Dream: Fire With Fire

I had an interesting evening yesterday. One of my husband’s old school buddies visited from California and all three of us had an enjoyable conversation on various subjects. He was very interested in my spiritual experiences and abilities, asking tons of questions. I had been struggling to talk early on in the conversation because of my throat and congestion. However, the frog in my throat cleared as the conversation progressed and eventually I felt completely well and clear. He put me on the spot, asking me to give him a reading right there in my kitchen. It completely threw me and I got super nervous. I swear the heater turned on in the house. lol

Eventually I agreed and did give him a short reading but it was an unusual one because both my husband and his friend would interject here and there with a story or experience of their own. I was only able to read his spiritual and physical aura and give him an impression I received from Spirit. Everything I told him he validated, though, and he seemed genuinely impressed with my ability.

What is really funny is that this friend called my husband out about our differing belief systems. He said, “I wonder how you two get along with her being so free-flowing.” He had difficulty believing that my husband would be affiliated with religion and dogma. I was silently laughing the whole time because my husband and I have had many conversations on the topic with little or no progress made. My husband always defends himself but to his friend he was silent and contemplative. Also to hear someone describe me as “free flowing” surprised me, not because I’m not but because I don’t think anyone has expressed this as their first impression of me. I was flattered. πŸ™‚

His friend had many questions on why I stopped giving readings. He told me several times that I should start up again rather than suppress my abilities. Again, my husband was silent.

His background and appearance threw me. He works in international trade, speaks three languages, lived in Sweden most of his life, and had a very professional appearance. Yet it was obvious straight away there was much more to him than that. Interestingly, he is a Capricorn (had to throw that in). I’ve not met many other than my middle son and it was intriguing to feel out his energy – very forward speaking, intelligent and hard working while also giving and obviously heart-led. His divorce had just finalized and he was grieving still. He said he decided to avoid the dating scene because he found single women his age (my age, too) to be very cynical. He did ask me what I saw for him regarding a romantic partner. Before he completed his sentence I had his answer. I love how that works!

When he left I felt my energy shift. I definitely received the message to stop blocking my abilities loud and clear. He also offered to help me get my book published. He is writing his own and has tons of connections.

Dream: Fire With Fire

I struggled to fall asleep because as soon as I was in bed my congestion returned and I couldn’t breathe. Grrr! It was well after midnight before I managed to drift off.

I had a vivid dream that began with me talking with a man about WWII. Specifically, we were discussing a Japanese man and his family relations. I can’t recall the specifics now but I remember this man was very anti-American and his energy was resistant, almost angry. There was discussion about him “commanding a war” but it was with family not nations. The entire discussion had a deeply personal feel to it.

Strangely, I remember speaking another language during this discussion. I am not sure what language but it sounded Germanic.

The next thing I recall is being at a bus station on the platform with several groups of people. I was with one group who I considered my family but I did not recognize any of them as my physical family. There were three blue school buses (about to embark on important life journey) expected but my group was late to the platform and missed them (feeling left behind). Another group was waiting there and the bus just passed them by. A man from the other group told us not to worry, that the bus would pick us up on the way back.

I had forgotten to take a snack for my journey so went to the store. Inside the store I ran into a man who I recognized. I mentioned I didn’t have time and he told me he would buy my things for me. I picked up a bag of potato chips (over indulgence) and handed them to him. I tried to hand him my money and he wouldn’t take it saying he would pay. I remember he had $13.54.

At the platform the man handed me my potato chips and some other things. I divided everything up. He took a four pack of tomato soup (domestic harmony) and had bought me some antiperspirant (nervousness perhaps?) with the words “Wonder Woman” written on it (message to have courage). lol I thanked him and thought him quite the gentleman.

