Another Mediumship Request and More Family Drama

Woke up briefly this morning in the midst of talking to a woman in Spirit. She was giving me her info and when I asked why she said, “I wanted to see if you could hear me.” I replied, “Of course I can hear you, I hear so much I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

When I woke I was repeating her birth and death info.

Born: 1922
Died: 2014
Cause of death: Embolism
Name of close relative: Henry 

I woke a bit later with a sense of her name but lost it immediately. It was memory of a feeling and flashes of broken images more than a name, like a it was given to me telepathically or during such a deeply unconscious state that I was unable to retrieve it. This has happened to me many times and can be extremely frustrating but I have learned to just accept it. 

I do not know what she looked like except to get a feeling of her energy. She felt young and vibrant to me but there is a sense that she wore her gray hair pulled back away from her face. Either that or it was cut very short.

More Family Drama

So my sister and her husband (my 1st cousin) are both in jail right now.

My cousin got out of jail for writing fraudulent checks on my birthday. Apparently it was a surprise to my sister who had hooked up with his best friend. She told all of us that this guy was just helping her out because her husband had asked him to “take care of her”. My mom called this man her boyfriend but she told my husband that he was just a friend helping out. 

When her husband got out of jail it was quiet for about a month. Turns out drama was brewing. My sister was sneaking out to be with her new boyfriend and eventually her husband found out. He went to his “friend’s” house and beat the crap out of him. He was arrested for assault and evading arrest on the 7th of September, about a month after he was released pending trial for his other charges.

Fast forward to the 19th. This is the story as I heard it. I cannot be certain of how much truth is contained in it since it is obvious my sister tells each of us a slightly different story. 

My sister told her boyfriend (husband’s best friend) she didn’t want to see him anymore. He got angry and when he went to leave my sister went to get some of her things out of his truck. While she was half inside the truck getting her things he took off. She was hanging out of the open truck until at some point she jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving. She ended up walking home at 1am (her son is home alone sleeping). 

A patrol car saw her and stopped to see if she needed help. When he found out who she was he told her she had a warrant and he arrested her. She is in jail for a hit-and-run accident from last year sometime where she had a minor accident and then fled the scene. We all knew about this accident because she told all of us that it had been her husband who had the accident and not her. The cops had followed him home and knocked on the door to ask who owned the car and indicated the plates were stolen. She told them it had been her and they didn’t arrest her because she was home alone with their son. She, of course, lied that she was the only parent home because her husband was hiding nearby. She said she lied for her husband but that the charges against her were dropped because he confessed to the hit-and-run while in prison (apparently not). 

When she was arrested she had a medical emergency (high BP) and had to be taken to the ER. She has been struggling with high BP for a while, though. Since she confessed to my husband earlier this summer that she has been occasionally using meth, the likely culprit is her meth use in combination with her heart condition, smoking, drinking and lifestyle choices in general. Her booking photo looks like one from the Faces of Meth campaign. It is obvious she is using more than just occasionally. 

Every time I see her now it seems she has aged another few years. Her eyes get deeper and she has more sores on her face. She also has a wild look in her eyes, but I have become use to that. She has had that look for about eight years. 

Since she had previously jumped bail, she has a $2k bond and they require $400 cash plus something to secure the bond that is worth $2k. No one is volunteering to help because she will most likely jump bail again and we are all in agreement that she is better off in jail right now. In jail she gets food, shelter, and medical care. She is also safer and the longer she is there, the more she can detox. 

Their son, my nephew, is living with my his dad’s ex-wife. She is located very close to the school he attends and his half-brother and sister have been helping him get to and from school. He is happy there with people he is familiar with. I hope he is better off. I do not know much about the ex-wife except that she was pretty quick to anger and enabled my cousin for years before she finally left him. My hope is that she is not treating my nephew harshly, telling him bad things about his parents or making him feel bad in general. My sister says “they all hate me because I cheated” and thinks the ex will tell him nasty things about her. That is probably a good assumption based upon what I’ve heard about his ex. She is a gossip, one of those who loves to chew on negative data and spew it out at opportune times.

My mom and step-father are going to consult with an attorney next week sometime to find out what they need to do to seek custody or guardianship of my nephew. They did not ask that I come nor did they ask for my help. However, my guess is their age will work against them. I have already decided I cannot handle another child but my SIL has indicated she will happily take him in. This is my husband’s brother’s sister. She has no relation to my nephew at all but immediately wanted to take him in. What a big heart. So, if things don’t bode well for my mom and step-father, I can talk to my BIL and SIL. It may or may not end up working out. However, if he is doing well where he is, a judge may not move him, for his own benefit.

What is interesting about all of the above drama that has played out is that earlier this year, the end of May, I had intuition regarding this exact scenario. I told my mom I sensed they would both end up in jail this year and someone would need to take care of their son. It did not leave me with an alarmed feeling, though. It happened, just not in the way I thought. I assumed something would happen with my sister while he her husband still in jail for the check fraud. Considering the dateline, my cousin was in jail when she went into jail, just for assault not check fraud. So I was correct, just not on the specifics. 


3 thoughts on “Another Mediumship Request and More Family Drama

  1. litebeing says:

    This is quite a lot to process. Did you say your sister is married to your cousin? That is quite unusual in these times. Glad you can take a step back as it is exhausting dealing with people who are not ready to change.

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