Dream Encounter: Mediumship Request

Good news! My sciatica is not bothering me anymore. In fact, yesterday, after waking up stiff with a little pain in my hip, I went on my morning walk as usual. Afterwards I felt wonderful. No pain or stiffness at all! This lasted throughout the entire day until around 9pm when some pain/stiffness returned. I did do a workout for the lower body but was very careful what exercises I selected. For example, I did one wall sit and it began to aggravate my hip so I stopped. Any exercise where I bend at the waist is a no-go.

The end of the pain brought my spirits up quite a bit. I was laughing and joking around at dinner. Lately, by dinner time, the pain is bothering me enough that I am a bit cranky. 

In researching the stages of sciatica from a herniated disc (which is what I think I have) I learned that the stiffness stage is the last one. So, the end is in sight! I was worried I would have this pain for the rest of my life. It is doable but super annoying and not something I want to live with!

In considering what led me to this pain, I had the incident in June that, at the time, I think aggravated my sacroiliac joint. I was doing cable squats with a light weight and decided to go ATG (ass to ground). Well, I felt an odd sensation in my lower back/sacrum. It was mild and more like something shifted or popped. The rest of my workout went fine but the next two days I suffered from such bad pain in my sacrum that I had to lay on a heating pad to find any relief. 

The pain didn’t last long and then vanished. I returned to my workouts but did mostly body weight and cardio circuits. My research said to lay off the weight bearing exercises, so I did. This strategy worked and I was able to return to weight bearing exercises – perhaps too soon. 

This pain began similarly to before with pain across my sacrum but then moved from right side to left side and then down my leg, etc. It has been around 7 weeks since the initial pain started, which is right around the time my research indicated sciatica pain lasts. I am relieved. I am still going to take it easy, just in case. I don’t want another flare up.

If I go back to when I returned from Costa Rica in 2021 then I can see that I Knew that I needed to slow down in terms of weight bearing activity. I had decided to sell off most of my gym equipment but then changed my mind out of sheer boredom of not having anything to do with the long stretches of time in my daily schedule. I should’ve sold off the squat rack and cable machine like I had planned. I wouldn’t have injured my S5/L1, the area of my back my research indicated I most likely injured. 

I probably won’t sell off the gym equipment anytime soon because I am not motivated to do so at this time. My motivation is just low in general these days.

Dream Encounter: Mediumship Request

I have been sleeping very deeply and having lots of dreams. Most I just toss upon waking rather than try and interpret. There was one last night that caught my attention, though. The dream is hazy except for a few parts where I gained lucidity. 

Lucidity peaked suddenly when I began to experience hypnagogia. My vision filled with an intensely bright, white light. The light strobed from dim to brighter and seemed like it was trying to pull me out-of-body. I recognized the cues despite there being no vibration. At first I was eager to follow the light and then I unexpectedly changed my mind. I remember saying, “No. I don’t want this.” The light stopped and I sensed a presence near me.

The presence I sensed was a woman in spirit requesting that I pass on a message to her sister for her. She had recently passed away and wanted to reassure her sister that she was okay. I think she and her sister were identical twins because I recall her showing me what her sister looked like and then looking to the Spirit and noticing they looked the same. What I saw was a fairly young woman (20s-30s) with blonde hair and somewhat angular features. The woman’s spirit was transparent and very bright white. The light was radiating off of her. She was so bright one might easily misidentify her as an angel, but I didn’t. I knew she was Spirit.

Ultimately, I told the woman in spirit I wasn’t interested. She persisted and I began to feel crowded and pressured. She wouldn’t go away. Eventually I communicated that she needed to go and surrounded myself in protection, asking to be surrounded by my guides and angels. She finally got the message and departed. I woke up briefly thinking it odd and fell back to sleep.

In considering the dream encounter, it is odd to me that I would reject the experience like I did. I am guessing either I sensed something was “off” or I have just completely lost interest in mediumship – or both. 

Spirit can be very persistent to the point of putting uncomfortable feelings and emotions on me in an attempt to get me to pass on messages to their loved ones still in bodies. I’ve had some get extremely pushy like this one. The end result is that I effectively cut them off by blocking them from my energy. It’s one thing to ask for help and another to try and force it. Attempts like that will NOT be tolerated. 

I feel for the woman in Spirit, though. If she is indeed an identical twin, then the bond would be such that the her twin is likely suffering a huge loss, one that potentially could lead to her ending her life prematurely. I hope this isn’t the case. Since I do not know of any twins in my waking life, there is really nothing I can do without the living twin first contacting me. 

Theme: Mating 

I am still enjoying my new 15x macro lens for my Iphone. In a previous post I shared some of my photos. Some were of stink bugs mating. Well, last night I found two moths mating in my pantry. lol Add that to the encounter with the couple having sex in their car (twice) and it seems like mating is a theme, perhaps conveying a message.

The stink bugs could be a message that something “stinks” and often symbolizes protection and seeing what was previously unseen. Moths are symbolic of shadow work, hidden knowledge and transformation. 

The issue with the couple appears to have been handled. I’ve not seen them since the last time so I can only assume the police caught up with them. I am further convinced this is the case because I’ve seen random police SUVs patrolling our neighborhood. 

I’ve not figured out the message of this theme yet. It could be shadow work occurring at unconscious levels. I will leave it at that for now. 

Here’s the moth couple. 😉

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