Dream: October 27th

I’m exhausted today despite a full night’s sleep. Whatever is going on energy-wise is kicking my butt just a little bit (tiny bit :)) right now. I had a headache yesterday and woke with one this morning as well. I am experiencing a mental state that is a little odd. It’s kind of like brain fog I guess. I’m not forgetful, I just don’t have the energy to give a shit. lol

I’m still feeling urged to be social and so I have been more than usual. Twice this week I’ve met up with my new workout buddy. It’s fun for me because I get to use my NASM personal trainer certificate to help someone other than myself reach their personal fitness goals. The first workout I visited her gym with her and I made up a full-body circuit right on the spot. I worked out alongside her but kept my weight low and slowed my pace quite a bit because she was trying to keep up with me. After two circuits I could tell she was done but she was super psyched about it and wanted to meet the next day. I suggested a two day rest.

We met at my house last night and she brought her daughter over so she could hang out with my daughter (they’re best friends). She was at my house from 6:30-9pm. The workout was only 45 minutes of that. Again I created a workout on the spot (easy for me). I went slower than I normally would but it was fun to help her. Afterward I helped her determine her body fat percentage and calculate her calories while answering all her questions (she had a lot).

She is very talkative, thus the extended visit. I learned a lot about her – she’s a decade younger than me, a Scorpio (and likes astrology), and she is trying to go back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree is accounting. I sense from her a desire to hang out with me much more than a workout buddy. Though I do not feel resistant to that, I can tell that if I let her, she could end up making me feel a bit smothered because she is so lonely. 😦

By the end of the visit I was more exhausted than normal. This is not unusual for me when I hang out with people. It feels like I am sucked dry of energy after prolonged social interaction. Yet I was very patient and attentive with her and have no plans to stop working out with her. This reaction is strange to me because usually a night last night would have me purposefully avoiding the person afterward. I’m not quite sure what, if anything, this means, but I feel like I need to do what I am doing. This is not something I am doing for me anyway.

Dream: October 27th

I woke suddenly from a dream this morning. It left me with a feeling that something big is on the horizon – big as in ascension-related. “One giant leap for mankind” comes to mind when I think of how I felt upon waking.

one small step for mankind quote

The dream began with me surrounded by family. I recognized them in the dream but I cannot place any of them now. I had given birth to a fourth child, a son (OMG lol) and was talking to my husband about how disappointed I was that he was an Earth sign. He was born on October 27th so that is Scorpio. Not sure why I was saying he was an Earth sign. I remember saying I wished he was a Libra and being reminded that one of my sons is an Aries. It was like I had forgotten my youngest and when I remembered him I was very pleased, thinking it was good that there was another Fire sign in the family.

The baby (new beginnings) was being held and passed around as we talked about him. I remember the baby talking to me, too, but can’t remember what he said now. He was very animated and walking around (potential and possibility await) despite being a baby. There are flashes of the calendar here. I kept seeing October 27th and a part of me was confused because I knew the date was in the future yet we spoke as if it were in the past.

Then I was inside a room that looked like a cross between an office and a classroom. There were tall bookshelves, school supplies, posters and equipment in the room. I was sitting at a table next to a student who I knew was special needs. Next to us at the end of the table was another student, also special needs. In an adjacent room I could see yet another student sitting at a table watching a screen.

I got up to talk to the student in the other room. He was staring at a computer screen. I was very friendly to him and learned that he was doing his assignment, though I don’t know the nature of it. I mainly recall that these students were all “special” and that others did not recognize just how special they were. They had hidden abilities. In the dream I thought of them as having Asperger’s and similar types of disabilities.

Two other workers were in the room with me. Sometimes I felt to be a student there but mostly I felt to be an employee. I remember doing a test as a student. I only recall now that I created objects in a screen in front of me, like a projection. I was creating a church (sacredness and spiritual nourishment) and made it too big and so changed it with the thought, “No, smaller”. I remember being aware of dreaming at this time, but for some reason I did not wake up.

At one point in the dream I was in the classroom and suddenly realized that the two other workers had degrees in social work and were facilitators of some kind of long-term scientific study. I remember talking to them about it, saying, “I am so glad I took this job!” I was impressed and wanted very much to stay but felt under qualified because I did not have a degree in social work (maybe literally means my social work). One of the other two workers pointed at me and said I had been chosen for the job and I was very honored.

The dream is blurry here but the feelings I had in it are not. The feeling was very big, like something important, and I remember both being told about and feeling this energy that started in my chest and spread outward in all directions. There is also memory of being told that one test had completed and another was soon to begin. The test that completed had lasted only a few weeks but the next one would be longer. Again, October 27th came up.


Prior to bed I had felt a presence but I had been so tired that I didn’t pay it much attention. This presence asked me if I was ready to deal with something that needed handling. I began to feel emotional at one point, realizing that I needed to finish something left incomplete. I believe this unfinished business is related to 2015-2016.

Regardless, it seems the end of the month may be when things start to shift. We’ll see I guess. To my astrologer friends, if you know of any significance to the end of the month, fill me in. 😉


2 thoughts on “Dream: October 27th

  1. MollyB111 says:

    I was getting 10/7… then 10/22… and I don’t always get a heads up on dates. Sleep… haha, what’s that…?? And I had a dream I was delivery twins, wowziers. Forecast from The Power Path: “This Full Moon (10/24) looks like a test, a throw down – to see what you’re made of. Nine out of 10 planets are in the feminine signs; seven of the 10 planets are in fixed signs.” Full post here: https://thepowerpath.com/moon-updates/new-moon-update-10-8-18/
    And yes, does feel like something is more tangible/on the horizon/even imminent like in moments.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Well just knowing the full moon is near the 27th is enough to know it will be an intense time. lol And that horoscope – “test” and “throw down” – goes perfectly with this dream! Now sleep would be nice in between now and then. Come on, sleep please! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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