Entering Another Section of the Equinox Portal: Clearing the Human Genetic Line

Whew! I feel I have made it to the “other side” of the hellish purging. Finally, some relief is to be had. However, I was given a glimpse in my dreams of what to expect in the coming weeks of June. June, in fact, is one hell of a month for those of us nearing the final stages of the embodiment journey. We are not done yet. Not by a long-shot!

If you do not follow my other blog, check out the video I posted yesterday for more information on what was happening over the last two weeks and what to expect in the first two weeks of June.

Dream Revelations

I spent all night walking in the shoes of my ancestors. I went back hundreds of years, visiting family members as far back as the 1600’s (maybe even further back than that). In the dream I was in a cemetery unearthing their graves, busting through the casings that covered the earth they were buried under, and reading their names and dates of life-death as I received information on their individual histories.

As I met one they would join me as I met with another. In the end I had a crowd of ancestors, all female, at my side. It was made clear that our combined history was much more than DNA, much more than blood, much more than these bodies we occupy incarnation after incarnation.

There is faint memory of an energy coursing through me as I experienced this. I am certain it was Kundalini energy, muted by lack of lucidity and the result of a request I made months ago to lessen my awareness of it. Even as I try to recall it, the memory seems to run away from me, hiding. I am okay with it as I understand it is necessary that I not get caught up in the crazy energy and my near-obsession with it.

Clearing Two “Genetic” Lines

When I awoke I recalled much more than just the dreams. In fact, the dreams themselves and the specifics of them were mostly tossed in recognition and understanding of the bigger picture they represented.

Our ancestral line consists of two branches: biological/genetic organism and spiritual Being. Though it may seem that we as spiritual beings would select a specific human genetic line to reincarnate in over and over, this is not the case. We often purposefully avoid staying within the same human genetic line. Some will reincarnate within the same family multiple times, but it is more likely that we will reincarnate within the same geographic area than within the same genetic line.

However, in contrast, we will reincarnate with our spiritual family almost exclusively. It is very rare that we experience close ties in our incarnations with someone who is not part of this family, extended or otherwise. Yes, we are all “related” but we have specific soul groups we associate with. I am told this association is along the lines of vibration and experience level. These others are our “family” and their vibration/experience is analogous to the “blood” ties we have with out human genetic family.

Currently, as we continue to peel away the layers of the False Self, we are exploring and clearing both the human genetic line of our current physical body as well as the spiritual one.


When we come into a physical body we negotiate a symbiotic relationship with it – the mutually beneficial kind. Believe it or not, the human genetic organism is a Being within itself, one with its own experiences and purpose separate from our own. It is very simplistic compared to us but nonetheless it is to be respected as any living organism on planet Earth.

In memories of relating to various bodies over lifetimes, I viewed the bodies I occupied much like I view a beloved pet. I loved each of them. I cared for them, their well-being, their health. I wanted to be with them and did not want them to die. I had a strong attachment to them. To experience the death of my body was like experiencing the death of part of myself. This is the very definition of a symbiotic relationship.

You may not believe this or maybe have never considered it. I was the same until I was shown/Remembered it. I have memory of negotiating with the body I currently inhabit. I approached it when it was still in the uterus, around the six month developmental mark. I was not alone, either. My Companion was with me, helping me and instructing me on how to go about connecting with this body. I recall having to be very gentle with it. I asked permission to be with it, though it was without words. It was more of an energetic exchange where I “touched” it and let it feel me out. It decided if we were to live together in this life, not me. I am grateful for its acceptance.

The relationship is symbiotic in that neither of us could survive without the other. The body needs a spiritual Being to survive. Without one it would come into the world and die quite quickly. The body without the spiritual Being is like an newborn infant. It only has instinct and its body is not developed enough to go about living on its own. Yes, the parents could feed it and provide for it, but without a Spiritual Being to pilot it, it would be devoid of a personality, awareness of self, and the many other attributes that make a human a human. It would, in essence, be a vegetable, maintaining infancy well into adulthood.

The same goes for us as the spiritual Beings who inhabit the body. We cannot experience the physical without a physical body. We offer the physical body continued care and maintenance. It offers us a lifetime of experience in the physical.


