Dream: Space Gremlin

I’ve been on board craft in my dreams quite a bit but purposefully haven’t been focusing on dream recall because the dreams are so muddled and weird. I am still sleeping very deeply and so it is hard to remember anything until the early morning hours anyway.

Well this morning I remembered one of my space craft dreams and will share it. Warning it is weird! But then that goes well with me. 🙂

Dream: Space Gremlin

The dream began with me assisting some women with carrying out supplies for a children’s party. The woman was surprised I told her I would help and she handed me this giant toy abacus that was the size of a baby gate. I walked with her toward her destination but was not sure where that was.

The next thing I know I am sitting in front of a control panel. I see several small screens indicating the date, time, location coordinates and other things. I was adjusting the time specifically but the panel was acting crazy and not doing what it was suppose to do. A woman came to assist me. I was trying to set the time to 4 o’clock but the dial wasn’t working and so the time would speed forward or backward and the minutes would never be right. I settled on 3:59 and let it go.

Then a man entered the space and I saw that I was actually inside a space craft. The space was small, like the size of a small RV. There was only a narrow isle in the middle to move about in and on both sides there was metallic looking shelving and then the instrument panel where I was, which was black and silver with tiny screens. The ceiling was domed and white, connected by paneling. the man had with him this metallic looking liquid that moved and seemed to have a life of its own. It was an organism that he had recently contained and at the moment I saw it I knew it was not really contained. The organism could easily get into small spaces and whatever space it occupied it would destroy. It was especially ruinous to circuitry and anything mechanical.

Somehow the critter had gotten loose and this was the reason for the malfunctioning of the gauges. The man seemed to have control of the situation so I continued to fiddle with the screen. After some time I was able to set the time at 3:53pm, a minute too fast. The woman and I were surprised it worked but then the man told us he had contained the creature. He told us he had captured it inside a metal cylinder and put it in a metallic box to keep it from wreaking havoc on the ship. He told us that since the panel was working that he thought we could take a look at it. He got out this large mechanical arm and used it to reach into a container deep within the side of the ship. He pulled out what looked like a giant, metal block about three feet square. It appeared the creature had made a cocoon. He set the block down and told another man, “Smash it open.” The man took a hammer and did as he was told. Surprising the block crumbled as if it were a shell of some sort, cracking open and revealing a creature whose back was turned to us. The creature was eggplant purple and curled up. We moved in closer to look at it and it turned around quickly, snarling. When I saw the creature I was shocked because it had two sets of eyes, one on its head and one in its mouth. What was even stranger is that it had a pair of what looked like white bunny ears coming out of its tooth-filled mouth. I didn’t know whether to be afraid or to laugh. I felt the energy of the creature to see if it meant us any harm and knew it couldn’t harm us, so then just looked at it curiously.

When I woke I was still shocked at the vividness of this dream! I drew a picture to give you an idea of what he looked like. He was no more than two feet tall and from the backside he looked like a cute, cuddly purple stuffed animal.


When I drew the picture my daughter was watching and she said, “It looks like someone is wearing a costume. See! There is a person inside of it!” I said, “Yeah, I can see that but what is with the bunny ears? Do you think the creature inside is vicious rabbit?” lol

Honestly, when I saw the creature the ears looked attached to the outside of the mouth right where the upper jaw and lower jaw met. They were the only part of the creature that was white. It was so real I am still wondering what kind of joke my guides were playing on me! Is this meant to be symbolic of something? I doubt I will be able to find a listing of “gremlin with bunny ears in his mouth” in a dream dictionary!

This is how crazy weird my dreams have been lately and why I have chosen not to focus on recall. Just too bizarre to bother.


I will attempt to interpret the parts I can.

The numbers all have meaning but the one I finally settle on – 3:53 – indicates changes are coming into my life because of the decisions I have made. It is a reminder to trust these decisions and the resulting changes even if the steps are not clear.

The abacus indicates outdated views on some matter. This coincides with me trying to set the time and it not cooperating. Spaceships are a journey into the Self and unknown aspects. The gremlin is symbolizes a problem I am not fully aware of. Perhaps it pertains to abundance,success or sexuality (rabbit)?










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