Dream: Prison Visit

Yesterday turned out to be an okay day despite my waking in a funk. I was busy and distracted – both helpful when trying to avoid mental traps and cyclic thinking. One of the t.v shows I’ve gotten to watching had new episodes so that was a nice distraction, too. What is interesting (and no surprise) is that while watching my show I had messages come through. It is funny how it happens. I am one minute oblivious, tuned into the show, and the next I hear an obvious conversation going on between myself and my guidance. Then I end up in the conversation, shifting over to it and my show becomes background noise for a few minutes or until something on the show distracts me.

What I learned during one of these instances yesterday was that what I am experiencing is normal and the way I am reacting is also my norm. We have just exited an extremely high energy period (full moon). Now we are adjusting and integrating. These integration periods can be difficult sometimes.

Last night when left without a t.v. distraction I felt an uneasiness again. My guidance came through and asked me if they could show me something. I said they could but was really sour with them. The doubt-monger in me was on high alert and I told them I highly doubted any of what I was being told/intuiting was coming to fruition. I was in the “it’s all a load of crap” mode. lol


Early in the night I have faint memory of dreams but all that is left of them are some visuals and a Knowing of receiving instruction on this process I am undergoing (as are some of you). I remember saying, “I am still selecting timelines.” I also recall seeing three circles aligned vertically, the edge of one touching the next. Then the circles on the top and bottom smoothly switched places. The center circle remained in place. I could feel energy during this but memory of it is gone now.

I woke briefly at 5:00am with the circles in my mind and knowing we had been discussing the soul transfer. I wondered about it briefly. Does it mean my higher and lower self are switching places? Why were the circles in a line and not inter-lapping like I’ve seen in the past?

When I woke I was also feeling extremely tired, like drugged. Considering I have been sleeping lightly for over a week now, it was a nice feeling. It didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep again.

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

Dream: Prison Visit

This dream was semi-lucid and quite vivid. In it I was inside a large bedroom that resembled a hotel room. I knew I was in prison but I had volunteered to be there. For most of the dream I was in the bed in my prison “cell” experiencing visitations from other prisoners via a type of “dream”. However, I knew it was not a dream but that they had the ability to cross through time and space. We all had it.

I met four others but two stand out in my memory. The first was a dark haired woman who I knew as “Marcella”. She approached me, coming at first as an apparition and then solidifying. She told me she was from another “cell” and we talked for a long time. I recognized her as someone I had lived a past life with. In fact, our connection was intensely attractive to me at the heart level to the point that I even said to her, “We were together in another lifetime. I remember you.” I knew we had been romantically involved and it caught me off-guard for a moment in the dream because I knew I was female and so was she and this did not compute. lol The attraction to her was so strong that I thought that if I met her outside of the dream we were in that I would choose a same sex partnership with her despite my preference for men. Ha!

In the dream our mutual attraction was muted and we got to talking like old friends. I asked her why she was in prison. She said she was in for “corporate fraud”. I said, “What corporation?” I am not sure of her response now but I think she said, “Pay Bill.” lol I interpreted her answer as “Playbill” and I remember thinking it sounded like “Playboy”. Now, in writing it, I see what she meant! Paying back somebody named Bill, as in resolving karma. LOL

She also gave me her prison number, but I only recall that it had a 5 in it. I could see her section of the prison and knew we would never meet because of the strict rules and guards. When she left I continued to sense our connection. It was like my heart was lit up with the heart fire but very muted.

The other person I recall vividly was a middle aged man. I did not recognize him by appearance but by our connection. Again he was from another “cell” and had materialized in front of me. With him I also felt a strong heart connection and knew I had lived a past life with him as his romantic partner. He was connected to Marcella, too, and with the other two people who came to visit me. I don’t remember much of my conversation with him other than him telling me that he and some others were planning to break out (desire to break free of restrictive situation). He invited me to join them.

I do have faint memory of an old man about 70ish but it is fleeting. I believe the other person was a woman and the memory I have of her is young, voluptuous and fair haired. All four of the people I came into contact with caused my heart to react with an intense familiarity.

In the end of the dream an older woman came in alongside the younger, fair haired woman who I mentioned above. The older woman had a laptop (need to communicate) and set it on a table. The fair haired woman was there to help me send emails (communication). There was discussion then about my room (private self). There was a dresser (hidden aspects of self) set in front of a large bulletin board (message from subconscious) and a trashcan (unwanted ideas, thoughts, memories) shoved between the bed (intimate self) and the dresser (hidden self). I had no use for the dresser and the woman was laughing at how it was set in an unusual place.

Then I watched the older lady get up and walk toward the window. I noticed she was physically in good shape for her “age” and the next thing I knew I was transported to another scene where I watched a life play out before my eyes. The fair haired, voluptuous woman and the middle aged man (mentioned above) dated, were married and had children. I entered the scene and walked up to the woman. She had aged and grown fat from all her pregnancies. We talked and I focused on how her stomach looked pregnant and her breasts had sagged and were smaller than her protruding pooch. She said, “You should have seen them (her breasts) when I was pregnant!” We got a good laugh out of it. I saw her six children running about a yard next to a very large house. Everything was green and bright and her husband was laughing as he put together a playhouse outside in their garden. I said, “How many kids do you two have together?” She said, “Not enough.” lol

I understood that she and the middle aged man, both who I knew and had a strong connection to, had chosen to live a life together. It seemed like they lived in the same “prison” as me but in an adjacent cell block, one I could not get to physically but could “visit”.

I returned to my cell and saw the group of individuals standing together. I saw a large circle (completion) but when I looked closer it vanished and everyone was surrounded by very large, orange pumpkins (open and receptive). This woke me up because of its peculiarity.


When I woke I knew my guidance had wanted to show me something in this dream. There was confirmation that I had volunteered to come to the Earth “prison”. It also seems they wanted me to see the others of my “cell” and show me the very real connection I had to them. All of them I could not meet in the physical. I’m glad of that! With the heart connection I felt for them it would really complicate things for me, especially “Marcella”. I don’t want to meet her as it would cause me to go into an identity crisis for sure! I am not sure if they are in this same dimensional version of Earth, or not. That is a bit confusing to me but then I don’t care, the dream experience was cool. It felt like a family reunion.

I was very sleepy still when I woke and fell into the in-between many times. There were strange messages and visions coming through. I remember laughing about something and joking with someone. I believe the people from my dream were the ones I was talking to. I remember hearing, “We will come get you.” along with an image of me hanging upside down by a rope attached to one of my feet (lol). There was also a scene involving hamsters (distancing self to prevent being hurt) of all ages swimming in water (emotion) and being fed pancakes (pleasure). All of it is mixed up together now. Mainly I was left feeling as if all of this life I am living is just a dream and it was so disconcerting and caused me to get out of bed.

Even now I recall the connection I felt to all of the people in my dream. I had a heart connection with all of them and it felt very natural. The connections were varied, though, some stronger than others. I loved them all differently, some with more intensity than others. I remembered lifetimes I had with them and the lifetimes directly affected the intensity of the connection. It wasn’t necessarily the more lifetimes the more intensity. It was more like the experiences together affected the intensity, but this doesn’t feel exactly correct either. If I had been more lucid or OOB I think I would have freaked out from the energy.