A Lesson on Choice

Lately I have come to receive guidance in the form of quick “downloads” unlike the downloads I have experienced in the past. They are super fast, seamlessly streaming information in the form of complete Knowingness that comes into my Being and then seems to have always been there. It is as if the download is not a download at all but more of an activation of cellular memory. The experience of it is hard to describe but one minute I am without memory and the next filled with it. Then I am left to process what I now Know, which is not always easy considering the information does not come in words.

What I am noticing with increasing frequency is that when these activations of memory occur they are received as instructions. Let me clarify – There is no one telling me I am to do anything. Quite the opposite. It is more of an urgency toward certain action that results. This is not a compulsion, either. I have felt compelled in the past, so I know that is not what the feeling is. It is more of a soul guidance, something that stems from the core of my very Being.

After yesterday’s messages I spent most of my day viewing a potential future path from the vantage point of the Observer. What is interesting to me is that although this future path has many unknowns, unknowns that would normally scare me, I felt no trepidation whatsoever. My viewpoint was and still is that I am willing to experience anything and so as such there is no fear, expectation, anticipation or otherwise connected to this potential future and all avenues it could take.

By the end of the day I was reminded that I am not without choice in the matter of my life and my future. Though I may have this soul guidance occurring, I can still choose. So, I announced that I preferred to keep things as they are, that I am happy with how they are and that I feel the choice outcomes would be more beneficial to all in the long-run. I fell asleep happy and quite content with my decision, too.



My dreams last night indicate that I was mulling over my decision. I had a long dream where I was searching for my car (life path), the Prius (current life path), and could not find it. Someone stole it (feel like the path is being taken away) and another car was being presented to me as mine (new direction). A black sports type car (the unknown). I was rejecting it and upset that my Prius was gone.

In another dream I went on a date with a portly young man still in high school. I was aware that I was way older than him but that they all believed I was 18. Their house was interesting. They had two sets of fences (barriers) inside their living area (family). The fence was partial and in the way. I also recall a part of the dream where I was taking 2-liter bottles of soda that were attached at the middle and cutting them in half (disconnecting from a part of myself). I then put cellophane over the one on the left and stuck it into a deep freeze (suppression). I never drank the one on the right.

Then there was a dream where I was at this farm house. There were tall, chain link fences around it (feeling fenced in) but I could get in and out at certain openings (only certain exits). I watched as the owner and his family harvested their crop – ginger (security and comfort). It was in rows (feeling reserved). The plant itself looked like tall grass (reliance, security). Cows (dependence and family) came after and ate the ginger. I remember wondering why they would let cows eat their crop like that.

Still yet in another dream I had driven to the beach (transition between spiritual/physical) and parked. I ended up in the water (emotion) and a wave came and washed me out toward a small waterfall (letting go). I went under the water where I saw clearly hundreds of small, starfish (decisions) shaped sponges (over dependency on others). They were pink and sparkled (attractive to me). When I touched them though they shocked me horribly (sudden awareness) and so I tried to avoid them. Someone was talking to me while I swam showing me where to go to avoid being shocked. When I made it to the surface there was a man waiting. I found that he had taken my white convertible (power) for a joy ride. He left all my stuff, though, even a large amount of cash (quest for love/power). He had a convertible of his own only it was black (unknown path). I remember climbing into it (making a choice) and asking why he didn’t take my stuff and being very firm with him about his decision to steal my car.


When I awoke I had an odd feeling that is hard to describe. I then saw a vision of a ticket, like to go to a show. The end tab was torn, so the ticket was “validated”. The ticket itself said, “Skyrocket” and had an image of a rocket taking off. When I saw it I knew the message was I was about to skyrocket. For some reason I did not see this as a positive message but as more of a fateful one. I knew that despite my deciding to stick with the life I have, to enjoy it and the security it offered, things were about to shift and the direction they would take me would propel me with great velocity.

It seems that the message is, “Yes you always have a choice but sometimes the choice is already made for you by your Self. In such cases the self has little or no say in the events that follow. The choice then is to resist or allow. So in this sense there is choice, though it may not seem so.

The message continued with:

This life experience is a joint effort between Self and self. The Self is the path-paver. The self then walks the paved path, partaking in what the path has to offer along the way. The self perceives as it chooses. It creates the weather, chooses the pit stops and the company it keeps. The Self then adjusts the path it is paving to accommodate the self’s choices because sometimes the self wanders in circles or ends up going backward. In such cases a “dead end” will be constructed and other detours created to get the self back on the desired path. In a sense, the self can seem to be blindfolded in that it does not always see the path it is on as it was paved. This is where perception comes into play. If the Self has good working control of the self, as it should, there will be no blindfold but a good sense of where the path is and how to follow it.

You might think that I would wake in a bad mood because of a message like this. It seems to be saying, “Sorry, but you really have no say in this matter. The path has been chosen and now you get to walk it.” In the past I may have argued this with great gusto, saying, “You wanna bet? I will show you!” Ha!

Now I am more like, “Okay. I understand. I see my options clearly. I can choose to avoid, resist, and complicate the path ahead. Or I can choose to allow and follow it to where it leads me. I know that I may not like what lies ahead. I know that the path is likely to take me through desolate territory, through rugged terrain and into uncharted territory. I also know that it will take me through fields of green, snow topped mountains and beautiful beaches. The good thing is that the path has been paved and so I don’t have to worry about it being there. I can trust that it is. This is a huge relief. I don’t have to figure it all out by myself. All I have to do is follow what is already there.”


One thought on “A Lesson on Choice

  1. Durinda says:

    This completely resonates. The last few weeks I have been dealing with an issue that I have not been sure what to do. A couple a weeks ago I was driving and passed a person walking. They turned around just as I was driving past and their t-shirt said just do it. Then on the way back home a passed a car on the side of the road and the license plate said JSTJUMP.

    I have made a choice and the unknown in front of me appears vast. I was told by my guidance to trust and surrender. I know it is triggering me on a deeper level. I also know it is asking me to step more deeply into my own personal power. There are days when this just can feel some what overwhelming.

    Thank you for sharing.

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