Clearing the Human Genetic Line

In June we will be clearing the human genetic line, the line of our current physical body all the way back to its origin point. That’s a lot of clearing. This is the realm of cellular memory. The lives we will review and clear have not, for the most part, been lived by us. As we clear these past human lives, and the memory of them contained in the cells of the body, we are working on a cellular level which includes the genetic level (DNA). The process results in a clean slate on which to build and restructure the human biological being we currently inhabit. Without this clearing the physical form would not be able to handle the immense amount of Light it will be holding in the near future.

The clearing of the human genetic line can easily be confused as clearing the “Collective”. It is not exactly that, but it fits in with this idea because the genetic line is extensive and branches out the farther from the origin point one gets.

So ultimately we are doing twice the clearing – our Spiritual line (our past lives to include multidimentional aspects) and the human genetic line of the physical body we occupy in this incarnation.

Why clear the human genetic line? That cellular memory, well it’s not always helpful. In fact, it usually is the opposite of helpful. If somewhere early in the genetic line there was a strong experience that led to death, that experience remains in cellular memory. These memories can be triggered by similar events and manifest in the present body. Not fun and very confusing for the Spiritual Being who inhabits the body. An example would be if the somewhere way back on the genetic line an ancestor died from drowning. Later on anxiety or other ailments could result when even a tiny part of that memory is triggered. The genetic organism wants to survive so it holds onto any experience that threatens its survival. So the memories are usually not pleasant, full of fear, and highly instinctive.

How will we experience this clearing? Don’t worry, if you have gotten this far you have done most of the work already, most of it without knowing. Some physical manifestations could present themselves but really there is nothing you need to do except be aware that this kind of clearing is occurring. Tuning into your Self and being aware and heart-centered will allow you to avoid being the effect of any unfortunate triggers that may arise.

Oh, and by the way, the spiritual clearing we have been doing, it continues right alongside the clearing of the genetic line. The work continues. More purging is to be expected.


11 thoughts on “Entering Another Section of the Equinox Portal: Clearing the Human Genetic Line

  1. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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  2. teleile says:

    I went through that, too, in 2005. It wasn’t easy, at times it felt like overload, but the good thing is, once it’s done, it’s done. And it works right down to cellular level, so you may even notice some physical changes in yourself when the process is completed.

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    • Dayna says:

      🙂 I wish I had done this in 2005 and been done with it. I will say I feel really good today. Hoping it sticks around, am liking it and the energy I have.


  3. herongrace says:

    Dayna I am sorry this is off topic but it relates to the Vesica Pisces messages you were getting recently. I have just watched on YouTube, HKTV channel Hidden Knowledge it is also on Facebook crop circles of the air..a recent May 22 arrival of an incredible Vesica Pisces crop circle in a field in Dorset England! In the intersection is what appears to me at least be a similar representation of ancient Goddess symbols, contained in an egg shaped auric field.
    Interestingly this creation is in close proximity to the obviously very! male Cerne Giant which is a very ancient ground carving.
    2 days ago I was given the name Cernunnos and the antler headed ancient Celtic god.
    The 1st crop circle of 2017 in the same area appears to be highlighting the upcoming August solar eclipse.
    Di you think your guidance might have something to say about this beautiful Vesica Pisces!

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    • Dayna says:

      Hmmm I recall seeing that crop circle right after I got the message. I just thought of it as a sync. I have been so distracted these past weeks that I have not had the energy to ask or even care what the meaning of certain messages is. I can ask but right now just in considering it I am getting that it is linked to the Stars/ETs and messages to the groundcrew about the coming changes. I am trying to not look to far in the future right now, though, as it is too distracting and alerts my Ego Child. I have enough issues with her as it is right now. lol

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  4. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    Thanks, great post. I think I have a lot of genetic clearing to do.

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  5. Wow Dayna you’re the 1st person to mirror almost word for word what I was shown in deep sitting meditation with my body way back in 1986 when I 1st arrived in Mt Shasta. I became aware of my body/friend being a living being in his own right with a very clear agenda as a mortal being. From that point onward I entered into an alliance with him as my “pet” and consumate guide in the ways of planet earth. I realized that my immortal soul had married to him “until death do us part” and conscious and loving relationship with him has been deepening ever since. Much confusion resolved when I realized that we are actually 2 seperate beings living in the same household! As you said the body’s intelligence is sensate and highly emotional just like the intelligence of a dog would be. Our “pets” have a visceral investment in our approval and will go to great lengths to please us. I’ve learned to have great affection and compassion for this body/friend of mine. ♡

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      It makes me smile to know you have this understanding for so few people do! It is quite an eye opener. Thank you for sharing your experience!


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