led me away from the first grouping of seats. I wonder what kind of ride this was. It felt like a screen was located on the ceiling.



I woke up with a start knowing the dream was a good message. I saw it was 5am. I had slept straight through the night, not waking even once. The winged unicorn was very vivid in my memory. I loved winged unicorns as a child. In fact, I was obsessed with drawing them (and horses) until we moved in 1986.

I fell into the in-between. Here I saw a black stallion rearing up and neighing loudly. He was kicking his feet at masses of clutter and several people that were surrounding him. The scene was very colorful. The clutter was very bright, especially the color red.

This vision brought me out of the in-between. I noticed the contrast between the white winged unicorn and the black stallion (one of my all-time favorite childhood movies BTW). Too tired to think about it, I attempted sleep.

This time I entered a scene where I was floating or moving through a tunnel filled with various designs and geometric shapes. It was as if I was flying through inter-dimensional space or some kind of wormhole. In front of me written very clearly was the word, “Pleiades”. The E, I, A, and D were bright white and the other letters dim in comparison. Then I both saw and heard, “Illuminate Mankind”.

I came out of my reverie and felt different. I can’t explain it really. It was clear to me that I was being communicated with by my group. They were informing me of my mission but also of their mission. The Pleiadian mission is to illuminate mankind. It couldn’t have been made more clear. lol This is also my mission (finally! Thank you!). I wonder now what is meant by “illuminate”. Does it mean to “make bright” like the letters in my vision? Or to “make lucid or clear”? Or “enlighten as with knowledge”?  Probably all of them.




I know, funny title. I actually saw it on a billboard last night when I was driving home from visiting my sister’s house. The 11.13 was a date of some spiritual meeting, a church event of some sort. I didn’t pay much attention to the entire billboard because my eyes were drawn to the 11, 13 and the word “Spirit”, so that’s all I paid attention to. I took note of it and zoned back out into my own thoughts and musings for the rest of the trip home.

Fast forward to this morning. Waking up, I was in a sour mood. Not sure why. I can’t recall my dreams really but I felt really low upon waking. As I fought to return to sleep (wasn’t happening) I saw very clearly the billboard from the night before. I knew I needed to take note of it. As soon as I recognized this, the number 33 popped into my mind’s eye painted in glowing, green.

The number 11 is my near constant companion these days along with 111 and 1111, so I’m not surprised it is showing up again.  The number 11 itself is a message to Remember who we are – our purpose/mission. To be guiding lights to others using our unique abilities, bringing illumination and awareness to others.

The number 13 is not so optimistic in my opinion. It’s like my guidance putting a giant post-it note on my forehead that says, “Rough times ahead, hold on!” It’s all about upheaval, karma and spiritual growth. Sound fun? Not to me. Yuck. Probably why I woke up grumpy. Not a message I wanted to get this morning.

The number 33 symbolizes guidance. Ask and you shall receive is it’s message. It also reminds us that anything is possible. It is a message from my guidance that all the changes I am going through are purposeful and worth it. Then it reminds me to be courageous and optimistic.

The word Spirit is likely a reminder that these messages came from my guidance. Or maybe to help me Remember that I am not this body or physical experience. That this is an illusion of my creating and to be mindful of my thoughts for they will manifest quite quickly.

Pleiadian Message

As I become more cognizant of last night’s adventures in dreamtime, I am reminded of a message I received. It actually just came through, as if something I wrote triggered it. I was told, “Remember your Pleiadian origins” and my “mission”. Of course, I don’t remember my mission but in receiving this message my focus instantly went to my heart and the word “Hope” came to mind. I felt surrounded on four sides by Beings who were loving and exuded a gentleness, unconditional love and understanding. It was as if they were cradling me in their combined energy.

There is memory here also of reception of information about my family/soul group. Whoever was speaking to me used the word “Pod” to describe these groups. I immediately thought of dolphins and how they travel in small family groups called pods. The recollection here is that my pod is composed of 5 members and that we have been traveling together for many, many lifetimes. Mostly I have memory in images of how these pods work and interact. Interestingly, it is very similar to dolphin pods.

The word “pair bond” came up also as well as a recognition that such bonds do not only exist in one reality but in all dimensional realities. So if one is pair bonded in one dimension, they are also in all others. There was complete understanding on my part of the purpose of such bonds at the time but I struggle now to make sense of it. All I know is that a pair bonding is purposeful, agreed upon by both parties and long-lasting. In terms of spiritual contracts/agreements, my understanding is that a pair bond supersedes all other contractual obligations.

There is a connection here also to pair bonds in science (molecular geometry), though it is hard for me to interpret. My draw to it suggests, however, that the scientific explanation is the more accurate explanation. Being that everything at the macro level also exists on the micro level, one would think what is seen in the atom is simply a smaller version of what is seen in Spirit.

