Portal Section Theme: Form Follows Function

We are three days into the second section of the Equinox portal that opened up on April 7th. So far, I have not noticed any significant differences from the first section except a smoothing out of the energies and a rise in Kundalini energy. The Kundalini fluctuations may or may not be a part of your individual experiences, however.

Much work continues in the dreamstate. Deeper, more prolong periods of slumber accompany this section of the portal. During waking hours there is more immersion in 3D life, more focus and enjoyment of those things which previously there was disinterest or no motivation toward.

As a theme for this section I am led to the principal of “form follows function”. This is a principal used in architecture but it also has applications in Biology. “Form follows function” means that “structures are formed in direct correlation to what they are meant to do.” All the work we have been doing, all the healing, purging, integration, acceleration and accommodation of new energies, it has all been to update and bring into alignment our “form”. Form here does not only refer to our biological form, this is also applicable, but also to our energetic structure. We have been making adjustment to our “form” so that we can fulfill our “function” here, whatever that function may be. Function = mission. We are now at the point where we can begin our work and fulfill our intended mission(s) here.

Not all of us are ready yet. Our form must be tweaked and calibrated, adjustments may still be needed before we are 100% ready to jump into action. Action here doesn’t necessarily mean we are to make drastic, overnight change.  Though some of us may feel a near compulsion to do so, it is not advised. Think of this time period as a trial run where we try out our new form, get use to it and make adjustments to our lives to accommodate it.

Thus, the focus on 3D life again. We can’t know the exact applications (and implications) of our new form without taking it for a test drive in 3D. Yes, we have had many similar periods of more focus on 3D life, but this one is different. There will be less resistance, less fear and less internal conflict this time. Less doesn’t mean “none”, though. It all depends on your individual progress and readiness.

For me, personally, I am surprising myself. This weekend I have been extra busy and focused on 3D life. The most out-of-character thing I did was spontaneously invite my BIL’s and their families over for BBQ. I did this without taking to my husband first. Usually he is the social one and does the invites with resistance from me. Similarly, I let my daughter’s friend sleepover and took them shopping, buying them matching shirts. All the while my husband was putting in a new sprinkler line (my idea) and there was mud and mess going through my kitchen and living area. Total chaos that didn’t trigger me like usual. Finally, I decided to stop worrying over a large debt my husband and I owe, announcing to him that I was fine with us just paying the interest over time and that I was not going to stress over it anymore. Ha!

It is the focus on 3D that will help us to notice that we have changed and for the better. It also helps us see where we have more work to do.



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