Dream: Medical School

Just a little update on my husband in Clearwater and what happened with Hurricane Irma. Yesterday I texted him since he had not been in contact with me and the silence was unsettling. He texted back this when I asked him how he was doing:

“Very little action here in Clearwater at all. It is quite boring. It’s absolutely hilarious watching the media on TV! They are so disappointed and working so hard to try and find negative things. One of them announced that 5 people had died and then somebody had to come back later and say they had died of natural causes not related to the storm!”

He had been hunkered down on the third floor of his hotel with other guests waiting for the storm to hit like predicted but it never did. The electricity never even went out! Turns out the hurricane was downgraded to a CAT1 around the time it hit Tampa.

I posted this update on FB and got many responses indicating relief. Several people mentioned how all the prayers and manifestation efforts were the cause. Honestly, while I don’t doubt prayers and such helped – positive intention does help – my intuition from the very beginning, even before Harvey hit my own state of Texas, was that all the hype over these hurricanes was unfounded. I believe what my husband insinuated in his text says it all – the media wants things to be negative, they want people to be in fear because fear equals higher ratings.


Dream: Medical School

Last night I requested a meeting with my Council to help me better understand my current path. Though I did not have a lucid dream or OBE of such a meeting (didn’t request one either), the following dream indicates such a meeting did take place.

I was in a hospital (giving up control of one’s own body, seeking healing) setting with a group of others. The group was quite large, maybe 30, and we were all students but also teachers in our own right. There were teachers/mentors present who were leading the group there as well. I remember a woman and I having a discussion about my experience with babies. This surprised me at first but then I remembered I had been tending to a baby (new beginnings, innocence). During this conversation she mentioned our residency and that it was our first year. I told her I didn’t want to remain past that year. In this portion of the dream I felt very out of place, unsure of myself and surprised I was in medical school.

There were portions of the dream after this that are hazy. I recall being inside a large hospital doing my rounds. I saw a woman who had a rash (doubt/indecision, “rash” decisions) all over her body. I applied bandages and ointment to the rash (trying to resolve or heal the results of the decision).

The next thing I recall is boarding a plane (connecting with higher aspect of Self) with the rest of my group. We were going to a doctor’s house in Florida. I remember seeing this doctor (emotional and spiritual healing is needed). He was tall with light hair and glasses. My invitation was a surprise and it felt as if the doctor only invited a select few and that I should feel honored that he selected me.

When we arrived at the house I remember seeing that it was right up next to the water. The water was dark (the unknown, mourning) and areas had eddies and whirlpools indicating a strong current (emotional turmoil). The water made me a bit nervous because I knew we were set to go out in a boat (coping with/expressing emotion) and I did not want to drown (become overwhelmed by emotion).

Inside the house it was very nice, very much a man’s home. The floors and walls were wood (emotionally numb) and wood paneling. I remember being inside all alone and wandering around looking in each room. The kitchen (emotional healing) struck me as interesting. It was spotless with marble counter tops and sleek lines. What was really odd is that it had four stoves (developing awareness) and ovens (passion, loyalty, warmth, togetherness, devotion) and I remember thinking, “Why would anyone need that many ovens?” There was an area to the left where there were no cabinets under the counter. I looked and saw a tiny door on the wall at the back. I laughed and said, “That’s a gnome door!”

Eventually everyone came inside and began to mingle. I remember seeing three large jugs of soda (rejuvenation). Students were getting drinks from them. I recall getting Dr. Pepper (Dr = healing needed). Then we were preparing to go onto the boat (coping with/expressing emotion). A woman came up to me and mentioned that we were both wearing white (purity) shirts and how that would not be good if we were to get wet on the boat. I said I might have a black shirt and dug through my back. All I could find was a navy blue (openness to guidance) one.

As I sat waiting with the others, the doctor came by and whispered (listen more carefully) to me something about how he was going to “cook (desire to be loved) my meat (matters, issues needing resolution)”. I assumed he was talking about steak but was surprised because he came up and put his lips to my ear to whisper it. It felt very intimate. While he did this he stuck a small folded note (message being relayed) into my hand. He left and I opened the note. It was in my handwriting. It looked like a worksheet (life and lessons in life) and I remember completing it prior to arriving. I saw several equations (solutions to waking problems) I had worked through with their circled answers. I wondered how he knew it was mine. The girl next to me said he had grabbed it from the other table where I had been sitting. Looking at my answers and hers I noted a difference. I got the answer of 76 and she got an answer of 75. I looked at others’ answers and most got 76 like me. The number was so prominent that it woke me up.


The feeling I had when I awoke was that the 76 had to do with the year I was born. It reminded me of something that happened yesterday. I found four scratched off lottery tickets on the ground. I picked them up to throw them away and felt I should check them first. I discovered one had the number 41 as a match and was a $20 winner. The 41 seemed significant and later I recognized why – it is my current age. So it seems the 76 and 41 are pointing to me and my life.

The dream also reminded me that I knew on my 41st birthday that this year was different. I actually woke up that morning thinking, “This is the year I will die”. Lately my dreams indicate I am considering exiting this life, even practicing my own death. Recently I also had a Knowing that I will be off the spiritual path I was on from 2014-2016 for a year.

It felt like the above dream was indicating some in-depth healing and learning at other levels. My guidance and I were discussing this healing, how much time it will take and where it will lead. There is also an indication that I anticipated the problems I am currently experiencing and worked out solutions for the problems ahead of time (worksheet with math problems).




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