Human Design – Right Angle, Left Angle and Juxtaposition Geometry

Geometry in Human Design (HD) refers to the potentials and limitations that frame the ways we interact with others to fulfill our life purpose. There are three geometries: Right Angle, Left Angle and Juxtaposition (p. 261, The Definitive Book of Human Design). 

Image taken from The Definitive Book of Human Design, p. 260

Right Angle Geometry refers to those with a self-absorbed personal destiny and comprise 64% of the population on Earth. They are here to create karma, to work out their own life without becoming absorbed into other peoples’ life processes. When someone with a Right Angle meets and interacts with another, the other may give them a new experience but will not change their life direction/path. Right Angles enter their life completely unaware of their past lives and their past connections. They are here to re-experience, explore, research and gain a new perspective. 

Juxtaposition Geometry refers to those who are here to act as a bridge between Right and Left Angle individuals. They make up less than 3% of the population on Earth. Only the 4/1 Profile in HD is Juxtaposition Geometry. These individuals have a fixed path. Others who come into contact with these individuals for a long enough time will end up on their path with them, pulled into that fate.

Left Angle Geometry refers to those who need others to fulfill their purpose – transpersonal. They make up about 33% of the population on Earth. Encounters with others can easily change their direction or life path, or the other’s path/life direction. Left Angle’s are more conscious of the world and others, maintain a connection with their past lifetimes and often feel a deep familiarity with people they encounter or experiences they have. Left Angles are here to resolve karma that has been created. 

Our Incarnation Cross will take over our life naturally when we function as our differentiated self. “We don’t awaken to our cross, we awaken in it. Our cross embodies the full expression of our awareness potential and our process of living awake” (p. 288). 

“There are 192 basic Incarnation Crosses and 768 specific Incarnation Crosses used in [HD] analysis” (p.288). These are summarized in section 8 of The Definitive Book of Human Design. A full Incarnation Cross reading is needed for complete understanding. 

My Thoughts

I am Left Angle Cross of Refinement. The first half – Left Angle – means I am here to resolve karma and I do this by easily being pulled into another’s path/life direction. These others are people who either need my help resolving karma and/or are helping me resolve my own karma. My understanding of this is that I don’t have a particular set path of my own, though I do have a destination (my life purpose). 

The second half – Cross of Refinement – does not have much of an explanation in the book. In summary, I am are here to ensure the right to one’s own private and inspiring space. Part of my drive is about privacy in this space, not just for me but for the belief that it is everyone’s right to have such a thing.

The Cross of Refinement is linked to Gates 19 and 33 which further explain the specifics of it. The short version is that Gate 19 means I am extremely sensitive to people, places and situations. I can read the energy of the space and people, understand it and then decide how or if I want to participate in it. If I don’t like the energy I struggle to maintain a “poker face” for very long. <—– I laugh about that because it is so true! My emotion is written ALL OVER my face. I can’t fake how I feel. lol

Gate 33 means that I have a creative reservoir that runs very deep and the ability to bring a space or situation back into alignment via creative means. However, I am easily overwhelmed by the gravity and/or time-intensive nature of what it takes to bring situations back into alignment. This part is true for me – I do find great satisfaction in organizing people, places and things.

The Left Angle explanation makes total sense for me because I live it and have been living it my whole life. People come into my life and take me in a totally new direction and it has happened over and over again. The examples are numerous but the main ones that stand out to me are: my ex-husband, a boyfriend and my current husband. 

I am and have always been acutely aware that this life is one of many. Even in my early years I knew somehow that what I was being told about “one life” in church was complete BS. I knew Heaven was not what they described and I knew the rules I was told to obey to avoid Hell were based upon fear. Past life memories came on spontaneously in my twenties and continue to be revealed even today. 

I have been in communication with my guides since a very early age. My mother told me I talked to an “imaginary friend” when I was a toddler and I have memories of hearing someone in my head (a voice) telling me things as young as 4-5 years old. 

As for soul connections, I can’t count the number of people I’ve met in this lifetime who I have felt a deep, soul connection to. Some so much so that there was instant love and recognition.

As for the direction of my life, it has never been a straight line. I feel like a feather in the wind. I float about, someone catches me, holds on a while, and then lets me go. I then float around a little longer until the process repeats. My path, if the feather analogy is used, is simply to go from point A (the sky) to point B (the ground). Yet that path is intercepted frequently to the point that I end up seemingly going in circles, sometimes to the point that I don’t know up from down. In fact, I was just writing in my personal journal this exact observation. It has been frustrating over time because my own path seems to get lost along the way as I end up traveling another’s path time and time again. But I realize now, of course, that my path is meant to be this way.

4 thoughts on “Human Design – Right Angle, Left Angle and Juxtaposition Geometry

  1. litebeing says:

    In some ways, the post I just published relates to yours. I checked and I have Right Angle but I am aware of some past lives and instant soul connections have been a constant life theme for me!

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    • Dayna says:

      You are Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx Gates 1/2, 7/13. You are here to follow your own lead and be in the moment. You are transfixed by the now and your way of doing things. This self absorption is your individual contribution to the world. While it is not your intention to give others direction, you do. By following your heart and doing your own expressive thing, others can find direction through your example and will follow. Do your own thing and make sure it is your passion to your core. 🙂

      And just because you are Right Angle doesn’t mean you won’t learn about your past lives and feel soul connections, just that you didn’t enter this world remembering them. I think that is the main difference – Left Angle enters with Memory/Knowing – but that is just my interpretation.

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