How to Make a Crystal Pendulum

Just uploaded a two part video on how to make your own pendulum. It took me way longer than expected to edit the video which I had to split in two because of filming errors. I learned a lot about how to make a video, though – both the recording and the editing. The second part of the video had a lot of dead time that I just covered with slides rather than separate out into two sections. I got lazy and didn’t want to spend anymore time editing than I already had. Movie Maker is great but it has its limits. I will keep that in mind the next time I do a how-to video like this one.

My daughter assisted. She was really excited about it. This is her “premiere” on my YouTube channel. lol We actually did a FB live-stream demonstrating the use of the pendulums for chakra balancing right after we finished recording the making of the pendulums. She really had a blast and her inner-actress came out to play. She is very dramatic by nature so being on camera works for her. She was all giggles but a very good guinea pig. 🙂 I wish I could share that video with you but I have no idea how to or if I can upload it from FB. I think I may have gotten my husband to agree to be my guinea pig for demonstration purposes for my next video. We’ll see if he follows through on that.

Part 1 is the more in-depth video and you can really stop with part 1 if you are not interested in learning how to make the handy-dandy finger loop. The second video shows how to make the loop and a basic demonstration at the end. My daughter shows more of her true colors in this video. I think she got more comfortable once she began to play with her pendulum.

I struggled with the upload this time around because Movie Maker (WMM) does not upload to YouTube very well. I had to save as an MP4 file and then upload which meant twice the upload time. I think the most fun I had was in the creation of the slides for the video. The teacher in me came out full-force. Now that I know how to do that I am sure I can create other videos in WMM much quicker than this time around. It also taught me the value of planning ahead when it comes to filming the video itself. That was a whole new ballgame for me!

Here are the two pendulums we completed in the video for those of you who would like a better image of them:




2 thoughts on “How to Make a Crystal Pendulum

  1. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    The pendulums are beautiful and the videos are great. I wanted to watch them yesterday but I was too ill.

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