Lucid Dream: They’re Recycling People

For those of you wondering, I am still in Costa Rica. I stayed behind and will be here until July 18th. I will update more on my experiences at a later date. For now, I want to share something else.

I had a lucid dream last night. In the dream I was in a bar scene/restaurant. I have memory of interacting with my family briefly. I kept smelling an awful smell. Eventually I saw in a sink some old food in a see-through package. Someone had poured water on it and left it there to rot. I could smell this awful rotting smell (something ‘stinks’, something has been ignored too long) and I said, “Someone needs to throw that away.” The smell was quite putrid as if something had died.

Later, I was looking around at my surroundings, when suddenly I realized I was dreaming and lucidity hit me all at once. I walked over to a counter where a man was standing behind rows of small tobacco pipes. He also had rows of packaged tobacco. I looked through the tobacco picking up a very large package and then setting it down. I picked up a smaller package mentioning to the man that I didn’t think the large package was necessary. The man looked kind of skinny and nerdy. I remember smoking some tobacco (seeking comfort) with him but the pipe was so small that you could only take one hit. I also remember him handing it to me in the palm of his hand and his hands being very large.

I kept looking around as if looking for someone. This is when I realized a friend of mine was waiting outside the bar.

When I went outside, my friend was standing by the door looking at me. He/she was very beautiful and very tall. Probably about 7 feet tall. She/he had a long flowing brown hair and his/her back and the backs of the arms were glistening gold as if covered in scales. But the front of the body was not covered in this shiny material. I remember staring up at him/her in awe yet at the same time having no fear and knowing this person or Being was someone there to help me. I remember being told and/or Knowing that this person was a friend and a guide who came to assist me. I felt a kind of gentle urging from within to listen to and follow this Being.

A question was asked. He/she asked, “Do you want to know why you keep encountering the same people all the time?” When this question was asked I immediately saw a vision in my mind while simultaneously answering that I did want to know. I saw lines upon lines of people standing in a gray, factory-like setting. All of the people were staring ahead as if in a trance. With this I recognized I already knew what I was about to be shown and it made me afraid. I did not want to see it or acknowledge it. I told my guide matter-of-factly, “They are recycling people.“ In saying this I was overcome with a kind of dread. I was invited to journey with the Being to explore the nature of my vision but I pulled away. The feeling woke me up and I lay in bed feeling a kind of unsettled Knowing at what I had just experienced.

My guide remained with me after I awoke. We spoke for a while about what I had just dreamed and why I was having the feelings I was having. I had Remembered and for some reason I did not want to. This problem, I remembered, was part of the reason I am here on this planet and in this body. There are millions upon millions of people trapped in this physical reality and it is purposeful. The more unaware the people are of the illusion they are in, the more trapped they are, destined to be recycled in death back into a kind of energetic slavery.


It has been a long time since I’ve had a dream with a very ET-like Being in it. I want to say this guide of mine was Andromedan but it doesn’t explain the strange, shiny scale-like skin on his/her back. I cannot say whether this Being was male or female, either. I felt it to be both. In the dream I could see him/her clearly and in great detail but my memory denies this to me now. I can only recall an overall impression and details are few. The most detailed memories are of the long, brown hair, large eyes and pale skin. He/she looked very human except for the eyes.

I knew that this Being wanted to take me somewhere to explain more of what I was receiving but my response was to turn away and try to deny what I was seeing. Honestly, I am unsure why I reacted like this. When I previously received such info (years ago now) this was not the case. I suspect there is something deeper that I am not willing to witness just yet.

When I asked why I couldn’t remember some of the experience I was told, “You are not ready yet.”

To think of so many trapped here and being “recycled” is not pleasant. I do feel there is truth to what I saw and Knew, though. If people do not wake up, they will return. Over and over and over again.

3 thoughts on “Lucid Dream: They’re Recycling People

  1. Casey Claar says:

    So challenging coming into what in effect is a more steady awareness of these deeper sets of data. I struggle and am still not ready for portions of it, too. But I am now ready to continue on into more. We’ll see where it goes. Following the frequencies and keys.

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