Messages: Ezekiel and Echelon

I awoke in tears again this morning from dreams that should not have brought on tears. I am at a loss. The feeling of grief is so strong and so real yet I have no idea where it is coming from. It is like I am purging someone else’s emotions and issues.

The dreams I had could be a part of the emotion but it is hard to say. Rather than go into detail about them I will say it appears that I was discussing specific issues on Earth. Specifically the issues I recall covering were education and politics. One conversation I had with someone was about children refusing to participate in the education system – refusing to go to school, refusing to do their lessons – outright rebellion of anything and everything related to the education mandate. This rebellion was widespread resulting in empty classrooms and an increase in petty crime and vandalism. A woman was asking me for my help and opinion on what to do about it. I said something that surprised me. I said,”Let them rebel. When we tie education to citizenship they will change their minds. The uneducated cannot participate or have a say in their own government.” Another dream was also about education and the struggle of teens in the education system. It was like an overview of why the teens began to rebel. They felt unsafe and unable to do anything about it.

Yet when I awoke it was not the dreams themselves that incited the emotion but instead a feeling that Earth was a total mess and could not be salvaged. A feeling that some major changes were on the horizon. Upheaval, destruction, war, plague, etc. Not all at once but it felt like something drastic had to be done as a “reset” and so it would be done because it was the only way.

I am not sure why I am being pummeled with this emotion, this intense grief. It is as if I am being briefed on the state of the planet, at least that is how it felt this morning. My own issues do not seem to be the source of what I am feeling right now.

I heard last night as I was drifting to sleep, “You do not have a past anymore. You have only a future.” And this morning, the messages that came through added to the mysteriousness of last night’s message. I heard, “Adzekiel”. This is a name I have heard before and I recognized it. Though I cannot find Adzekiel online as an angel, I know the name represents the angel Ezekiel, the angel of transformation. Adzekiel is also mentioned in this blog in February, 2016,

As I began to drift back to sleep I saw a birthday cake with candles and saw a 23. This reminded me of my husband’s birthday, May 23. He will be out of town that day, though. Why was I being shown this?

Of course this brought me out of the dream and into the in-between where I entered into a moving vision. In it I saw what appeared to be streamers of light traveling from space to Earth. Their source appeared to be a ship but it was on the edge of my vision and my focus was on the streamers of Light. When I saw them I thought, “Starseeds”. There were thousands of them. I thought, “I am one of them.” Then I was brought out of the in-between when I heard, “The Echelons are awaiting your arrival.”

This morning I was curious so Googled echelon as soon as I could. I stumbled upon this article: An Explanation of the Order of Melchizedek.  When I read the first few paragraphs and got to the part that said the first echelon is known as the “Clarion Call” I knew this article was meant for me to read. Too many syncs for me to dismiss it.

The entire first echelon is called the “Clarion Call” -the call to the heart. It bears witness to the large number of souls awakening at this time to bring forth the fruit of man’s potential. Levels one through six in this echelon are for those who “get” that there is something to this spiritual awakening process within them. These individuals have committed to looking further within themselves for more. Levels six through nine recognize the power of the clarion call and what it truly means. These neophytes commit themselves entirely in service to the clarion call for humanity. Levels nine through twelve know there is no turning back. These initiates completely dedicate their lives to fulfilling their potential of becoming “Godman” or an Ascended Master.

Not only have I received the message “Clarion Call” several times but I have also felt it and its power. I have also received the message about reaching a “point of no return” and been told many times, “There is no turning back.” Ha!

Echelon two is as they say “another ball of wax entirely”. The first three levels that are presently available to be initiated into are guaranteed to bring up all your survival issues. The first level is called The Gate. This initiation will bring up all your demons that your thoughts and emotions subconsciously create. The second level is called the Red Feather of Courage. To be initiated into this level you must have the courage and be willing to stand firm in service for God. Expect to be shunned, ignored, and ridiculed for your good deeds. The third level is called the Floor of Malkuth. Here you must symbolically be able to stand equally on the black tiles as the white. What this means is that the initiate must so profoundly master their thoughts and emotions, all levels of good and bad or evil become equalized and divine. Again, in this initiation you can expect all illusions of what you believe to be bad will manifest in your life to be re-qualified. To pass this level, you will need to see only good, at all times.

I am not sure I want to visit echelon two, especially the first level, “The Gate”. Would you? lol

Of course the echelons could be a group or fleet of ships as is one of the definitions – a formation of troops, ships, aircraft, or vehicles in parallel rows with the end of each row projecting further than the one in front. But who knows. I sometimes wish that these strange messages would be withheld from me.

Back to the angel Ezekiel. This is the second morning that the name came to mind when I awoke. I understand that I am in the midst of a powerful transformation and I can feel change approaching. I have also received messages to that extent, specifically angel number 53 most recently number 25. I even had a profound Knowing to expect major upheaval in my life soon; that all things related to my current identity will be dismantled one by one. Ouch!

To receive these messages and profound Knowing is not easy nor preferred. Like the article about Ezekiel says: “Change is at times an overwhelming concept. If you let go of something even if you are not happy with it, then what will happen? The unknown causes many people to become stuck, to freeze in place even though they do not like where they are. They would rather be unhappy than face the unknown.” These words describe me in a nutshell – frozen in place, choosing to stay the same rather than venture into the unknown.

No wonder I am waking up in grief all the time. Look at what I am being prepared for!



