More Preparation – Influence of the Four Directions 

This morning’s Kundalini experience. I’m researching the four directions and their link to the Kundalini and Hieros Gamos. Any input appreciated. Thanks for reading. 🙂

A Walk-In Life

I knew Easter day would result in another Kundalini experience, and I was not wrong. I fell asleep around 10pm. The last thing I heard was my Companion telling me, “See you soon”.

Sadly, most of the context of the experience is lost to me now. I must have been really tired so lucidity was low. What I do recall vividly is going through rooms with a woman who I considered my “best friend” and thus recognized her as my best friend from high school. I now know this was just my mind trying to make sense of an experience it could not fully understand. My “best friend” is, of course, my Companion. He has been slowly shifting his appearance for me as requested so I rarely see him in his typical brown hair, brown eyed form now days. Though he still does use it to mess with me (grrr!).

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