My Mercury Retrograde Problems

Thank God Mercury is no longer retrograde!

If you think it nonsense, that’s okay. Most of the time, for me, Mercury retrograde doesn’t put a dent in my life. This time around, however (and last time), I wanted to wave my white flag and plead, “Mercy!” 

Dates of Mercury retrograde in 2021:

January 30 to February 20
May 29 to June 22
September 27 to October 17

I can’t recall any issues the first go round. If there were, they were minor enough that I didn’t notice. 

In June, when Mercury last went retrograde, my work computer abruptly died – hard drive failure. I lost everything that wasn’t saved to our server. This was right at the tail-end of the retrograde, too. No biggie really because I was heading to Costa Rica and wasn’t going to do any work that first week anyway. I don’t remember any other glitches from that time. 

This most recent retrograde has been non-stop issues. The issues started before retrograde and just kept going! Here is a list of what I remember (I may have missed some minor hiccups):

  • My company had an email outage at work in early September (before retrograde) that resulted in three weeks of important emails going to my junk folder. I only discovered it last-minute (Sept 30th) and had to hurry up and enter 50+ invoices into the monthly spreadsheet I’d already created. Despite several corrections, the emails kept going to junk. It has only just now seemly resolved on its own.
  • My remote connection set-up had to be reconfigured around this time, too (can’t recall why) and this put a pause in my work but it was short-lived. 
  • Server outage mid-retrograde resulted in an inability to work for several days. As the server was being replaced, the internet went out and caused a delay in server replacement. It was like my computer crashed all over again – all programs had to be uploaded again and I had to wait for certain important programs because of delays.
  • My remote connection suddenly stopped working again(this was last weekend). Nothing our IT guy did worked. I was forced to go into the office to get my tasks done. Only yesterday was the problem resolved. Apparently a Norton and Windows update that happened at the same time created the problem. 
  • Internet outages at work all through the retrograde. Some lasting only hours, some lasting days. 

Apart from the above work issues, I also had other hiccups, also computer/technology related.

  • My daughter had $20 and asked me to buy her an online expansion pack for The Sims 4 (her favorite game). I bought the pack only to discover I had to buy it via her account, not mine and she couldn’t access it. So, I ended up on the phone for a long while waiting to talk to some guy from India who I could barely understand in order to get a credit. In the end, it worked out, but not without a lot of cussing and upset. 
  • My daughter wanted a Halloween costume only found online. She showed me where to buy it and when I clicked the final button it showed the wrong shipping address! Oddly, when I paid with PayPal it used an address from over 7 years ago!! The website had no way to edit or cancel the order so I had to wait on the phone for over 30 minutes to talk to a customer service rep who was brand new at her job. She kept typing in my address wrong but eventually the address was changed and the costumed arrived yesterday without issue. She is going to be Queen Elizabeth II.
  • At lunch, just yesterday, when I paid I added a $2 tip only to discover on the final screen that somehow I gave a $200 tip! OMG! LOL Thankfully, it was an easy fix, but geez! This happened in the “shadow” of Mercury retrograde.

I’m not sure why this retrograde was so eventful but, where once I just shrugged off Mercury retrograde, now I’m paying closer attention. The lesson, for me, has been to take it all in stride. I was driven to frustration and even tears from some of the issues I encountered, but every time things worked out. 

Anyone else experience significant retrograde effects? Please share so I don’t feel so unfairly targeted. 😉

4 thoughts on “My Mercury Retrograde Problems

  1. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry to hear that Mercury retrograde has been so difficult for you this time. OMG, what weird stuff you have encountered! I understand that this must have been extremely frustrating. But good to hear that it worked out in the end.

    My knowledge of astrology and awareness of the constellation of planets is still minimal (- I’m usually not even aware of the current phases of the moon or when Mercury retrograde happens). So, I am always thankful when I am informed here on WordPress that it is or was Mercury retrograde. And thanks for writing about the shadow period. I wasn’t even aware before that there is something like a shadow period.

    When I learned about what Mercury retrograde often entails, I thought that my life often feels like Mercury retrograde, regardless of planetary constellations. Computer issues and communication failures occur often at my workplace. I also tend to be often in a pondering, reflective mood for reviewing what happened in my life.

    I just had two annoying software related issues at work. In the first one, I could not enlarge PowerPoint thumbnails to read the details. In the second one, which occurred today, I could not upload an htm file format to excel (something which used to work fine before). Both issues got me stressed out because I could not get important work done.

    Fortunately, I was able to find workarounds for both issues. But it was highly annoying. Was it due to Mercury retrograde? I don’t know.

    In addition to the software issues, there were communication problems. In September, a teacher of an online course sent out invitations for her class, but didn’t clearly communicate the price (she put a question mark behind the amount of dollars), but somehow she expected us to pay nevertheless. Which I didn’t do. I waited until she sent me an extra invitation at end of September with a proper price without question mark. So, that also worked out fine in the end.

    Thanks again for sharing. I hope things will become smoother for you now.

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    • Dayna says:

      It’s sounds like you may have had some glitches, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 😊Normally I wouldn’t blame Mercury retrograde but this time it was way more obvious. I usually ignore the planetary movements in general. It’s all way more than I have time to delve into.

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  2. Casey Claar says:

    I am not sure if I could put it to Mercury, but I lost internet for near those exact same 3 weeks. The homeowner where I live was trying to do a good thing, switch internet providers in order to get faster internet. It was faster alright, but 80% of the time the network would entirely go missing. What a mess. We finally decided to get the previous provider back, and keep both, one for fast internet, the other for back-up BUT the new provider’s signal was interfering with other and when that network went missing so did the other. Omg. We finally cancelled the new one altogether and have been back with steady internet the past 4-5 days.

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