OBE: One With All

The last few nights I have been asking to go OOB but my sleep was too interrupted. My youngest kept waking me up saying, “My mouth hurts”. Turns out he has a massive third molar coming in! Poor little guy and on his 3rd birthday, too. 😦 This morning, though, I was able to sleep in and was blessed with a spectacular OBE.

OBE: One With All

I was traveling in a car listening to a conversation in which I was deeply immersed. It was about the Shift and my role in assisting with the ascension so you can see why I was so focused on what was being said. Unfortunately I only recall snippets of what I was told. Suddenly, I noticed the car was drifting off the road. I nudged my husband and said to him, “_______, you are falling asleep!” What is funny is that I called him by my sister’s name. He just looked at me like a zombie and I knew he would soon veer off the road and crash. I laughed out loud for using my sister’s name and looked ahead through the window. I felt my focus shift toward the conversation and knew I would leave my body. I decided I didn’t care if my husband crashed the car and let myself be pulled out the car window and toward the sounds of the voices I was listening to.

The disconnect was seamless and I found myself floating above a man standing next to a tee-pee like formation of wooden poles. He was laying metal sheets along the outside to make a circular pyramid-like structure that resembled the top of a space capsule. Around him were conical shaped tents (tee-pees?) sitting upon sandy, packed soil. Another man was standing nearby listening to the other man talk.

I was still feeling the dream-like feeling of sleep and knew I had to make the decision to stop focusing on what the man was saying, but I really, really wanted to hear what he was about to say. I recall him saying, “The purpose of disconnection is….” My curiosity was really strong but I resisted, setting the intention to move out of the scene. When I did, his voice faded and it was as if I peeled a section of the scene down like one would peel bark off a tree. Then I “stepped” through the opening.

On the other side I found myself inside my old bedroom at my mom’s house. I felt very energized and solid. A surge of child-like joy hit me and I began to float around, my vision clearing and then fading to black in a strobe-like pattern. Eventually my vision stabilized and I moved out of the bedroom. There was still a discussion that could be heard in the background but I knew it was between another version of myself and my Council. Whatever they were talking about would be inaccessible to me for the most part so I opted to enjoy the brief OOB vacation I had been granted.

My vision full-on, I moved toward the front door. There was a backpack hanging on it but I just took note of it and then opened the door. The brilliant sunlight and bright blue sky greeted me. I was super pleased to not be trapped inside the house and to be able to experience the vivid colors of astral daylight.

I flew out the window and floated motionless face up looking at the clouds and sky taking it all in. As I floated there I surrendered to the experience fully. When I did this I was swept up and seemed to swirl clockwise in a vortex of energy, up, up, up into the sky. I lost all sense of having body or form. My vision stayed full-on the entire time and I saw the clouds come closer and closer. I said aloud, “I am one with everything. I am one with all.”

I thought I would be swept up into space and beyond because my intention was to experience Oneness. To my surprise my vision remained full-on and I continued to see a cloud-filled sky. I blinked and when I opened my eyes again I was back in my bedroom on the ceiling looking down. I saw something glimmer as my vision turned on and I experienced a brief shock of surprise which made me giggle. Then I reached down and touched a smooth metal surface and grabbed hold. My vision turned on an I was holding what looked like a metal purse but in hindsight it was obviously a metal lock. I took the “purse” with me as I left the room and headed for the front door. I recall a brief dialogue with someone here about the purse and how heavy it was. I remember looking at it and it being bright red. I put it down when I realized it was actually a lock.

When I was standing at the front door I heard a familiar noise and waited expectantly, knowing my dog was coming. From around the corner my Australian Shepard, Trooper, came running toward me. He looked like he had in old age. His whining and grunting was familiar. He use to sound like that when he knew I was going to take him for a run.

I opened the door and he ran out and sniffed the ground like dogs do. I went up to him and greeted him, kneeling down and letting him lick and jump all over me. I petted him and hugged him close. Then he transformed into the younger version of himself right in front of my eyes. It was so nice to see him again!

There was a Knowing that wherever I was it was a place where all things I loved and cherished in this lifetime were accessible to me – past, present and future all in one. I knew my Trooper would always be there and always had been and he was just as real as he was in life. In fact, I knew it was the real him there with me at that moment, or at least his essence/Spirit, because he was a part of me. All of it was me.

I began to head up the driveway for a run, floating a few feet above the ground. I thought about grabbing for his leash and thought, “You don’t need a leash here. You never really needed a leash, did you?” It had been my own fear of losing him that necessitated the leash. Here, in this place, it was obvious to me that he was never lost to me and that my fear was unfounded. I recognized the fear had been real to me in life and saw its lesson. Had I trusted my heart and what I Knew then the fear would have fallen away and what I was experiencing here, in this place I found myself in, would have manifested in the physical.

I could hear Trooper running alongside me as I flew.  Looking ahead, I could see the blue sky and felt pure joy. Oh how I missed our runs together!

Unfortunately, I could feel the energy swirling around me as I was swept up and back into my body. My heart was pounding. I silently thanked my guidance for the gift.


The main messages of this experience came in the form of the purse/lock and the realization of the place I found myself in and its purpose for me.

The symbolism of the purse/lock is unmistakable. A purse represents one’s identity and sense of self. It was red which has to do with security and safety. Since the purse was a lock it was a message to me that my self-identity is my security. I cling to it and the familiarity and safety it provides. I hand it off when I feel how heavy and cumbersome it is indicating my willingness to let it go.

The realization about the place was more of a feeling/Knowing. It was so obvious in the experience. It was without time. A place of pure creation. My creation. I suppose it could be called my heaven because it provides me with what heaven would provide – a familiar, happy, care-free place filled with moments and memories I cherish from this lifetime. I am certain I have many more such places available to me, too. I know one is in the mountains and another in a city I have no memory of in this lifetime.

It reminds me of the movie The Five People You Meet in Heaven.



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