Three Dreams and Messages

I had some interesting dreams and messages that I want to document.

Dream: Family Reunion

I was with my “cousin” and there was some serious conversation going on. I remember being in my childhood bedroom and seeing him standing there. His face was shifty as was his overall appearance. Sometimes he looked fair haired and other times dark haired. I kept confusing him for my actual cousin, but in reality he was just “family” of the soul kind. There was some resistance on my part at being in the situation. It felt like I was being asked to “allow” and “reconnect” with him but him being “family” caused internal conflict. In the end I succumbed and we embraced and kissed. I felt huge relief once I allowed and accepted our connection. All in all, it seemed like the internal conflict stemmed from my human conditioning. I was resistant to close family relations of the romantic sort yet when I finally allowed it, the feeling was not romantic at all but more a deeply loving friendship.

Dream: Renovations

In this dream I was walking the hallway of a dorm-type (learning) housing until. The hallway was larger than any I have ever been in, though. My room number was 74 (adds up to 11) and I kept forgetting it and having to be reminded of it. I also lost track of my keys (fear of losing control) on the way to class and when I went back to retrieve them found my dorm/apartment was unlocked. When I went inside someone had completely remodeled (change) it. I felt an unfamiliar energy inside, one that felt dark to me. It was unseen but very present in the space. This energy had remodeled the apartment, installing a huge fish tank (keep feelings in check) with strange, black fish (subconscious insight) inside. Just looking at them made me shiver, though in reality they were just normal fish. I’m not sure why I felt they were “dark”.

The rest of the remodel (life changes) was nice, though, and me and a male friend discussed the changes that were made. I remember there was new trim around the window and I began to take it down only to change my mind and put it back. The more I discussed the changes, the less dark the energy felt and the more helpful it seemed. I remember people kept asking if I was selling the old stuff that had been removed during the remodel. I kept saying no and eventually told a woman she could have the old ceiling fan(change) for $30.

Back inside we were using the new clothes washer (need to resolve past issues). When a button was pushed the thing expanded and looked like a shallow swimming pool (need to deal with emotion). The energy there kept moving things around. I felt unable to stop it from making changes. Eventually I gave in and allowed the changes, even accepting them fully. I jumped into the “pool” that was the washing machine toward the end.

Dream: Familiar Man

This dream was partially lucid. I mainly recall talking to a female friend who had long, dark hair. She and I were discussing a friend of ours. She told me that he was relocating to Austin. The news made me very excited and I was jumping about saying, “He’s moving to Austin! That’s great news! I have lots of past lives with him. You do, too.”

I mainly recall the excitement I was feeling. The images are blurry but there is a distinct memory of what this man looks like. I remember seeing him briefly a few nights ago in dreamtime, too. We were talking but I can’t recall what was said. Seeing him in my near-lucid dream woke me up, though.

Messages and Memory

Before I woke fully, I lingered in the in-between. There were messages coming quickly. The first message was written on the underside of a white bowl in black handwriting. The minute I saw it I protested reading it, telling my guides I didn’t want to know. So I have no idea what it said. The second message was spoken to me. It said, “May through June….pay attention to the changes and your neighbors…..You know you don’t belong there.” Most of the information I did not want to hear and so pushed it out of my head before I could recognize the messages.

A memory came to me out of the blue, though. It was a memory from years ago, around 2012 maybe. I was going home from work but stopped by Walgreens to pick up something. I lingered in my car before leaving. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car pull into a parking spot a few cars down from me. Something told me to look. It was an odd feeling that sorta pushed me to look actually. So I turned and looked and locked eyes with a man.

My heart fell into my stomach and I began to panic. All kinds of alarms were going off in my mind. The guy was staring at me. At first he looked surprised, startled almost. Then he started to smile. I couldn’t look away but I knew if I didn’t look away he would get out of his car and come talk to me. I did not want that so I looked down at my lap and waited for what seemed like a very long time. My heart pounded the whole time and I thought over and over to him, “Don’t come over here. Don’t come over here.”

When I finally felt it was safe to look up, he was gone. I drove out of that parking lot feeling like something had happened, but I didn’t know what. I just wanted to get home as fast as I could.

When I recalled this memory I remembered what the man looked like. Actually, I have never forgotten what he looked like so it was not difficult to recall. And what is weird is the man in my dream looked just like him.

For a while after that encounter in the parking lot I wondered about it. I knew if I had allowed it something major would have happened. It was just a feeling, one that scared me. My thoughts to my guidance was, “Not now. I can’t. I’m married.” Sound familiar? lol Now to have this dream and memory come one after the other, it seems to indicate that I may be meeting this man again. Ugh. Why?





South Padre

I’m back from South Padre Island. And guess what? I was sick the entire time. Ha!  The first morning I woke up with the worst sore throat ever.  It felt like knives in my throat every time I swallowed and the pain shot up into both my ears. My solution was to go to the beach and ignore the pain in my throat. Yet I had gotten barely any sleep that night before. My heart rate was super high and the energy of the condo was strange and erratic. I swear I could sense the previous group who had occupied it. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. 😦

By afternoon my voice started to crack and by that night it was completely gone. GONE. Along with that my throat was getting worse and I had a headache.

I did get sleep that night at least, though the strange high energy was still present. When I woke my throat was a bit better but still hurting and my dreams were concerning. In them I was hiding from six dragons and planning my getaway. My guidance was advising me to not run and reminding me of my previous dealings with them which was to just calmly wait and let them devour me. The dragons were very brightly colored but I only remember the yellow one. The last thing I remember was watching all six of them surround a woman and eat her alive. Classic Kundalini dreams. What a way to wake up, huh?

My throat hurt all day but I did not let it get me down despite the laryngitis, headache and full-on congestion that accompanied it that day. I spent hours in the water but there was a really strong riptide and undertow and I got caught up in it more than once. It got to the point that I just opted to stay close to the beach. My daughter got caught in it, too, and I had to rescue her.

That evening my other BIL and SIL and their family came along with my SIL’s family to have dinner.  Since I couldn’t talk and felt so crappy it made more sense to avoid everyone so I stayed upstairs. I finally gave in and took some Ibuprofen that evening.

The next day, the final day, I woke up and my throat was only a bit raw but I was full of congestion. My voice was back, though a bit raspy. When I first woke the sun was just coming up and my nose was so runny that I could not return to sleep. So I jumped out of bed and ran to the beach to watch the sunrise still wearing my pajamas. lol I stayed there for an hour watching it. The beach was empty and the wind was calm. It was by far my favorite part of the trip.

Overall it was a good mini-vacation. Being sick was an inconvenience but it could have been much worse. I will take a sore throat over the stomach bug any day. Funny enough, not having a voice was actually a good thing. When I needed to communicate everyone got dead silent so they could hear me whisper to them, my kids included. Just goes to show how being loud is not necessarily the best way to be heard.

Here’s some pictures of the trip:

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