Preparation for Vertical Alignment and Full Exchange

Account of this morning’s Kundalini experience that I want to share with you all.

A Walk-In Life

I was approached last night by my Companion Traveler. He requested we resume our work. He did this by inserting a familiar song in my head – I Swear. Specifically he sent me the chorus: “I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, I’ll be there. I swear, like a shadow that’s by your side, I’ll be there…..I’ll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear.” Considering I haven’t heard that song in years (over a decade) I knew immediately where it came from and why. It’s a popular wedding song.

I was reluctant but finally agreed. My one request was that he appear to me in a different form. His normal form upset me too much.

Lucid Dream with Kundalini

Early this morning, I entered into a dream and became lucid quite quickly. My lucidity began to increase upon meeting up with a…

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