OBE: City of Light

Happy Spring Equinox!! I didn’t get much sleep last night. For some reason I had a super active dreamstate early on in the night, which is unusual for me. The following dreams all occurred prior to 1am.

Dream: Raped in India

Very vivid dream about protesting sexual crimes against women in India. I was with a group of women protesters who were outraged after hearing the story from a young woman who had recently been married. It was not her husband that raped her, though, but a group of men. We (me and the group I was with) were ushering her to safety up flights of emergency stairs on the outside of a building. I don’t recall much else in this dream except a degraded feeling and tidbits of a conversation about how to handle and recover from a brutal sexual assault. There was also a feeling of hopelessness at overcoming some of the beliefs of society in relation to men and their “rights” over women’s bodies and lives.

Lucid to OBE: City of Light

I was a teacher standing outside with other teachers with our groups of students. It was some kind of drill and we were waiting to go back inside. I realized I was dreaming straight away and decided to go back inside to find my water bottle. So I thought myself there and popped up inside the teacher’s lounge. The principal stopped me to ask me what had happened and reassured me I was not in trouble. Apparently after I left the students dispersed before they were suppose to and it was the fault of one teacher in particular.

Losing interest, I chose to fly away from the scene, lifting into the air and following a path through a park that I seemed to know well. It was very green with a wide dirt path in the center. I flew over the path and saw a parked car with a man peeking out from the inside. I knew he had slept in his car that night. I saw a river and very tall poplar trees. Everything was very green.

I had memories of being in this park  that I was recalling as I flew over it. Most are lost to me now but I recall camping there and the memories made me smile. Yet I have no recollection of such a park in this lifetime. Perhaps it was from another lifetime or other astral travels?

Still flying I came to a very large, clean and white city. The first thing I noticed was this gigantic building that resembled billowing clouds. It had a spiral staircase and large, white pillars. In my memory the staircase twisted and turned to create what appeared to be a giant number 8. The building was so tall it seemed to descend from the sky itself. The white of the building seeming to sparkle with glitter like a jewel and it was surrounded by a golden hue.

In front of the building was a wide, shallow pool of water that ran from the building in a straight line and then cascaded in a small waterfall down to the city below. The river of water was surrounded on both sides with white rock and was most definitely man made. It reminded me of the national mall in Washington, D.C. but the water was crystal clear and breathtakingly beautiful.


National Mall

On either side of the water were tall trees bright with Spring foliage. It was a glorious sight to behold and I floated there over the water looking at the building that seemed to descend from the sky and felt joyful and free. It seemed to me that this place was meant to be populated, that I had been there before and it was bustling with life.  I said to my guidance, “Where are the people? I want to see people. Where is everyone?”  I turned and looked behind me scanning for signs of movement but saw nothing but a quiet city. There was a bridge just beyond where the water flowed into a small waterfall to continue on its way. To the left was a church with a steeple. I flew over to it and landed on top of the steeple.

I was very aware that I was on top of a church and I had a thought that I was visiting a city of angels, a city of Light. In fact, I felt surrounded by angels though I couldn’t see them. The place just felt angelic, as if saturated with Divine Light.

I floated up with the intent to land in the water and felt my light body being pulled up quickly. I said, “I don’t want to go up. I want to stay near the ground.” I grew heavy and landed in the water as I intended, walking through it and enjoying the feeling of the cool water on my bare feet.

Then I heard my daughter calling my name from outside of the OBE. I didn’t want to go, though, and resisted the pull back to my body. It was like this place, this city of Light, was beckoning me to stay there and I so wanted to, but my daughter’s voice was too powerful a pull for me and I slowly returned to the dream scene I had just left. Then I quickly shifted from there back into my body and woke up.


The first dream was likely a result of something I felt prior to bed and so I was exploring the feeling in dreamtime.

The first thing I notice about the OBE is that I want to put my feet in the water. That has been a theme coming up in my dreams lately. In one I was actually sitting with my bare feet in a shallow pan of water. I seem drawn to walk barefoot in water over and over and that is the main thing I did in this OBE, too. I suspect it has to do with cleansing, healing and purification. Considering I was in a city of Light and felt to be surrounded by angels, the healing and rejuvenation part makes sense. Since I am seeking out my water bottle prior to the OBE, which also represents rejuvenation and healing, then this conclusion seems accurate.

The church indicates I am feeling a need for spiritual nourishment, the steeple indicates I am holding onto hope for success. I am pleased that I chose to stay grounded rather than flying off rather than being fearful of the pull upward. I am also pleased that I was excitedly looking for others, almost longing for them. Usually I do not care if others are present in my OBEs or not.

It is interesting to me that I returned to the dream and then to my body before I woke up. I recall all the sensations of being OOB like normal, though.


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