Sick Again

My cold is still not completely gone and now I have some kind of awful stomach/intestinal virus. Maybe. Not sure what the hell it is or if it is even a virus. It feels like my stomach right below my ribs is getting kicked and it is nearly always aching. The pain arches upward toward my chest in a crescent shape and then hits my lower heart chakra. This started yesterday morning and has just gotten progressively worse pain-wise. My heart chakra even aches, which is really odd.

I’ve never had a stomach virus affect me this way. The closest I can recall is that I was sick way back in 2006 with a stomach virus that just made my tummy hurt and cramp all the time without any other symptoms. It lasted so long I went to the doctor, which is unheard of for me, and was told it was a virus that lasted up to two weeks and was told to take Mylanta which did absolutely nothing.

Whatever is going on I don’t think it is coincidence nor do I think my immune system is compromised or anything like that. I was told recently by my guidance that I needed to “rest” and I do rest, but probably not enough. I went to the gym even when I still felt pretty sick with the cold. I left early, though, and have taken it easy since then. Exercise makes me feel better usually so I opt to do it even when sick most of the time because it will lessen the symptoms temporarily giving me relief (cold symptoms especially). But this cramping stomach will definitely keep me inactive. Even walking to the park with my kids made it hurt more. 😦

Interestingly, the pain in my stomach was preceded by several mornings where eating breakfast was making me feel queasy. I ignored it, though, assuming it was my cold causing the queasiness.

Several others I know online are mentioning trouble in the same area that has been going on for a week. I also noticed others with the full-blown stomach flu. One friend asked me if it was a dietary change thing because those are the changes she is being asked to make. It reminded me of a message I received this morning. I heard “liquid diet” out of the blue. Yesterday I momentarily thought I needed to fix some things about my diet but ignored the message. Yet this morning I did opt for oatmeal over eggs and likely won’t eat much until this cramping crap passes.

So, I’m guessing this is just a warning to focus more on what I put into my stomach. I will likely get out my juicer and make more kitchari (Ayurvedic diet) and avoid meat. Sigh. I really like meat.

I am pretty tired of being sick by now as you can guess. These illnesses seem to put all my spiritual experiences on hold and have made dreamtime pretty boring because I am too tired to remember or care. This stomach trouble would not be so bad if I weren’t still coughing all the time and my nose was not still running incessantly. If this is chakra clearing then I must be clearing all of them except my root and crown!


2 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. herongrace says:

    I just read this today, but was wondering yesterday if I have a stomach “flu”. I have had gut issues all April and have remarked to others that there has been a lot of gut problems with people through April.
    I am blaming it on mutable square Saturn to Chiron wounding/ illness hammering people’s Virgo contacts i.e. gut issues.

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    • Dayna says:

      The intestinal bug I had was likely ascension related but the full-blow stomach flu which I had this week was purely viral. Yucky stuff. I blame Chrion now, too, though. Damn him! lol

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