Tantrum-Throwing Portal Energies

Oh man, have you felt the swirling, shifting energies? It feels like somebody is stirring the pot. You know how when you let something sit long enough, all the dense material sinks to the bottom? And when you stir it then it comes back up? That’s what is going on now, and boy is it ever bringing out some Ego fits!

Yesterday I had a good day. Productive. These shifting energies don’t affect me like they use to. I sense the shift, I sense the Ego, but I have learned ways of channeling the energy. I create upon it or focus my attention in some way so as to move past the unsettling energy without incidents I will later regret. While I create, I transmute. It is a whole lot easier than allowing the Ego to take hold and throw its fits.

Yet mid-day I had an unfortunate run-in with these energies manifesting in those around me. It came from a comment someone directed at me on the internet. When I read it I literally felt the energy as it made impact. Dense, heavy, bottom-of-the-pot messy energy. It was slung toward me with force and when it impacted my heart I held my breath. Whoa!

I was in the middle of editing an image for my Oracle deck and had to stop. There was no way I was putting that kind of energy into one of my cards. I pulled away from the computer and took a walk to the other side of the house. I knew not to respond or react. To let it sit and feel through the energies that were slung at me. Interestingly, it was the Blue Avian card I was editing. Their message is the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do to you. 🙂

The impact of the negative onslaught did not last. It maybe took up 5 minutes of my day, or less. As it dissipated I recognized what was going on in the individual who threw that negativity at me. I became aware of her entire situation, her life patterns, her pain. And as I allowed myself to feel it, feel her, there was compassion. I held no resentment toward her because I understood why she was reacting the way she was. I have been there before. I can relate. So, sending love her way, I moved on with my day.

The Spring Equinox portal potential is intense because we are pulling off layers, stripping away the False Self. What does the False Self do in response? It throws tantrums, acts up, rears its ugly head. The best way to deal with it is to show it love and compassion but also be firm with it, much like you would be with a resistant child who just doesn’t know when to stop pushing your buttons. You can’t lose your temper. You can’t react. You just allow and eventually the tantrums stop. The False Self gives up and gives in. It’s hard to not react, though. Trust me, I wanted to tell that woman how it “really was” but then I knew better. Would she have listened to reason when in such a state? No.

If you think of the False Self as a child and you are a parent or have worked with children, then you already have the tools you need. Children are easily distracted and if you can get them to focus on something fun, something they enjoy or are curious about, then they quickly move past their upset. My three-year-old is a perfect example. He will throw a fit over losing the TV. If I ignored him, he goes on and on and nearly drives me insane. If I go to him and offer him an alternative, one that is positive and fun, then he stops and becomes interested. Then he is his happy, cooperative self. Similarly, the False Self will respond in kind.

So you need to know what makes you happy, what you enjoy and what brings you into a higher vibration. These things work wonders when the energies are like they are. If you feel your Ego/False Self growing unsettled then it is good time to throw yourself into something enjoyable.

How do you know your False Self is about to throw a fit? You feel unsettled. You may become fearful, confused, irritable, grumpy, quick to temper, and unmotivated. Mentally you may experience negative self-talk and doubts may creep in. For me the first sign is I feel unbalanced. It is energetic mostly at first and if I don’t respond and take immediate action against this feeling, then most if not all of the above results.

I also need to note here that if you have not taken care of your body (food, water, adequate rest) then you are more prone to falling into the False Self. Test it if you don’t believe me. It is the same with little children. Fits and tantrums are more prone to occur when they haven’t eaten or need to sleep.

Happy tantrum-throwing portal energies to everyone. You will make it. Be kind to yourself and others.





5 thoughts on “Tantrum-Throwing Portal Energies

  1. teleile says:

    Yesterday was a doozy, wasn’t it? I was wondering what was going on out there! :O
    I had a similar experience; not a comment, but a huge load of negative astral energy sent my way, it felt like trying valiantly to swim while somebody tries to drag you down to the bottom. It took real work to throw it off and rise above it!
    Good practice; though not enjoyable. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    Lots of unevolved Aries energy out there at the moment Dayna and Mercury just transitted Uranus = explosive communications!
    Interesting that swirling picture you chose as that it is similar to what we are being shown on our t.v. screens last 2 days as a large cyclone is nearing our Queensland coast!

    Liked by 1 person

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