This is when the dream gets more lucid. There was a definite energy between myself and this “stranger”. We had a relationship unlike any I have ever had in this lifetime. It was a strong friendship but there was something else, too, something extraordinary in our bond. We seemed to like to argue in jest, pushing each other’s buttons playfully. I remember us discussing getting on the bus and knowing that doing so would lead us to challenges. He actually outright challenged me, asking me if I was “ready” and suggesting that I was a wuss. lol I challenged him in return. I believe he said, “I dare you.” I replied with, “I double dare you.” And he said, “I triple dare you.” LOL In the end he won, of course, but only because I let him. πŸ™‚

This is when I really saw him clearly. Prior to this he was just a man with dark hair who knew how to treat a lady and make her feel special (which impressed me and won me over). I remember finding him quite handsome and beautiful. I focused in on his mouth for some reason and said something I can’t recall now, something playful. I noticed his lips (communication) were sealed with clear tape (limitation). I pulled it off. I remember hearing it as it came off and seeing his brilliant smile when his lips were freed. We were laughing really hard about something and I was filled with this amazing feeling. I have only felt it once before, in a dream earlier this year. It does not radiate from the heart center but the feeling is similar. This feeling is all-over from head to toe. I remember it as pure joy. It was like I was overflowing in joy and excitement. There was a deep, abiding love, too. Whoever he is, I loved him so much I was bursting. The word I would use to describe him is “fun” and he was inviting me to have fun with him, to “play” with him. It felt like we had tons of fun together often and that he was my partner in crime. Hahaha I suspect we get into lots of mischief together.

Then I was seeing him close up again and he was so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. He was radiant and his smile blew me away. In fact, his lips and the feeling that came with seeing him smile was what woke me up. When I woke up I was tingling with an all-over energy and pure joy. I said to my guidance, “He’s HOT!” lol But the “hot” was not in reference to anything sexual. When our energies mingled like they were in this dream there was a raging fire ignited. And OMG what a feeling! It was like we energized one another; like he added to me and I added to him and what resulted was pure perfection. I remember thinking, “He’s Fire. I’m Fire. Fire with Fire.” Even now just the memory of the feeling makes me so perfectly happy and fills me with optimism and excitement.

I said to my guides, “I want to meet him.” Yet I was not sure who exactly he was. I had an idea but the feeling from our dream meeting was so unlike other times that I was not/am not certain. But then that seems to be how this works anyway – always a mystery. I will say that his energy when mixed with mine changes me. It pulls out of me my True Self, brings it to the forefront. I see life as exciting and full of possibility. I want to “play the game” and enjoy a good challenge.

I am still wondering about the taped lips. Is this a message that he has finally found his voice? Or is this a message that I have found mine? It seems significant nonetheless.


Dream: It is Written

It took me a while to fall back to sleep. I was too energized from the dream. Once I did fall asleep I was discussing a book (knowledge) that contained within it a prophecy (guidance). I was telling a woman her future but at the same time it was my future. I would shift into this woman and then back to myself over and over. I read from the book what was to come for the woman. She would ask questions and I would answer them. The dream was somewhat confusing because I would shift into different scenes as I read from the book.

In one scene I went into a gym (apply knowledge) but all the gym equipment, weights and cardio machines, were gone. All that was there was a jump rope (coordinate, make plans) laying on the floor. I picked it up and began to use it and suddenly there were two people holding the ends and I was jumping in the middle. There was a discussion about how I didn’t need to do this anymore. What “this” was I am not sure but the jump rope disappeared and then I was standing in front of the woman and talking to her about her future.

A man appeared in front of her. I was telling her that she already knew the man and that they were meant to be together. The woman was dark haired and the man was fair haired. Then I was giving the man vitamins and supplements (need to strengthen one’s willpower; stand up for self) and he was asking questions about it. The woman was nervous, telling me she was unsure about the prophecy from the book. I was encouraging her, telling her that it would all work out.

The dream gets fuzzy here but I remember seeing the number 38 and also having a mirror put in front of my face more than once. The mirror is very prominent in my memory actually. I also saw what I knew were soul “pods” or families but they looked like blue spirals inside of circles or miniature galaxies. I also saw dolphins, but I think this was to remind me of what a “pod” is.


Despite still being sick I am still energized and hopeful from the first dream. I wish I could have dreams like that every night. Upon waking there was a feeling of “fate” that was quite profound. The feeling of excitement at what is to come still lingers. I don’t know, though, if what is coming is something to anticipate or dread based upon the dream. If I am excited about a “challenge” then there is no telling what kind of challenge is ahead of me (us). It could be something the human me does not like.

