Returning to the Tried and True

A decision has been made. Perhaps this is the “transformation” that has been awaiting me, perhaps not. If it is, then it is definitely not what I expected, but then that is what I expected, if that makes any sense.

The decision is that I am steering away from my present path and shifting back to the path I was following prior to the summer of 2014. With this decision comes many endings. I’m ending posts in this blog and my companion blog – A Walk-In Life. I am diverting my attention from my FB pages associated with these two blogs as well. My Dayna Stone FB will remain active but I plan to associate more with my other FB page which is under my legal name. I am going to revert back to posting in my Blogger blog, Living Life In-Between, since it was the blog associated with my previous path.

If you did not follow my previous blog then you may not understand what my “previous path” was. I will not go into detail here except to say you should read it to find out. It is long, three years of posts, many of which were related to my own inner struggle, questioning and family-related issues. In ascension terms, it was more 3D related and “mundane” issues such as career and family. However, it was also spiritual in it’s own right. In fact, in reading over the posts from that blog, it indicates a much more balanced path than the one I have been on since 2014.

Why would I return to this “path”? The returning post in my Blogger blog explains but basically I am choosing the tried and true path versus the not so tried and true one (also known as the “ascension path”). My “old” path was reliable, workable and the results consistent. There was no “on-again, off-again” certainty/Knowing. It had (has) proven results, and not just for me but for thousands (millions?) of others. I have no doubt whatsoever that returning to this path will provide the healing and understanding I need so desperately now. It will also bring balance back into my life. Physical and Spiritual will come into balance effortlessly, focus will be on what it should be – living this life.

How did I come to this conclusion? No, I didn’t have a profound Knowing or intensely prophetic dreams. Heck, I can’t even remember my dreams right now! No, I just woke up and knew what to do and before I knew it I was telling my husband and writing in my old blog. Honestly, I’m just tired of the roller-coaster ride. I looked at my current life and things are still not what I want them to be after three years of “work”; nothing has changed really. Though it feels like I’ve changed inside by leaps and bounds it isn’t manifesting in my life. If things are not shifting in my life, if things on the outside remain the same, then the real change has yet to occur. It is only when how we feel on the inside matches our lives (inner reality matches our outer reality) that real transformation has occurred. The path I’ve been on has served it’s purpose. I have gone as far as I can.

What will this new old path look like now that I have returned to it? Will I have dreams, OBEs, profound Knowing? Probably, but who knows? I don’t care one way or the other. To me those experiences, though amazing and fun, are a big part of the distraction and booby traps I have run into. The path I am returning to focuses on the individual creating their reality, not looking to spiritual guides, dreams or profound experiences to show them their path. I do think all of the above has it’s place, but I won’t be looking for answers via those avenues anymore. I am going to take my power back.

Honestly, right now, I have come to the conclusion that the “ascension path” is a booby trap in and of itself. Kundalini is a force to be reckoned with and not something one should haphazardly navigate through via human Ego as their only map. BAD IDEA. I look back on these past years and see just how unprepared I was to handle everything I experienced. Had I stayed on the path I was on and not veered off it I have no doubt I would have handled all of it so much better and come out the other end ten times more advanced than I am now. My mistake. A lesson learned – again.






12 thoughts on “Returning to the Tried and True

  1. I will miss your blog posts.

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  2. Karin says:

    Thanks for all your sharing here. I wish you all the best for your journey.

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  3. teleile says:

    I agree with what you wrote: “If things are not shifting in my life, if things on the outside remain the same, then the real change
    has yet to occur. It is only when
    how we feel on the inside matches our lives (inner reality matches our outer reality) that
    real transformation has occurred.”

    I was going to comment to you recently that despite all the dreams, OBE, kundalini, etc etc, has anything changed in the past three years for you? But I thought you probably wouldn’t want to hear that.

    Ascension is real, OK! But to do it you *first* have to get off the astral plane. The astral is full of people, beings and entities who will have no qualms about leading you in circles because you can be useful to their agenda. Just because something’s spiritual doesn’t mean it’s from God. You can’t go by: ‘They told me xyz and it happened’; it’s perfectly easy in the astral to see things, and tell people pieces of true information, but that doesn’t mean that they are progressive beings.

    As Peter Deunov said, talking
    about the astral plane:
    “Some accept all the spirits say
    as the unshakable truth. No, on
    the other side there are just as many lies and impurities as there are here. There is evil there as well,
    and fermentation even more than
    here but it is all so subtle that
    you cannot see it. In order to
    grasp the far-fetched deceit and traps which haunt you, you need to have a sharp and
    perspicacious mind.
    Some will say: “If there are lies
    involved, then, it is better not to
    take an interest in the Spiritual
    world.” No, you need to know
    about it, but be smart and remember that spirits behave as we do, the
    difference is that they have finer bodies.
    They are bored sometimes and take an interest in earthly matters;
    sometimes they make up false stories like we do.”

