The Voice

Last night wasn’t a dreamless night, I just can’t really remember any of my dreams now. There was on in-between dream/vision of me singing songs with a choir and being adamant about not having to learn new songs, but that is it. lol That in itself may be a hint of my current take on life: “Sure, I’ll do that but only if I have done it before.”

I hear a silent whisper of a voice ask, “Where’s your inner risk-taker, little missy?” <Insert surprised emoji (WP where are your emoji’s?)>

Speaking of voices…..

Something’s up and I really don’t know how to talk about it without likely rubbing a few of my readers the wrong way and/or making me sound even more crazy than I already do.

I have been able to communicate with Spirit and other worldly beings for some time now. The two go hand-in-hand and by now I am so over the shock, surprise, and “special” feeling of having this ability. I no longer care if people believe that I can hear dead people (lol). I have proven my ability a plenty but have long ago let go of the need to prove I can do what I do.

But my ability to hear Spirit has now shifted into what I believe is the ability to hear people – alive and occupying bodies – in exactly the same way as I hear those without bodies.

If you think about it, the two are not much different. Spirit is Spirit, in a body or out.

As with any new gift – well newly realized anyway – it takes some getting use to. I have not worked out all the kinks yet, not by a long-shot. In fact, it is downright confusing at times! Like that voice I just heard that referred to me as “little missy”….is that a Spirit or some person in a body somewhere….or is it just me talking to myself (crazy feelings aside)? And how do I knew the difference when they feel exactly the same?

In most cases (like the one above) it doesn’t really matter I guess and I am damn well not going to stress myself out trying to figure it out. Not worth my time or energy.

But lately I am receiving messages that suggest that I could be communicating with someone in a body living here on Earth right now. Yeah, crazy, right? Hahaha You have no idea…..

Last night is one example. I was settling to sleep as is my usual when I began to receive visuals – almost like I fell into a dream but I wasn’t asleep yet. With them came communication and energy. A swift, blissful rush of energy there was no denying spread across my entire body, lighting up my heart center. The communication with this energy was in words mostly but I won’t repeat all of it here as it is deeply personal and if there is in fact someone out there communicating to me, I don’t feel comfortable sharing everything without permission.

Whoever this person is (if it even is a person in a body….OMG), I have a strong connection with them and it was immediately recognizable. There were flashes of imagery that I have seen before. For example, I saw him draw on my forehead in red what looked like the image of a cross. I have seen this before prior to a major Kundalini event and considering the bliss of the moment, I have no doubt of it’s meaning. It is part of the Heiros Gamos –  like a ceremony or rite related to it.

Some of what was communicated reminded me of previous encounters with a Spirit (person?) who I nicknamed my “tantra teacher”. I was being advised on how to handle the energy – to allow it without focusing on it, to relax into it, to accept it fully and openly without any resistance, to feel myself opening to receive. And when I did this I felt myself going somewhere, like losing consciousness almost, but not. I know if I go there it will take me to a familiar place, one I have gone to only twice before. My previous experience with it is hard to describe without making it sound “bad”; like I am being “possessed”. It feels like I step aside and let someone else take over but it is more like I am sharing space with an energy so much greater than myself that I bow to it in awe and reverence. This all takes place in what seems to be my energy only so greatly expanded that it is without form or shape.

Last night I did not go to this place. My mind instantly recognized the direction it was going and hesitated. The energy is so BIG, so fantastic and attractive to me, that I want to investigate it, to look closer and analyze it. This curiosity (not fear) pulls me out of it’s embrace when that is exactly where I desire to be.

Part of what is communicated to me by this man/Spirit is that I am over zealous and eager. I need to settled down and relax. Hahaha That is VERY difficult to do!

It’s so weird, but where once I was terrified of this fantastically HUGE energy, now I want nothing more than to be consumed by it. I remember him asking me more than once, “Breathe with me.” And I swear I heard him breathing as if he and I were breathing together….

When it was all said and done, I fell asleep wondering if I was communicating with a Spirit guide, a man who is excellent at telepathy, or the Divine Masculine within me (my HS)? OR just maybe this energy – BEingness – is all of the above rolled up into one?

Whatever is going on, I am not resistant. Maybe that is naive but I don’t feel any fear whatsoever. I am excited and, yes, overly zealous perhaps. The male voice suggested that what I have experienced up to this point is nothing compared to what awaits me. That if I breathe through the intense energy, allow it without focusing on it, then more Divine states await. More expansion. More bliss. And likely that “taken over” experience I have encountered before. And, I believe it is from that expansive space, that the journey really begins.

As for who this voice belongs to, I am not sure yet. I will let you know if it does originate from someone in a body. My past experiences suggest this is a possibility.