The song, Afterlife, was also going through my mind upon waking – “You and me, we got this. You and me we’re beautiful, beautiful.”



12 thoughts on “Dream: Fire With Fire

  1. Do you know if the numbers have any significance?

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    • Dayna says:

      The numbers are usually messages. If you click on them you will find the angel meaning. 38 is 3 + 8 = 11 and coincides with the mirrors I saw. 11 is a number that coincides with twin flames and unity/wholeness and is also a message from one’s angels and guides that you are on the right path. It is a number I have been seeing since 2015 and I continue to receive it along with 111 and 1111.

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  2. herongrace says:

    fire with fire? He does sound Sagittarian and lots of fun? Perhaps he will arrive with a burst of energy from out of town?

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  3. teleile says:

    Your bus dream is interesting. I was told awhile ago that there was to be an ascension wave in June (around the solstice), in which some of us, in groups, would ‘leave’; not die, but a merging with the Higher Self.
    I was told to get ready for it, so I did.

    In sleep I saw what happened in terms of ‘buses.’ I was at a bus station, boarding a blue bus. However, some of the expected souls were late, others arrived but were fretful, not ready yet to let go of the lower ego, they were quizzing the bus driver fretfully.
    For some reason (I don’t know why), it seemed that for the wave to happen as planned, a certain number of people had to be on board; and there just weren’t enough, due to the not-ready and the late people.
    So the driver said apologetically that the bus leaving would have to be delayed, and would happen later. I got shown a number relating to ‘when’ – a big red number 38.

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    • Dayna says:

      Wow your dream is very similar to mine! Interesting! Makes me wonder what the 38 means…. Maybe 38 days? Hours? Hoping not too long. I’m ready for this to be done so I can move on. I was told I would be graduating this month!


  4. teleile says:

    Yes, I don’t know. Could be 3rd August or 8th March, when the next ‘bus’ comes?

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  5. teleile says:

    How long ago was it that you were told of your June graduation? I’ve learned over the years that nothing is ever set in stone; the spirit beings hope and plan for a thing, but ultimately whether it happens is up to the humans themselves, and they can’t interfere as humans have free will.

    If it was earlier than 3 days ago that you were told that, then that may have been the missed bus, and you might have to wait for the next one!

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    • Dayna says:

      I was told in early 2016 that my soul exchange (embodiment) would be complete in June 2017 – “Expected date of completion, June 2017. This is a tentative date as requisite breaks may be lengthened under extenuating circumstances as unforeseen setbacks may occur.” https://awalkinlife.wordpress.com/about/

      It does say “tentative” and I have received information for a few years now that my birthday is July 4th yet each year nothing substantial happens on July 4th. Could be “independence day” reference or an actual date of birth, as in “newly born”.


  6. teleile says:

    Yes, these dates & time periods are always tentative: hoped-for, but not guaranteed.
    A similar thing happened on 11:11:11. There was to be a collective ascension, not of everyone, but of enough groups of people that, together, they would have had a significant effect on humanity. They would have raised the frequency of the planet to the extent that we would now not be seeing the things we do on the news every day. Sadly, it didn’t happen, even though many many ‘lightbearers’ were told to prepare for it.

    I saw this as, some of us had plane tickets, and we boarded a big white jet. (Collective spiritual ascent). We were happy and excited. I remember the other people on the plane with me so vividly that 6 years later, I think I’d still know them if I met them! There weren’t many of us, 10 to 20 or so.

    We sat on the plane, and waited for the others to get on board. And waited. And waited. But they didn’t show up. The plane couldn’t achieve lift-off without a certain number of people, and they were too late in turning up. we sat there, but in the end it became clear ‘the others’ wouldn’t get there in time, and we silently got off the plane. It was so disappointing!

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  7. teleile says:

    I suppose the 38 could be 3 x 8 is 24, but I think I’m clutching at straws here, lol πŸ˜€ – and I haven’t been given any information about tomorrow.

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