The Hanged Man

The meaning of something I was told in the in-between yesterday morning came to me suddenly this afternoon.  This is what I saw/heard yesterday: “I remember hearing, ‘We will come get you.’ along with an image of me hanging upside down by a rope attached to one of my feet.”

So this afternoon I remembered this particular message and instantly knew it was a tarot card. At first I thought it was the Fool card, but it was soon obvious it was the Hanged Man card. This all came while I was thinking about nothing in particular. Quite weird, really.

I’m not going to go into detail about what it means other than to sum it up with – Let go. Surrender. Yeah, the same ol’ message.

Here is a good summary:

The Hanged Man has put himself in this position and there is no way he can win. And yet, that halo lets us know that he may be about to claim a sizable victory. He was not attacked, nor forced to be where he is, nothing is disheveled besides his hair hanging down due to simple gravity. With his hidden hands, he is not letting us see his manipulation of the situation. His bent leg indicates that he is getting quite comfortable being helpless.

…..If The Hanged Man represents you in your reading, you are being advised by the Tarot deck to surrender, to change course or to let the universe solve a situation without your input.

Guess I’m enjoying “hanging around” and my “friends” got a good laugh out of it saying they would come get me. Sure they will. Ha!




6 thoughts on “The Hanged Man

  1. herongrace says:

    I thought of the Hanged Man as soon as I read that post. Then I thought that you as a card reader would have drawn on that memory as a useful symbol to utilise to demonstrate a point.

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    • Dayna says:

      You should have said something. It took me a full 24 hours to get the message. When I did I realized why my guides were laughing when they sent it. I could sense the humor even when I finally recognized their message. It got me to laugh at least. 4-5 years ago I wouldn’t have found any of it funny. Now I laugh at myself (well with them at myself) a lot. I also haven’t heard from my guides that I’m “serious” in a long while. I think that’s a good thing. 🙂


      • herongrace says:

        I thought you would have noticed it! 2 of my favourite things are synchronicity and symbolism.
        I envy the way you so fluently recall and can analyse your dreams. I have been learning so much from your interpretations.

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      • Dayna says:

        Well I was a bit pre-occupied with my Ego at the time. She was throwing a tantrum most all day yesterday. By the end of the day, when that message got through, I got a good laugh out of it. I told my guides, “Yep, that’s SO me right now. Hanged. Totally.” 🙂

        I’m glad my dream interpretations help you. So many people have been telling me they are envious of my dreams and spiritual experiences lately. I have heard it at least 8 times in the past month. Not sure what that means but I’m sure it’s a message.

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      • herongrace says:

        Ego balance can be a major learning lesson for Leos, they are ruled by the Sun.
        It can be given to a highly spiritual person to ensure they are extroverted enough to push themselves out there so they will get their messages out to teach people.
        Without your Leo persona you may have slipped into the comfort of being more of a Hermit.
        It is fascinating to study our various personality components and get some appreciation of the meeting we would have had with our Guidance prior to coming here and sorted all this out.

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  2. Dayna says:

    Hmmm think I did slip into Hermit for like 30yrs. LOL I even moved to isolated places to avoid people. 😉


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