Message: Risk and Aliveness

This morning I awoke feeling discouraged. Unsure what exactly had occurred in my sleep, I sat down to document yet another dream but felt little motivation to do so. As I began to type a message came through from my guidance (Council). It surprised me and brought on emotion toward the end because I have been feeling distanced from them.

You may be feeling a bit lost right now, stuck in between the beginning of a new chapter in your life and the end of an old one. This transition is necessary and though you may feel not to be moving or making much progress, there is so much more occurring under the surface of this change than you realize. 

It is in moments such as these that allowance is your best friend. Accept that you are in this transition stage; that you are not yet ready to begin the next chapter despite feeling restless and wanting to do so this very moment. We would suggest to be patient, but we know how you despise that word for it has been used against you by those you love for their own purposes this entire lifetime. So rather than go in that direction, we ask that you use this time to reflect on your most recent past experiences so that you can better understand their impact upon your life and your progress through it. How did the experience surprise you? How did it disappoint you? What is it about the experience that causes you to return to it over and over in your mind? What are you looking for? 

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of an especially interesting adventure in this plane of existence. The mystery, the suspense, the drama of such experiences hold our attention much like a movie does for the viewer except that when one is immersed in such an experience it is more alluring and captivating. Even the less palatable portions of the experience entice one to continue to explore and participate. It is your very nature that causes you to delight in these experiences for this why you are here – to experience the very extremes of this plane of existence. So in knowing that, in recognizing this very truth, there should be no regret, no despair at the apparent loss of such experiences for they served their purpose and you took advantage when you could very well have turned away when the opportunity was presented. 

So celebrate your success in taking the plunge when so often you choose not to. In doing so you chose to live when so often you exchange living for the familiar and the safe. In security there is little growth. Growth comes from challenge; from tasting the extremes of existence. Growth does not result from sameness. Sameness results only in stagnation. 

As Spirit participating in this human game-experience the struggles are real. We do not question that nor disagree with your complaints, which are frequent and quite liberal we must add. We only ask that you step back occasionally and view your experiences as they are rather than from the human perspective which is your tendency. The human perspective is so limited. It sees only what fuels its underlying purpose: Serve self. S(s)elf-service is not bad for it is through the self (in contrast to the Self) that one experiences the extremes of this plane most profoundly.  If you could instead view this life from the perspective of Self, then you would understand with clarity what is derived from the experience. The complete picture is vastly different from the little picture of which is your primary focus. 

We understand and do not expect you to take on the perspective of the Self continuously. In fact, it would be impossible for you to do so without undermining the self completely and thus losing your humanity in the process. The point is not to toss away, destroy or utterly decimate the human self to the point of non-function. No. If you considered this to be the case you have fooled yourself and become disillusioned and drawn into the game to your own detriment. The self must be contained but not destroyed. Self and self are meant to work together, not separate but not inseparable. They are companions on this journey through life, assisting one another, giving each the other’s perspective so as to enhance the total experience. Each provides the other with a lens through which to see life – one in black and white, the other in full HD color. 

The FULL life experience is waiting for you. It always has been. The task now is to grab hold of it, live it fully without restraint. Life lived does not mean risk in the sense that you are risking your life, but it does take risk to step away from that which is comfortable. Risk here invites loss and often this side of risk is all that one sees. Loss and failure is in fact all that the self sees when it considers taking a risk. Yet risk also invites success, excitement, jubilation. This is what the Self sees – the possibilities and living innate in taking a risk. Risk places you in the middle of success and failure and offers no guarantees. It exposes the taker revealing their underlying vulnerability, an uncomfortable truth the self doesn’t want to see.

We are not implying that inviting risk into your life experience is an easy task. However, consider how you have experienced risk in your life thus far. Risk that is thrust upon you by life circumstance, seemingly not of your making and out of your control, is often the kind of risk encountered by the self. This is risk wearing the mask of no-responsibility. The self claims no-responsibility. It says, “I didn’t choose this. I had to do it. I was forced to do it.”

But what if risk was a fully conscious choice? How then might it be perceived? Add conscious choice to your risk taking and suddenly its personality transforms. Risk become adventure. Excitement. A game. It becomes Life. It brings A-Life – Aliveness.

We brought this message to you this morning because you have been struggling. Sameness bothers you. You rebel against it. You always have. Yet you find yourself immersed in sameness, trapped by it (your words). You try to convince yourself that sameness is good, that you can overcome it merely by accepting it fully as a permanent condition of this lifetime. But sameness doesn’t have to be permanent and you don’t have to accept it as your life. 

As always we invite you to consider what we have said without imposition. You have been gifted with free will. We only encourage you to use it. 





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