Cinderella and the Beast

Strange night of dreams but at least I woke in a much more positive mood. My first thought was, “Uranus isn’t retrograde anymore.” I am secretly celebrating this, though I’m not sure why. lol

Dream: Covered in Glitter

I was going to a large meeting and told my signature was needed on some paperwork. All sorts of people attended, some very odd. It seemed like I had entered into fairy tale (hidden potential) land by the looks of everyone around me. The women wore long ballgowns and the men were nicely dressed in suits and ties. I remember watching as each was invited to come sign a long scroll-like paper (hidden potential and knowledge). It was to sign in the new president of Texas. I was aware we don’t have a president of Texas and it confused me. I kept saying, “Governor” and others would correct me and say, “No, president!” lol Note: As I write this I am thinking of the song Deep in the Heart of Texas and feel the symbolism of Texas in my dreams = heart or center/core.

I remember seeing these tiny people who were no larger than the length of the pointer finger. One announced his anniversary with his partner who he pointed out across the room. He was a tiny man dressed in a tiny suit. I went over to investigate and picked up what looked like a tiny toothpick broken in half. The tiny man seemed to object and I realized it was a tiny sword or knife. I also opened a chest full of other tiny items which fascinated me but quickly put them away.

The wait seemed forever and I left for a while, wandering into a classroom where I was opening up my locker to move my things out. I told two men – teachers – I had been reassigned. When I saw all my things were athletic gear like dodge balls and other items I was not sure what to do. One joked as I took my stuff and left.

Back in the room with all the dressed up people the line to sign the scroll was still very long. A break was ordered and people began to leave. I went past a huge metal box that was as big as a room and then turned to go back to the signing. My name was called and when I went to sign the paper I was pulled up into the air and a dress was fitted over my head. It was blue and looked like Cinderella’s dress (there is a happily ever after, maybe feeling underappreciated or overlooked). As I was set down glitter (need to pay attention)  was poured all over me. By the time my feet touched ground I was covered from head to toe in sparkling, silver (feminine) glitter (be outgoing, “shine”). Everyone congratulated me as I went up to sign the paper. When I signed, my mom asked me what name I used. I told her and she said, “Why did you sign that name?” I looked down and saw my current married name written on the scroll and told her, “Because that’s my name.” I then carefully molded out the first letter of my name with thin metal. The letter was from my legal name, not my nickname.

Still in my blue, Cinderella gown and covered entirely in glitter, I was guided toward a man – the King (Divine Masculine maybe?) – who was seated up high in a chair to my left. On my right was an empty chair – or throne. I felt him to be my partner and remember saying to him, “But I am covered in glitter” as if mattered. As it settled in that we were  partners, I asked him, “What about your wife?” He seemed not to care and looked me straight in the eyes. He was familiar and he glowed with light as if he were also covered in glitter. I felt this odd sensation or energy come over me as I looked at him.

Then it was as if a pane of glass was between us that seemed to be there and then not be there. I looked down and saw my gown burst and rip at the seams. Long, brown hair sprouted all over my body, doubling my size. I saw myself as a beast of some sort and remember thinking, “I look like Sasquatch.”

As I woke, the song from the movie Beauty and the Beast was going through my head.

I promise I have not recently watched either Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast! lol The entire dream was quite odd but also fascinating, especially the part where I started sprouting hair and looked like a Sasquatch. My first thoughts upon waking were about the symbolism of Cinderella and the “beast” I became in the end. Perhaps I am feeling taken advantage of and hope that one day a prince or similar will come in and rescue me? Or maybe it is all about the “fairy tale” ideal girls are taught?

The beast could be a version of myself I am being warned about. Sasquatch in a dream indicates that I will need to be strong in order to get through a particularly difficult social or emotional situation.

All I know is that the “King” in the dream was the same man from my last dream and he was glowing again. So weird! And the pane of glass was odd as well. Perhaps I can see/am aware of the man but something I cannot see/am unaware of is keeping us apart?

I tried to ignore the dream – to forget it altogether – but I couldn’t. I kept seeing myself covered in hair. LOL Interesting enough, hair symbolizes strength, so not only does looking like Sasquatch suggest I will need to be strong, but so does growing hair all over my body.

If this is what Uranus going direct does to me then I have an interesting 6 months to look forward! Uranus goes retrograde again on August 12th. 🙂