Repeating Message: Deceit and Protection

Another night of interrupted sleep. The K-index is in the red again, too.

Dream: Car to Poodle to Baby

I was in an unfamiliar house having a discussion with my mom about my sister. She had parked her car in the driveway. I was helping with a truck and the car began to move on its own. I mentioned it to my mom and she said it was broken but sometimes did that. I asked why she didn’t sell it for my sister to get her some money. My mom acted like this would be a terrible idea.

Then the car was a small, toy poodle. I knew it had been sleeping for years. It suddenly moved and walked into the house. I told my mom who was upset by this and asked me to get it. I found it curled up on the coffee table. It was making an awful noise so I said to it, “Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you some food?” I figured it must be hungry if it had been asleep for years.

I picked up a tray of black metal objects – pens, scissors, razor blades. I filled the tray with water and was about to add baby rice cereal. I saw the sharp objects and thought, “This is not safe for a baby!” I emptied the tray of its contents and left the water, then added the cereal. I presented the food to the poodle but it had turned into a baby.

Dream: Putting Away the Lawn Mower

Then, I was walking down a hallway in the house and ran into a woman with long, auburn hair. When I saw her I recognized her calling her by name I don’t recall now. I greeted her warmly and she said hello and then hugged me. I asked her how she had been and if she had a good holiday. It felt like I meant Christmas but I honestly had no idea what I was saying or why. She said she had. She walked away. I had no clue who she was but apparently some part of me did know.

Next, I heard a noise in the garage. I went to investigate . The same woman was holding a lawn mower and moving it into a corner. I asked her, “Do you need help?” She said, “No. I’m just putting this away.” I went over to her and watched her scoot the lawn mower up against the wall. I noticed the garage was nearly spotless with a painted grey floor that shined. Definitely not my garage! lol It was two-car with two separate doors. The lawn mower was being placed up against the small space between the doors.

The woman smiled at me and said, “So, have you decided what you will do?” I knew she was talking about “work” and in my mind it felt akin to a teaching job but another part of me knew it was not the same work. I said to her, “Yes, I have decided not to leave. I will wait.” She said, “If you are sure.” There was a feeling from her that this may not be the best decision. Yet I felt happy and carefree. She looked at me closely, then, staring into my eyes. She said, “You look good.” I saw through her eyes the view of my face. It was radiant, flawless and stunningly beautiful.

She wiped her hair out of her face and left smudges. I said to her, “Your face is dirty.” She said, “It is? I must have gotten grease on it from the lawn mower.” She wiped her face with her hand and put more black streaks on it. I reached up and wiped it clean noting that if she kept touching it her faced would stay dirty. She was taller than me and I felt very drawn to her. I said to her, “Why am I so attracted to you?” I was standing with my face only inches from hers, my body touching hers. It felt nice but I had no romantic intentions. She looked down at me, smiled warmly and said something I can’t fully recall but it had to do with the masculine energy and the work they (men) were doing being independent from the feminine right now.

Considerations and Symbolism

I woke with a start. I knew the message she had given me was important. Why? I’m not sure. I could still remember the woman, smell her, even feel her breath on me as we stood nose to nose. She was awesome! She felt powerful to me. She was also very beautiful, her long, auburn hair thick and picture perfect. I wanted to be like her. That was my attraction!

Our conversation puzzles me a bit. What decision? What “work”? My first thought is that when she asked me what I will do and I said I had decided to stay that she was asking me about my marriage. That still feels correct. The feeling from her that it may not be wise came with a Knowing that I am putting myself at risk somehow. But how? I’m not sure but there has been, for many months now, two dream messages/themes that keep repeating. It is that someone is being deceptive and/or deceitful and to protect myself. I am sure it will all be clear at some point.

The first part of the dream seems to be a discussion about my mom and sister and their situation. The car is broken, so something is unfinished. Since it moves on its own then it could be that I feel unable to control the situation. It turns into a poodle which symbolizes a snobbish attitude. I feel I am better than my sister. The baby symbolizes new beginnings. The food is nurturing. Since it is full of sharp objects, specifically a razor blade, it means things I said in the past are coming back to me. I am attempting to fix it.

I think the auburn haired woman is me. She has been on vacation which symbolizes healing and recuperation. Similarly, garages symbolize a period of inactivity and feeling directionless. It is nearly spotless, so maybe lots of cleaning up has occurred. That it is a two-car garage symbolizes that I am not the only one going through such a period. The mower is a message to keep my temper and anger under control. It is between the doors of the garage so perhaps the anger is between myself and the other person. Like in the dream, I need to put it (the anger) away. The fact that the other woman unknowingly keeps putting black marks on her face from the mower suggests that I unknowingly present myself to others as dirty or flawed in some way. When I see my true self, though, I am beautiful and flawless.


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