A Collective Vote and Geomagnetic Extremes

Finding myself sleeping deeply and almost instantly forgetting my dreams upon waking again. I was reminded that we are still selecting timelines to embody the light, so the loss of my dreams doesn’t really upset me.

This morning the only memory I brought with me into wakefulness was of floating in front of what appeared to be a a large, glass window. I couldn’t see the top, bottom or sides of it, so I’m not sure if it was a window. However, there was something, a screen or pane of glass, separating me from the other side. On the other side were people of all ages and races. Some were pressed up against the window looking at me, but not in an attempt to escape, just out of curiosity. The memory interested me and I wondered who the people were and then knew they were different versions of me.

My guidance and I had a short conversation in the in-between. I was so tired that I had begun to just drift off into sleep when something they said caught my attention. I heard, “We are about to take a vote.” I laughed and said, “For President?” My own humor woke me up and I realized the timeline selection process, for me anyway, is drawing to an end. But I wondered, why would we vote on it? My guidance didn’t respond in words but the answer was that all of Earth’s inhabitants will be “splitting away” from a main timeline. Individually, we will still be able to access all timelines we occupy at any given time. The vote my guidance was referring to was for the collective.

Geomagnetic Extremes

Over the weekend and into this week I have been highly active to the point that I wonder how I didn’t just collapse on the floor from exhaustion at the end of the day. I blame the low geomagnetic activity for that burst of energy and the gamma rays that came in (three I believe) in that short time. I really, really felt good on Saturday and Sunday.

The K-Index began to creep back up yesterday and is still up today. It began to affect me last night. I started feeling strange mid-afternoon and got a headache last night prior to bed. Today I already feel more sluggish, with a slight headache and a bit of an upset stomach this morning.


When I think back to last year or even the year before I don’t recall geomagnetic activity such as what we have today causing me to feel really any different from other days. I didn’t pay attention to gamma ray bursts until sometime in 2015 and really they didn’t cause any consistent shifts of note. Yet for some reason this year I am extremely sensitive to both geomagnetic storms and gamma rays. My response has been fairly consistent, too. When the K-Index (above) is in the yellow and red I have physical symptoms such as headache, sluggishness, tiredness, minor and sometimes major stomach upset, and a general feeling that something isn’t right, like the energy is shifty. When the gamma rays come in I usually sense them as a rise in vibration, my energy increases and I have more vivid dreams and/or spiritual experiences.

A friend of mine asked me to present her with reliable, research based evidence that geomagnetic storms and gamma ray bursts affect human health. In my research (which was limited) I found consensus that gamma ray bursts have no effect on human health. In other words, there is no evidence that it causes what I and other have experienced – that energetic “high” and entrance into La-La Land (as I call it). However, I did find some information indicating that geomagnetic storms can cause health issues to manifest, especially in those who are already at risk or have health issues. Geomagnetic storms mainly affect the cardiovascular system, so anything relating to the heart and circulatory system. The number one side-effect of a strong geomagnetic storm is heart palpitations with an increase in heart attack and stroke. In this article it says that geomagnetic storms also affect the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus and adrenal system and these regulate pretty much all the body’s activities.

All in all, there was no consensus that geomagnetic storms have any effect on the human body. NOAA’s (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) Space Weather Prediction Center claims geomagnetic storms don’t cause physical or mental side-effects because the earth’s magnetic field protects us from geomagnetic storms and gamma rays.

Personally, I don’t think enough research has been done to definitively state one way or the other whether storms affect human health. However, in my own experience, space weather has significant impact on me. I have had heart palpitations that scared me and have been so zoned out that I did not know how I got from my home to a destination 40 minutes away (La-La Land). I have not checked to see if space weather changes coincided with my symptoms every time, but when I have checked there has always been some kind of fluctuation whether a gamma ray or CME (coronal mass ejection) or geomagnetic storm.

Throughout my spiritual journey my guidance has passed on messages relating to the earth’s axis shifting and this in turn resulting in a “shift” in the human axis (chakra system). Additionally, I have received information related to space weather (plasma and gamma rays specifically) and its effects on human DNA. Add this to my own personal physical and mental symptoms and I have no doubt space weather is connected to ascension and ascension-related symptoms.

If you want to know more about space weather and its effects on earth’s inhabitants, I high recommend the Suspicious Observers YouTube channel and website.



8 thoughts on “A Collective Vote and Geomagnetic Extremes

  1. […] via A Collective Vote and Geomagnetic Extremes — Living Life in Between […]

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  2. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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  3. GAF says:

    Interesting you speak of the HPA axis – hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals. I just did recently also (I know you’ve seen it yourself Dayna).

    With that in mind, one’s beliefs and thoughts will affect the HPA axis more than anything else.

    Space weather is all incoming light. How much is one affected by it? Depends on if and where they are in their process and how much they flow along with it.

    Right now, folks like yourself are doing HUGE energetic work, bringing in the acceleration energies for the collective. Major light anchoring.

    Dayna, before I woke up and well into my awakening, I couldn’t say that “space weather” affected me a whole lot. In my own ascension process it absolutely did and then later doing energetic service work for years for Gaia and the collective, yep, sure felt that too. The Divine will not allow me to be used for energy work anymore (since Sept. 2014) and it’s totally SSDD for me now. I see ya all getting dashed about and it’s just another boring day for me.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you for your work and for the bashing you went through for humanity. I don’t feel too bashed in right now, but wow did November and December sure do me in like never before! Whew! I prefer a headache and upset stomach to emotional torture. lol


      • GAF says:

        I obviously love ya all. 🙂 Yeah, that’s it, now I remember.

        Yes, pick your torture. Don’t worry, Life and the Divine won’t let you miss out on any of it. lol

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  4. I found suspicious observers last year and now watch daily. Both me and my spouse have noticed a DIRECT co-relation to solar activity, and health anomalies. The sense of needing to do things now, or that time is too slow/fast, depression/anxiety, existential crisis type feelings, “off” -ness, as well as head aches, energy levels, attentiveness, and so on.

    I’ll often notice the energies on my way to work, where I start my meditations to ground myself for the day. After work I watch suspicious observers, and note the co-relations of observed anomalies during the day, and checking the k-index of the times symptoms occurred.

    We have gamma bursts which are like downloading large zip files, followed by several days of rest/integration/UNPACKING of the zip files. Some do it faster, some slower depending on individual states of emotional/spiritual/karmic evolution.

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