Based upon these pieces of information and memory, I suspect I am receiving intense, specialized instruction during dreamtime. Hopefully eventually my understanding will improve, though it may be impossible at the human level.


Energy Convergence Trifecta

With the familiar calmness today came a sense of connection beyond what I am use to. I allowed myself to open to this communication and this is what I received:

It has been some time since we have spoken and we are pleased you have requested our presence now.

We would like to speak with you regarding the forthcoming induction to be performed by the Arcturians and Pleiadians. It is that of which we speak that requires ones immediate attention. It is but three days until the next descent of our hosts to Earth. We would like for you to join us in this endeavor. Not in body, of course, for this would be quite impossible, but rather in your projected consciousness.  This will be assisted, of course, by our emissaries and will not cause you distress. Some of you may not even be aware that is it occurring except that we are now informing you of such.

In this event we shall assist you with the Shift you are now experiencing. We have been doing this for quite some time and will continue to do so until you are at the level in which you acquire the ability to assist with the upgrades yourself. Some have already received message of this upcoming event but you have yet to inquire and we are not One to insist that you do so for it is at your own pace and ability that you proceed.

There will be hence forth three enhancements each to your solar plexus, heart, and root chakra in this order and then again until the intended frequency and energy level has been reached. These enhancements, or upgrades, will appear as an intense pulse of light directed at the center of each chakra successively.  After each upgrade you may experiences much purging and emotional release depending on the amount of energy removed and then re-infused into each energy vortex. Prior to each energy convergence you will receive an invitation to attend. You may or may not find you are aware of these invitations as your awareness is dependent upon your willingness to be a conscious participant. But it is encouraging that you are seeking from us this information as this indicates you are arriving at a level in which you can integrate the higher vibrational frequencies required of these initiations.

It is beyond your comprehension at this time to explain in more detail the proceedings which will take place. Please, however, do not resist our communications for you will find them helpful in the processes at hand. In these instances there may appear to be a break in your subconscious-conscious delineations and so as much it may be difficult for you to comprehend the enormity of the vibrational changes which will result. It is at these times that we request you subvert to your higher functioning and resist intervening in the process.

As always, we are here to serve and assist you should you desire it. However, be it known that we are in continuous communication with you regardless.

So much of this communication came in pictures and sensations that the words above leave so much unsaid. I experienced a vision of expansive light which opened up above me. From wiithin a myriad of colored lights was directed down toward me. I then saw pulses of this light sent down toward me in quick succession. One. Two. Three.

As this was a vision and not the real thing, all I experienced was the familiar twinge in my stomach that I get when anticipating a big event. It did not last long but was enough to pass on the message that this event, this Trifecta, is profound in it effects upon my vibrational frequencies and conscious awareness.

I assume this message is meant not only for me but others who are at a similar readiness to receive. Cheers to this next convergence!


Recently the subject of aliens and alien encounters has been coming up quite a bit. Not only have I been spontaneously remembering events in my previous awakening that involved E.T.s but also I have been seeing quite a bit online. Since I really do not know what, if any, significance this has on my spiritual development or even the changes occurring on Earth at this time, I figured a brief review of my own experiences would help me to at least get a grip upon what it may mean for me.


My one and only experience with E.T’s occurred in the summer of 1989. I was 12 years old and spending time with my family in front of the television watching a movie. It was dark outside, approximately 10pm and I had become restless and bored with the movie. I don’t remember what we were watching now, but for some reason I wanted to get out of there so I went outside.

I walked out to the back yard where my Mom’s large pool was lit up and the night was calm. I didn’t hear the familiar sounds of the cicadas or really any loud insect sounds, which was surprising. I took a deep breath of the night air. It felt freeing for some reason to be outside.

It was then that I felt I should look up. When I did I was surprised to see that the sky was blocked by what appeared to be a large, circular object covered with very large, multicolored lights. The object, which could only be a space ship, was hovering just above the trees and over the top of my Mom’s large swimming pool. Of all the colors, I most remember the red light that was right over the top of me. Though my memory is hazy, I do recall how I felt: awe. I was not afraid and did not feel like I should run for my life. I just stared up at this saucer ship, mouth agape and eyes wide, wondering what would happen next. I felt like I was in the middle of a scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It is then that I lose memory of what happened next. I know I was there much longer than it seemed yet the next thing I remember doing is running into the house to get someone to come outside with me so I could show them what I was seeing. I knew that if no one else saw it, they wouldn’t believe me.

It took forever but finally my Mom came out with me. When we got to the pool the saucer was gone but I could see it off in the distance flying off. It appeared only to be a mass of lights that hovered in mid-air. My Mom saw it and said, “That is probably just one of the military planes from the military base. You know they are always flying over our house”. I said, “No way! There is no sound! Listen!!” And she did listen for a moment and it was dead silent.

At that moment the lights in the distance vanished and I stood there excitedly trying to get my Mom to agree with me. I was only able to get her to agree that something had been there, but not that it was of alien origin.

