5D: Follow the White Rabbit

Yesterday was a strange day in so many ways. In fact, it was fitting that it was the last day of September because it seemed almost like a farewell in some ways, tying up all the gifts of the month into one little package. I say, “gifts” but honestly this month felt like a huge mess of mess on top of mess, but it is well known to me that these messes are in actuality some of the best lessons (err gifts). This particular gift was given by me as a gift back to the Gods (hehe). I tied a note to it that said, “You can have it!” Think of the prank of putting a bag of fresh dog poop by someone’s front door and you get the idea!

My friend Linda posted that yesterday Pluto stationed direct. Here is a post of hers from 2013 discussing it in more detail. It was particularly fitting that I saw her post (as usual) because I was feeling a big overloaded that morning. Not by life necessarily, but by myself. In fact, a good nickname for me would have been “the woman with many faces” (think Game of Thrones and the faceless man). I say that because my experiences had me perceiving all these timelines and options within me. These potential possibilities seemed to sprout from within, expanding to reveal entirely new worlds and versions of me. I was left feeling a bit discombobulated unable to do anything with the experience except watch as these other worlds continued on without me participating in them, or at least this version of me, leaving me with a sort of lame grief at their departure and “what could have been”.

Yeah, sounds like something from a Sci-Fi show, I know. None of it was literal. I was stable in present time and space, but I could perceive so much around me as if viewing it from a screen within my mind. All the while I’m still participating in life, going about my day, etc.

I could perceive so completely what I will just call the “could have been’s” of this lifetime, from the vantage point of now. Just meaning, these timelines sprouted from the present, not from the past or future. All the while knowing the timeline I had to take. In fact, I felt anchored to it despite my desire to explore the other avenues of my soul. This sense of stuckedness was not fun for me and I resisted a bit. As a result of my resistance, I manifested around me experiences that reflected back to me what I needed to know. Only when I saw what that was did the resistance give way to surrender.

I feel a bit like the reprimanded child this morning, as you can imagine. I had to relearn a lesson: Let go. This lesson is on-going I guess, courtesy of the human tendency to Forget and attach.


New Path

While all this is taking place, I am well aware of a new path opening up to me. I can only see the very beginning of it, like a path in the woods winding through trees. So, I don’t know where it is leading. Yet the feeling I get is, “Follow me….Follow me….” like the trees whispering to me. Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, “Follow the white rabbit.”

I have already mentioned the path briefly. Thus far there is a social theme to it. I continue to have this draw to be more social. I am attending a running group on Mondays. Last Thursday, despite being horribly sleep deprived, I attended a breast cancer fundraising event for women only and had a great time. Saturday I invited my son’s friend’s mother to come with me on a run with the social group tonight. I’ll be picking her up tonight on the way.

Then, yesterday, my daughter’s friend’s mom and I hit it off and I now have a new workout buddy. We’re meeting at her gym on Tuesday. We chatted for almost an hour last night when she dropped my daughter off. She recently relocated here with her daughter after separating from her partner (she is a lesbian). She lives just across the street from me.

I don’t know if this is part of the new path or not, but I find it interesting that I have now met two lesbians within two months. The first was in August at work – our new receptionist who, by the way, I had a part in hiring (I selected the candidates). I see her every time I go to work and we have gotten to know each other fairly well over the last month. She is very open about her sexual orientation and her female partner and has even suggested to me that I might be bi-sexual (lol) during a conversation.

So now, after meeting my daughter’s friend’s mother who announced her sexual orientation within ten minutes of us meeting, I am wondering, “What gives?” because in my entire life I have only known a few lesbians. One is my best-friend’s mother and her partner, they have been together going on 25 years now. Another is my sister-in-law (bi-sexual actually).

Yeah, something’s up.

The feeling I get regarding this path is “go with it.” There is a sense that it leads somewhere purposeful. I feel very much like I did right before my current job came to me. It comes with an inner nudge that feels as if it is saying, “You have resisted so much in life. Why not just let go and see what life brings you?”

This is all part of learning how to operate in 5D, just in case you didn’t already know that. I have played a part in anchoring in 5D, am grounded and centered in it now, and the next step is learning to toss my old 3D ways and begin operating in 5D fully and functionally. That means no more seeking to control my path, the old 3D paradigm. It is exactly what I have been experiencing with these new paths opening up and me following them to see where they lead. It is all a very new feeling to me and I sense a very distant part of me panicking a bit, but she is not in control and is easily reassured. There is an instant shutting down of her, her thoughts, her tendencies, as if I have a remote control and just hit the mute button when she gets too loud. lol

For a while this new me seemed so foreign! I often send a mental inquiry inward asking, “How come I’m not freaking out? Aren’t I suppose to be freaking out??” lol The response is always this calm, centeredness, that responds with, “It’s okay.” I think I mentioned the beginnings of this earlier in my blog from 2016-2017. They manifested as literal panic attacks along with a feeling of some other energy/spirit seeming to “take over” or “come in”. All of this I now know were part of a transitional phase as I crossed the bridge over into 5D. These attacks have now been replaced with just a slight sense of a reaction that are barely noticeable.

It is all quite amazing to me as I look back on what was from the vantage point of what IS. To think of how far I’ve come in such a short time, I wonder what comes next? How much more will I change?

My guidance advises me to “follow the eight winds” (again). For me the most difficult areas are pleasure and suffering. To not attach to desire – or suffering – is a challenge for me. Yes, I attach to suffering which may seem odd, but I have this strange compulsion to wallow in my sorrow and poor-me myself to death. In hindsight it is funny and understandable, but my guides often have to nudge (or kick) me to recognize I am doing it. It is the same with desire except that they have to drag me kicking and screaming away. Sigh.

“Worthy persons deserve to be called so
because they are not carried away by the eight winds:
prosperity, decline, disgrace, honor, praise, censure, suffering, and pleasure.
They are neither elated by prosperity nor grieved by decline.
The heavenly gods will surely protect one who is unbending before the eight winds”.


Our path to enlightenment will be obstructed when we let the reactions of the surrounding get authority on our feelings and on our lives.

If there was ever a map to navigate through 5D, it is the Eight Winds. Study it. Follow it. Be steadfast.

2 thoughts on “5D: Follow the White Rabbit

  1. litebeing says:

    Very fascinating journey for you. I like the 8 winds philosophy. Thanks Dayna for sharing my post link here. I guess there was a reason to post it last minute. i think that how we process changes during this transitional phase, but letting go is still necessary for many of us.

    hugs, Linda

    PS, this may resonate for you, but I just learned that Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane just died. One of their most famous songs is White Rabbit.

    Liked by 1 person

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