Selecting Timelines to Embody the Light

I’m going to try to put into words something that I was shown last night relating to timelines and embodying the Light. It may make absolutely no sense but then it was mostly images and impressions so translating those into words can be a challenge as you know.

I awoke at 11:11pm from a mass of dreams that seemed to pile one on top of the other. The last thing I recall of the dream sequence was of being inside a subway or train station of some sort. I saw a woman walking away from me. I said to her, “So you don’t want to?” She did not reply and kept walking. I shifted focus, moving on toward a point of light.

I woke up before I got to the light and there was a sudden Knowing of what I had been doing.  My guidance was also close and assisting. I heard, “Embodying the Light” and saw how this was done. It is related to what others are calling “jumping timelines” but that is not at all what is really happening. We are not “jumping” really, we are selecting timelines, organizing them according to vibration level/intention. This is done across all available timelines and is so vast it is beyond human comprehension.

What I am doing in dreamtime, what we are all doing right now, is rapidly analyzing all available timelines that we occupy. These are viewed, the lifetimes scanned for vibration and “level” reached. I say “level” but this is only because I cannot find any other word that fits what I saw/experienced. We as the surveyor of our own lifetimes/timelines are attempting to gather up and organize into groups all similar lifetimes/timelines. I saw millions of tiny lights slowly converge according to similar vibration/level. They seemed to move outward, like a tiny universe, growing larger until there only remained maybe a dozen large “suns” or balls of white light.

I remember how this analysis was done. I would “jump” to a timeline, converse with myself in it, and ask her/him if they were interested in living/experiencing life. This question was not meant to distinguish between whether the me in that timeline wanted to live or die. It was meant to test intention and vibration level. The answer would in turn always indicate their vibration or wavelength. The dream section I recalled was an answer I received from a particular me in a particular timeline. She said no, meaning her vibration and intention was not matching what I was looking for. It was like her purpose and mine were out of sync. That timeline was then automatically grouped with other similar timelines.

What does this have to do with embodying the Light? Honestly, it is hard to describe. It was a feeling that it was part of the preparation process. We have reached a point in our spiritual evolution where we can take the chaos and shape it into order. The timelines are scattered about haphazardly. We are “harvesting” them for a purpose. Harvesting those with similar vibrations and then aligning them all accordingly. From there it is an ordered line spiral from one extreme to the other. From this vantage point the “Light” can penetrate throughout all timelines. When complete we can occupy any of the final timeline groups and embody the Light in those experiences.

They key is the grouping according to vibration. Aligned vibrations or wavelengths create a uniform medium through which a single beam of Light can penetrate. Otherwise the Light would scatter, similar to light filtering through a drop of rain creating a rainbow. The Light has been scattered, this has been our experience up until now. A “rainbow” of experience. Not bad, just an experience. We are now focusing the Light, creating another kind of experience. What that will be like, I am unsure, but I see it as brilliant, white Light.

BTW, “Harvest” is the word I kept hearing. It kinda creeped me out but then it is what it is.

My dreams continued to be strange and confused through the night. I have some recollection of choosing “faces” like masks to wear. I also had impressions that didn’t make much sense to me at all. It was like I was moving so much that all was left were jumbled impressions of where I had been.

In all honestly, what we are doing, how it is stated – the wording, etc. – doesn’t matter. We are preparing to fully embody the Light, to streamline our own inner universe (because really all of this is taking place INSIDE us) so that we can focus the Light and put it to greater use. I see the rainbow of color that is the result of the chaos (3D experience or whatever you want to call it) as the chakras. The focusing of the Light into one color – White – is the alignment of those chakras (rainbow). When aligned the Light no longer scatters, the chakrs lose their color, and all that is left is the brilliant White Light of US – Source – God.

It’s really very beautiful if you don’t over analyze the words and focus on how it feels.


15 thoughts on “Selecting Timelines to Embody the Light

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

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  2. Zarah says:

    That is interesting … thank you Dayna for putting it into words! Just this morning I was told by one of my team that everyone is now making choices regarding the reality they want to be in, based on their vibration, and when they have chosen then everything is configured so that the people / beings that are in alignment get to be in the same reality. So this really confirms that info and adds a lot of detail that I didn’t get. 🙂

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  3. Iconoclast says:

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  4. herongrace says:

    Totally awesome Dayna, you are soooo spot on! From 4 mornings ago in a row I had 3 dreams where I was put in a position of having to make a moral choice. I was physically in a dangerous situation with “baddies” if I refused to go their way, yet each dream I chose “higher”. I was happy about this when I woke each time.
    I did a Voyager tarot reading the other day, last card “harvest”.
    I know where you are picking up “harvest” from as it is frequently mentioned in a channelled book I just finished a couple of days ago, which I had to spend time puzzling over.
    The book is a classic early esoteric channelled document. I gave it away, so can’t maybe get name exact. It’s called “The Law of one:Ra”?
    The channel was Carla Rueckert, forgotten other authors.
    It’s hard to read and it’s from a group that aren’t human, so they have trouble communicating clearly.
    But they discuss “harvest” at large intervals of time when souls have reached a certain level of vibration/ evolution.
    I’ve got no doubt of the synchronicity happening here around this word.

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    • Dayna says:

      Interesting! That word has been one that puzzles me time and time again because I’ve read that it is associated with a negative ET race that is harvesting humans like as food. Ick! But that was not the meaning here. I had more dreams last night indicating the selection of timelines continues.


      • GAF says:

        For quite a while “both sides”, if you will, have used the term “harvest”. We’re harvesting souls! No doubt about it.

        And yet, when it comes right down to it, the light, those working towards humans’ ascension truly are “harvesting” in a truer sense as ascension / Christhood is about growing to one’s potential, THEN harvesting.

        The dark is about keeping one down, trampled, kept from growing… to one’s potential.

        So glad to hear so many hearing and talking harvest.

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  5. herongrace says:

    This is another synchro around that..I’ve had that book for years but the last few days I was trying to finish it and I happened to watch a recent David Wilcock video a couple of days ago and he highlighted that exact book large on a screen and said that there was a blue avian connection..what?!!

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  6. GAF says:

    Millions of lightworkers with laser-like focus. Now we’re talking. 🙂

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  7. Durinda says:


    I have also received information with the word harvest. It feels as though things are coming together.

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  8. “What I am doing in dreamtime, what we are all doing right now, is rapidly analyzing all available timelines that we occupy. These are viewed, the lifetimes scanned for vibration and “level” reached.”

    Fascinating Dayna! Yes that book is “The Law of One”. Published in the 70s it was truly groundbreaking material. Definitely worth a read.

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