To this day I cannot fill in the gap in my memory. I honestly don’t know what happened before I ran inside. I do know what I saw, though, and it was not man-made.

constellationThe Pleiades

During my first awakening there was a time when I was visited by an assistant who called himself Amoradon. He spoke to me in great length about the Pleiades and I recall going on OOB excursions with him to places that appeared to not be of this Earth. Unfortunately, I did not write most of these experiences down as this was way before my dream/OBE journal but I do recall visiting a planet in the Pleiades where the land floated like islands in the air and where people projected into physical bodies from their own physical bodies on that planet.

On one such OBE, I recall entering into a floating vessel or building. It was doughnut shaped and made of a material that appeared to be organic and living. The walls breathed as I walked down the corridor and were the color of skin and spongy to the touch. Inside this vessel were many beds where individuals slept. They were attended to by tall beings in white and their place of slumber was separated from other individuals by white linen that hung from the ceiling. I visited a friend there and was told she was projecting to her body on Earth and was “sleeping” so any attempt I made to communicate with her would likely be lost as her main awareness was present with that body. I remember watching holographic images projecting out of her slumbering form and being told that what I was seeing was like a “dream” to her. I remember being a bit overwhelmed by this experience but also excited.

I do not remember the name of the planet I visited but I do remember I was told this place was real and that some individuals on Earth were in fact visiting in the way my friend was. I wondered if I was one of them but I do not remember if I got an answer. However, the place with the floating islands felt very familiar and like home to me and I cannot help but wonder if I am like my friend, projecting from a slumbering body some light years away in another galaxy.

Note: I will say that the holographic images I saw projecting out of my friend were very memorable and I told her about them a couple of days later. She confirmed that she had indeed been wearing the dress I saw her in.

Dreams and Past Lives

Not only have my past experiences with E.T.s and other worlds been resurfacing but I have been having dreams of them as well. Though I do not remember much of my dreams lately, last night’s dream was particularly memorable.

In the dream I was speaking with a woman about the “series” were were actresses in. It was coming to an end and I remarked about her role and how very little lines she had. I asked her why she didn’t interact with me and she told me, “You have bad breath” (lol). I said back to her, “Yeah, I do sometimes but all my friends know to just tell me and I will take care of it”. I was suggesting she get to know me better but she was not interested.

Then we watched a scene of the show as it was played out. The story was this:

Thousands of years ago, an alien race colonized planet Earth. They left behind their hybrids (versions of themselves created by genetic modification of the planet’s hominid species with their own DNA) to colonize the planet and left in search of other promising planets. They had to leave because their civilization had failed (Atlantis) as an earthquake and other natural disasters destroyed the life-sustaining dome that allowed them to prosper and take advantage of Earth’s many natural resources. When their dome cracked, they could not withstand the high nitrogen content of Earth’s atmosphere and had to leave in order to save their population. They fled back to their home planet leaving behind their workers (humans) and some of their overseers (also hybrids who could live in Earth’s atmosphere) with a promise to return.

The scene before us was of present day Earth. The reigning ruler of this particular region was a woman and she was meeting with three individuals who had just arrived from the stars. Thee three individuals stood at least two feet taller than the tallest human and were wearing black and silver square helmets that covered the edges of their faces only revealing their coal black eyes and strange, yellowish skin. They wore flowing, black and silver robes and their hands were gloved.

They came with news: they were the original inhabitants of Earth who had left the colonists hundreds of thousands of years earlier with a promise to return. When they hadn’t returned, all but a few of Earth’s inhabitants remembered their promise and those memories were much changed from the original.

The reigning ruler was meant to welcome these men with open arms and bring them to council where the next step could be determined. Unfortunately, the woman did not do this. Instead, upon greeting the three individuals, she ordered her guards to seize them and held them captive. She did this out of fear of losing her power and out of fear of the unknown.

Watching the scene unfold I said to the woman with me, “She was not suppose to do that! That is wrong!”

The dream ended there but I cannot help but be reminded of a story I was told long ago by Amoradon about where humans came from. It was very much like the story above, that humans were genetic creations that blended the DNA of an alien race with primitive hominids. This other race originally inhabited Earth thousands of years ago and did so during the “evolution” of man. I was told they were in fact the ones responsible for the evolution but had to abandon the planet after a series of natural disasters wiped out their technology which was the only way they were able to adapt to the dramatic climate changes and atmosphere of the time. I was told they visited Earth and continue to but do so in secret, although at first their visits were not a secret at all.

I have also recalled many past lives of living on other planets. In one I was a man who was greedy and made money off the death of hundreds of colonists who I sent to a planet that I knew was about to be engulfed by a dying star. In another I was living in a house that was multiple stories, made mostly of a glass-like material that did not break and was filled with technology I could not have ever imagined or made up.

This information along with all the Pleiades information was too much for me and I asked for the information to stop. Yet I have always wondered, what if it were true? What if?