Dream Message: Repopulating Earth

Super intense dream this morning.

Prior to bed I was asked, “Are you ready to begin?” At the time my heart was so huge that the energy of it covered my entire chest and the top of my abdomen (3rd and part of 2nd chakra). Vastly huge beyond anything I’ve ever felt! When I was asked this question I stopped breathing, holding my breath, and replied, “Yes.” The heart energy remained for a long time and other chakras began to buzz – third-eye and root specifically. I briefly wondered if the Kundalini was about to ignite in a frenzy, but it never did.

I couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned for some time. The last thing I heard before falling asleep was, “Remember.” When I hear that it usually means I am about to Remember something about who I am, something purposeful.

Dream: Repopulating Earth

This particular dream was set in a very brightly lit room. I only recall golden light permeating everything and white walls with some hints of furnishings that made the space feel homey and comfortable. Standing in front of me was my partner. I cannot recall how he looked except that he was golden and bright like the room we were in. He was taller than me by about a foot and I considered him to be my “husband”.

As I began to come into more lucidity I recognized I had no past or future. My memory was all a blank. It was a peculiar feeling and one I was totally at ease with. Of particular interest to me was that my future was blank. Not only that, but my instructions were to not do anything to prepare for my future. This information was from the telepathic conversation I was having with my partner.

This is where there is information overload so I will summarize what I can. I was very aware that we, he and I both, were awaiting our “time”. There was to be an “exchange” of the population of Earth in waves. In the dream this exchange was recalled as something that came in the air/atmosphere, similar to a undetectable, poisonous gas. Only those participating in the wave would be affected. I was being told not to prepare for my future because I would not have one. I would be in the next wave along with others who volunteered to be a part of the “re-population” of Earth.

I was then informed that I had a choice of the timing of the wave I would leave on. In my mind I saw a drop down menu like one would find on an application. The drop down menu was of years. I saw 2015, 2016, 2017 and so on and so forth all the way into the late 2020’s. I remember lingering over the years 2016 and 2017. I was drawn to 2016 but then selected 2017 as my choice. We then discussed my selection and I saw a calendar in my mind.

I was asked if I wanted to know when it would be our time. I could still see the calendar and it was zoomed in on a frame of two weeks. I don’t remember the month but it felt to be very soon. I thought about the question and said, “No, I think not.” I then explained that to know when my time would be would only cause anticipation on my part and perhaps even nervousness or fear. I remember saying it could cause me to live my life very irresponsibly and I may make decisions I would not normally make. I used the example of eating, saying some may resort to gluttony if they knew they had little time left.

I remember asking him what everyone is suppose to do while they wait. I asked, “If we aren’t to make any plans, what are we to do in the meanwhile? Should we even do our work?” There was discussion here that long-term plans would do me no good. We discussed work specifically, as in career plans. I understood that looking for a job was pointless.

There was also discussion about “all the others”. I remember asking if everyone in each of the waves would leave. I was told some would not. I then saw that those who refused to leave would continue in their lives as if nothing were happening, yet they would be affected. I saw unrest and mental turmoil to include upset and/or insanity. The example I got specifically was Mexico and how “hard working” the people were so much so that many would insist they keep working, toiling away, continuing to provide labor and products to the U.S.

I recall saying to my partner at one point, “I don’t want to be male.” It appeared I was selecting the gender of the body I would occupy. There was a sense that a female body would be more conducive to the exchange than a male one.

Then I was shown the “waves” from above Earth, as if I was positioned on a craft in space. The waves were invisible except where they impacted Earth. It looked like the Earth was being scanned. A large bubble of energy arced out where the wave impacted the surface and atmosphere. It took a while for it to make one pass. When it completed, the wave would begin again, slowly “scanning” the globe from left (West) to right (East).

It appeared that the waves were being sent by an alien race from a location in space. The information reminded me of what I had read in Delores Cannon’s books where an E.T. race came down and collected groups of humans to save them from a mass extinction event.

I continued to speak with my partner all along feeling very at ease and comfortable with the topic of discussion. We spoke about the Beings who were assisting Earth. I referred to them as our “parents”. We talked about building a new “Home” and while we spoke I was drawing a picture full of right triangles on top of right triangles. When I drew I knew I was drawing a house but it looked nothing like the physical structure. Instead it was similar to drawing geometric figures. It looked similar to this without the two circles:


I specifically drew a large, vertical rectangle. Then I divided it into two equal squares, upper and lower. Then I divided those squares diagonally to make two equal right triangles. I even drew in the little box in each right angle. I drew the triangles in the bottom square as well. Then I drew a long diagonal line across the entire rectangle. This completed picture was our new Home.

Realizations and More Dreams

When I woke up I was very aware that I had been crying, yet I could not recall when and there was no physical evidence of tears. I also felt worried about what I remembered. Was Earth about to experience a mass “extermination”? Was I agreeing to be one of the ones exterminated? This is how the dream message felt initially upon waking but I soon recognized this assumption was inaccurate.

Eventually I realized that the “waves” I sensed in the dream are the waves of ascension. The exchange, which was viewed as a type of “death” in the dream, is a soul exchange. I and others have volunteered to participate in “repopulating” the Earth with “new souls” (soul exchange). It is not that we are physically dying, but that we are walking into bodies primed for the exchange and in doing so will repopulate planet Earth and assist in creating a new energetic signature that will shift the planet as a whole into another “dimension” (not the right word but I am at a loss).

Those that refused the exchange (not ready or choosing not to) would remain and experience a very unpleasant and tumultuous time on Earth.

I want to be clear here, though, that I did not see those in the waves “leaving” Earth. I saw us remaining here alongside the others who opted out. Yet at the same time it very much felt like the population as a whole would eventually be eliminated and a new population would be implanted.

Weird, I know, and strangely I am at peace with it all despite how very real the dream felt.

I somehow fell back to sleep. I entered into the in-between and saw an E.T. wearing a very thick, bulky suit. He was vastly taller than the human reporter who was standing in front of him. Maybe two or three feet taller than her. She reached out her hand and from the center of a the suit a small, pale, pinkish-white hand reached out. It had very long fingers and was quite creepy looking, like spider hands. The woman reached out and shook hands with this E.T.

Then I dreamed of preparing for a dental visit where I would get a “thorough cleaning” that would be “uncomfortable”. I was told “not to eat for an entire day before the procedure”. This is not the first time I’ve received a message like this in a dream.