12 thoughts on “Messages: Ezekiel and Echelon

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  2. “They would rather be unhappy than face the unknown.” Yep, that sounds like me. The unknown, such a scary place. 😦

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  3. rios2995 says:

    Hello Dayna, I’ve received messages from Zadkiel and he represents the Violet Flame of transformation/transmutation…

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  4. rios2995 says:

    Yea maybe😀

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  5. teleile says:

    Dayna – the reason for the grief, which you correctly deduce is nothing to do with you, is that there’s an important meeting tonight, and beings are already gathering; many of us go there, though not everyone remembers.
    I am picking them up, too, in a sombre mood.
    You might well attend it tonight. Here’s a piece on it:-

    “The Ceremony of Wesak, Full
    Moon on 10th May

    “Every year on the full moon of
    May, the Initiates of the world
    gather in Agartha, physically or astrally. This year’s ceremony will take place on the night of 10 May. We will work together to
    join this ceremony, and I ask you
    to prepare yourself. We will
    connect to Agartha even before
    10th May…
    This post contains extracts from
    two lectures explaining the
    ceremony of Wesak.

    1 – “The Initiates attend a
    ceremony that takes place in a
    specific placein the Himalayas,
    in May, when the sun is still in
    Taurus, which is the most fertile
    and most prolific sign of the
    zodiac, and the moon in the sign
    of Scorpio.
    This place magnetically attracts
    during thefull moon of
    May. From all continents, the
    initiates travel there by their soul
    and spirit, to attend a grand
    ceremony that takes place in the
    presence of the great Masters of
    humanity … They come together
    to give rise to feelings and the
    purest and highest thoughts that
    they then spread around the
    2 – “Every year on the full moon
    of May, the Initiates of the world
    gather in Agartha, physically or
    We will work
    together to join this ceremony,
    and I ask you to prepare
    yourself. We will connect to
    Agartha even before the day of the meeting in May…
    We will fast for twenty-four
    hours, with prayers and
    meditations. Nothing more. But
    we will also be able to receive
    some extraordinary fragrances
    that the Initiates will send,
    because we will be linked to
    them. On the morning of the meeting in May, we will hold
    a longer silence than usual in the
    morning. During this silence,
    those of you who know how to
    orientate their thinking, will
    direct it to the place of the
    For those who cannot do such
    work, there will be no
    recommendation, they will not
    be told anything special. They
    can also direct their attention to
    Agartha, which will allow the
    ceremony to produce better
    To connect yourselves to
    Agartha,one thing is
    necessary: Harmony. And
    another one: you must have
    forgiven all your enemies. We
    cannot live this ceremony if we
    retain the slightest
    misunderstanding in our life.
    These beneficial conditions will
    allow our prayers to be
    answered. During the day and
    even during the night, we can
    leave our bodies and go to
    Agartha to attend the ceremony.
    Do your best. Prepare
    yourselves. It would be
    wonderful to take part in that
    You will adopt a positive attitude
    that allows you to link to the
    initiates, with the thought of
    receiving the blessing they will
    send to all the children of God.
    We could work together and
    recite using formulas that I
    know, but for this, anything that
    is not harmonious must be
    eliminated. Any disharmony can
    cause great trouble. Each of you
    can connect to the Wesak
    ceremony, either on your own or
    as part of a group, as you
    To be known to the spirits of the
    divine world, you have to be
    seen by them. What does the
    captain of a ship do when his
    ship is sinking? He sends a
    Mayday signal or a rocket flare,
    so that he can be rescued. If you
    do not send a luminous signal to
    the sky, who will know up above
    that you are sinking? In order to
    be seen, you have to cut
    through the darkness by
    projecting a powerful
    light. Thanks to a celestial love
    that has nothing to do with
    normal love, attract to yourself
    the attention of invisible spirits
    who watch over humanity.”

    Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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  6. herongrace says:

    Too many synchros indeed! I have been picking up “clarion call” last couple of days too. I love that phrase, so beautifully ,poetic!
    Been noticing and tracking 23 for a couple of years now. What I recently twigged re: meaning ties in with what you say here. Not your husband’s birthday but time approaching. Let’s say its message is of off world origins and yes starseeds definitely large component.
    Not being biblical at all, I have a sense that Ezekial communicated with non earthly beings. I feel that you are probably picking up that he is instrumental in this current process and that yes there is a big fleet around. I saw its coming a couple of years ago.
    Not to say that we will not go through initiations. What you wrote on this is very interesting.
    I feel that all the emotional/ physical purging you have been going through Dayna may also be transmuting energies that perhaps need clearing?

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  7. I relate! There’s a rather profound sense amongst many that a “defining event” is required to move the assemblage point of humanity to new more enlightened position. We’re witnessing the dark side of this phenomenon through religious fanatics attempting to provoke the return of the Messiah or the Mahdi to “save the world”. I’ve gone many rounds with this feeling myself.and finally realized that this topic is way above my pay grade. Lol What finally liberated me from this concern was being shown that there or many far more advanced than I am that have the greater good well in their capable hands and all that I needed to do was to give my full attention to the small part I was to play in the unfolding of the greater Mystery around me.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Eric. As always your truth resonates. I have been directed also to my own “small part” and in a sense I am relieved to be one of the little guys in this drama. 🙂


  8. I awoke thismorning to tiny sparkles (energy) in my room. When I asked if these were beings, I heard the sound/word echelon. This was what I searched and how i found your blog. These beings told me they have been around for a couple of years (those tingles I get everywhere) but need my consent to action stuff. Of course I consented and felt there energy permeate my body. Following I felt myself floating and experienced some very disturbing images that caused me to question my decision. However I saw large volumes of what looked like toxic sludge being poured out of me. Later I heard/felt them say that they were here to assist me. So happy to find other peeps out there with similar experiences. Meg

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    • Dayna says:

      Hi Meg, nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your similar message with me. I have yet to hear of anyone else hearing Echelon. I agree, it is always nice to find others with similar experiences!


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