    You no longer need kundalini. There is some useful info on it here.

    I wish you well on your path.

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    • Dayna says:

      Had you told me when you felt the urge to I would have listened. This change has been on the horizon since June, I have felt it coming but didn’t understand it and honestly didn’t want to see it.

      Where I am headed I will find MY truth and it will be done right here in this reality on my terms. I have been led here before and I made amazing progress, progress that triggered the Kundalini and other spiritually profound experiences. I just should have stayed the path rather than divert to the more exciting one. Ah but what a ride! HA!

      I like to think that I am wary enough (and smart enough) to avoid the pitfalls of the spiritual but it looks like I am not. It could have turned out much worse than it did! I could have left my family and gone on a wild goose chase across the planet! lol I don’t blame the astral by any means nor do I blame my guidance or any other entity that I have encountered. I blame my Ego and my ever increasing resistance to living here on this planet. Confronting full-on this resistance will allow me to see what I need to see and finally live a full and productive life.

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  4. Adam says:

    I understand this post and see how it makes a lot of sense to pretty much go back to square one and/or back to the basics.

    The expanded view of oneself and one’s spiritual connections can be an incredible experience. The realizations come fast and a lot of ‘work’ gets done, even if we aren’t always aware of what that work is or what it means. It can also be a distraction from focusing on the here and now, especially if/when the perceived guidance constantly talks in words like ‘soon’ this or ‘change’ that. Sounds like it’s time for Dayna to get back in touch with what’s important to Dayna, and I think that’s a growth point any way you slice it!

    I wanted to thank you for sharing your path here and on your other wordpress blog. In the time I’ve been ‘following’ you I’ve gained great insights and experienced many synchronistic moments. You sharing your journey, no matter where that journey leads, has been something of an inspiration to me. Your openness allowed me to really open up to my own path a couple years ago. Through you I allowed myself to see things in different ways when I was just beginning to sense there was more than the physical reality we all engage in. This is something I will always be grateful for.

    So yes, thank you!! I’ve got your other blogger page on my fave’s list. I’ll be sure to comment from time to time. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks Adam for your heart-felt gratitude! I am also very grateful to have met you and you also have helped me along the way. Hopefully we can keep in touch via my Blogger blog. It’s not as user friendly as WP but it feels like the best place for me at this time. ❤

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  5. cherylasmith says:

    I left a comment on your other WP blog thencame right here because I expected you had posted a farewell here, too. I am glad I did! You wrote, “The path I am returning to focuses on the individual creating their reality, not looking to spiritual guides, dreams or profound experiences to show them their path.” BINGO
    This is something a very dear friend and mentor told me. You fascinated me with your connections to the beings in your dreams and travels. I do connect with mine but not on the level you can. I have lived through that frustration of wanting more and learned to take the advice given and trust myself more now. When I read that passage above, my heart lit up knowing this is indeed what you need to do.
    I am really happy for you. Lessons are not linear, they spiral around and you always come back to the starting point, leveling up on the spiral if you are ready and willing. So you are hopping back down a couple of levels, that is exactly what makes this life so magnificent. We get to choose! You will always have these past few years to reference if you desire…. or recreate the timeline you desire altogether!
    Congratulations and I will see you over at Blogger. 😉

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Kitty. Seems many are resonating with this post, which is a surprise to me!

      The part you wrote about lessons not being linear hit home. I am spiraling back around and eventually I may spiral back around again and that’s okay. I am ready to hop off the ascension train anyway. Too much hoopla sometimes. See you over at Blogger 😉


  6. teleile says:

    Re, your post on Aug. 15th. (My phone won’t let me comment on your other blog).
    You are not evil! You were just possessed by a demonic entity. They try to get access to anyone they can – yes, including children, as children aren’t blank slates, they are individuals, with past lives – and prompt them to have thoughts, feelings and actions that cause harm to other creatures, then they disappear, leaving their human host to pick up the karmic bill.
    This is why you are not aware of having any wish to hurt others. You don’t; the demon did, while it was within you.

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    • Dayna says:

      Interesting about Blogger not letting you comment. You’re not the first to say that. I thought adding Disqus would fix that. 😦

      As for the idea that a demon made me do it. I am doubtful. I remember making conscious decisions as a child and working to understand things. I believe I acted out of misunderstanding and inability to cope, not because a demon was possessing me. I can still contact a part of me that feels similarly to back then. That part of me is real and is part of me, not something outside of myself. In other words, the way I acted back then was part of the soul fracture that I am now trying to heal.


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