Dream: Meeting a Friend

Had a very long, in-depth dream that seemed to span the entire night last night.

Dream: Meeting a Friend

The dream began with me meeting up with a friend from FB. He appeared younger than he does in his photos and in the dream I knew he was a teenager. He asked me “out” but it was not a date, it was more like an introduction to his life. He wanted to share some things with me. I agreed and we seemed transported to a house.

I felt to be up north somewhere and the area was very green with few trees. He introduced me to his mom and sister. There was also a dog, though I can’t recall what the dog looked like. I met his mom, who had light hair (blonde I think) and was very nice but left us alone most of the time we were there. I don’t recall seeing his sister but he spoke to me about her at length and showed me some of her old toys which were in excellent condition. These were toys from the 80’s and 90’s. I recall talking about My Little Pony and how much the toys are worth now as they are collectibles. I even held one of the ponies in my hand. This is the most vivid part of the dream.

There was a section of the dream where he was braiding hair and I was spraying on color in rainbows. It was odd because my friend had a very long mullet that he was braiding. Since both of us had blonde hair the color I sprayed on our hair appeared very bright.

He and I decided to venture into town and he drove me out of his neighborhood and into a town. I remember paying close attention to the roads we traveled as if I wanted to remember how to get back to his house. We parked the car in a parking area next to a highway overpass. I recall thinking he had the wrong idea about me and feeling a bit uncomfortable because we were in a car alone together.

The dream seems to blend in with my current life then, so I assume we were sharing info from our lives with one another. At one point I began to nod off as I was looking at my phone. When I “woke up” there was a group of people in the back seat of the car with us. I asked how long I had slept and he said he had slept too so he didn’t know.

There is a long section of the dream here that is hazy, probably because I was “dozing off” still. I remember getting out of the car and talking with the group of teens who had been in the back. We went inside a warehouse for a while and there was discussion of a rival gang who was threatening the teens.

The next thing I know I am with another man who I can’t see. I assume it is my Companion. He is asking me about my friend and wanted to know if I knew how to get back to his house. I told him I did and we drove the route back toward his house, only I took a wrong turn and we ended up by a large lake. I said, “This is wrong. There was no lake. We have to turn back.” So we turned around and I recall viewing the route we took from above, as if viewing a map. I remember saying the name of the street he lived on several times but I can’t recall it now. It was a four letter word, though. At one point we asked some people for directions and I recall seeing lots of water and avoiding falling into it.

I don’t remember ever getting back to my friend’s house. I ended up with a group of people standing over a grave. The grave was an elevated box filled with dirt. There was not enough dirt and we needed to finish filling it. I observed trash and other debris was in the grave and attempted to redistribute the dirt so that it was even. The mound in the center where the body was disturbed me and I remember thinking there was a smell but I never smelled anything. When I shoveled the dirt it looked a lot like compost and I could see heat radiating off of it. Eventually, though, the man in the grave sat up and began talking to us. He said he was hungry and tired of waiting. The man looked like my BIL and the trash in the grave began to look less like trash. I recall seeing several grilled cheese sandwiches and told him he should eat them.


I have no idea what to think of this dream sequence. I slept really good and almost didn’t write it except that most of the dream involved a FB friend which is very unusual. This is the second night in a row now that I have had an online friend in my dreams. I am not sure why this is happening as I have not set any intentions to meet up with anyone. I was not very lucid in this dream and am surprised I remembered so much of it.

My main focus is on the rainbow hair painting part and the My Little Pony (MLP) part. They seem interconnected. MLP always has rainbows in it. lol Ponies are symbolic of unexplored and underdeveloped power/potential. I loved the ponies as a child and have over 50 ponies from my childhood wrapped and stored in my home. So the ponies could represent a discussion about my childhood. Rainbows represent good fortune but can also symbolize the bridge between the physical and spiritual. It can also be a message to look at the positive side of things. Braiding hair represents determination. It could also indicate the braiding of the the spiritual and physical (embodiment).

My attention is also drawn to the map in my mind and all the time spent traveling roads. It could be there was a discussion about my life path and trying to find Home. The street name still eludes me but it was something like Ipal or Apal. Not sure. Maybe it represents “apple” which has to do with knowledge and wisdom like the apple in the Garden of Eden.

The grave section of the dream is also strange. Why was my BIL in the grave? lol Seeing a grave indicates there is an issue deep in my subconscious that needs to be put to rest. Since there is garbage in it, it could be the issue is particularly repulsive to me. Since I am trying to cover it with dirt, maybe I am trying to cover it up? My BIL could be a clue to the issue, but I have no idea. It was my BIL that just moved here from L.A. who popped out of the grave. He kind of looks like Paul Bunyan. lol Not sure on the sandwich either. It indicate lots of pressure is being put on me. My best guess is that the issue I am being asked to “put to rest” involves my family. The issue may be something I judge myself harshly for and feel is repulsive in some way so I try to bury it rather than confront it. I have no clue, though, what the issue might be.


2 thoughts on “Dream: Meeting a Friend

  1. herongrace says:

    FWIW personally I’m wondering if you are connecting up with your soul family, “rainbow” people via Facebook and on the astral. I feel you may have been 1 of the pioneers of the group and are helping to “wake up, connect up” younger members?
    Interesting, I’m wondering if the My Little Ponies may be triggers and indicators of that generation born around that time?
    i have no doubt that mass media advertising, popular songs etc often contain triggers to help awaken us.

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