OBE: Blurry Tunnel of Light

I think I am already feeling the energy of the full moon. Had several lucid dreams and an OBE last night into this morning.

Woke at 11pm feeling off. My heart was not feeling right. It didn’t hurt but it was unsettled, like there was this energy tending toward anxiety but I wasn’t anxious. When I turned on my side, my heart would skip beats. This is familiar to me. My heart did that with every one of my pregnancies. Higher blood volume causes it and it is perfectly normal. But I’m not pregnant now. Why is my heart doing that when I am on my right side? Even when I was in other positions my chest felt odd. I had a bit of worry at this time that maybe I am following in my mother’s footsteps and developing arrhythmia. She had to go on medication and doctor’s suggested she have surgery because her’s got so bad she passed out a few times.

So I couldn’t return to sleep for a long while, waiting for my heart to feel normal again. For some reason I determined the cause of my heart issue was dehydration so I got up and drank a bunch of water. It solved the problem.

Dream: Stolen Luggage

I was in a foreign country with a bunch of traveling companions. We had stopped at an apartment and were in the parking lot. A friend saw someone she knew from years ago and went to reunite with them. It was an ex-boyfriend. They were both older and graying. There was another man who was there but he looked ill, like he had AIDS. I remember thinking I knew him but thought of him as a “she”.

Someone came and warned me that our stuff had been messed with. Inside the apartment I couldn’t find my bag. All our things had just been tossed into a corner. I was upset because without it I had nothing. I was especially upset because my identification and wedding ring were in it. I remember wishing I had been wearing my ring. Then I would have it to use as money if I needed it.

I went to use the bathroom and was interrupted by two black priests. I remember trying to go #2 and saying to them, “Do you mind?” They looked at me and went on with whatever they were doing. I don’t think they understood me.


Being in a foreign country represents change in my life. Since I am lost/stuck in it, then I am not ready for this change. I am seeing a friend reunited with an old lover but when I see the person I know he has AIDS, so is terminally ill. Not a good sign. My luggage is lost which means I feel I have lost my identity. Lost ID means the same thing. The lost wedding ring indicates unresolved issues with my marriage. The priests indicate I am looking for spiritual guidance. Since I am using the toilet in front of them I am likely trying to cleanse something I feel is dirty or unclean about myself.


I had awakened briefly and before returning to sleep received a vision. At first it was in the form of a letter. I saw it was written in Japanese and knew it was from a male who wanted to communicate with me. Who he was, I have no clue. When I saw it I immediately said, “I’m not interested in what you have to say.” The image vanished.

Then I saw a cell phone in front of my eyes, the screen clear and the face of a man began to form in the screen. I again cut it off sending a nasty energy toward whoever was sending it. I was not in the mood.

Then I saw very clearly a closed coffin preparing to be put into the ground. The scene was complete with sunny day, trees, and green grass.

Then the scene shifted again and I saw rain, but it was not normal rain. It was millions of tiny, rainbow crystals falling from the sky.

My interpretation of these visions is that I am going through a death process. The raining crystals is likely related to healing. Rain represents tears or crying and forgiveness and grace.

Lucid Dream: Spiritual Retreat

I was in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. She came into the room, waking me, to ask me if I was going to go with them that morning to the weekend retreat. I told her I wasn’t. She explained what kind of retreat it was and I saw images of it while she spoke. I told her I didn’t need to go and pray to some statue of a saint who spent her lifetime as a nurse taking care of people. My mom said it would help me focus on my heart. I told her I knew quite well how to do that. I got irritated with her and her with me. She left the room.

Then I heard a loud ring, like a doorbell. My step-father yelled he would get it but I got out of bed. I went to the computer and checked FB noticing the FB feed was all messed up. It was like a collage of everyone’s feed and it moved around the blue screen. I could hear people’s conversations and my sister’s was one I was focusing on. I tried to turn off the sound but the speaker was not working. I climbed under the desk and unplugged it but it still wouldn’t turn off. That’s when a newscast began to broadcast really loudly. I got upset I would wake someone and turned the monitor around thinking I could turn it off there. I finally figured out how to turn it down via the speaker.

Then I was in bed again and looking at the wall. A screen was sharing my sister’s FB feed. She was announcing that she had just bought an expensive water filter. I was yelling at the screen because she had just been evicted. Yet she spent $1000 on the machine. I yelled, “How can you be so stupid!?” My husband came in and asked me what was going on. I told him. I saw a yellow jacket wasp on the blanket and told him to kill it. He ignored me. It flew up and then landed again and I wanted it dead yet he still wouldn’t kill it. I prepared to kill it when it landed near his thumb, the stinger touching it. He was unafraid and didn’t move, almost willing it to sting him.

Then I became extremely lucid. I was in my own bed looking at a box standing in the corner of my room. It was black and had a picture I recognized on it. It was a Pandora Star machine! The machine helps induce OBEs. I saw it in action, the lights flashing. I heard someone say, “The lights will be noticed even after you go OOB.” I could see the outline of a man’s shadow standing at the foot of my bed.


I was almost fully lucid during this string of dreams. I think many of the symbols were reflections of things I had been thinking about the previous day. The sounds I heard were noises-off, indicating I was ready to exit my body. My guidance is obviously trying to encourage me to stay in my heart, to teach me, but I feel I don’t need teaching. My irritation at my sister also came through (she was evicted and makes dumb decisions when it comes to money which is why she was evicted). Wasps are negativity. My husband seems to be the source of this negativity. I want to kill it, but he seems to want to be its friend. The Pandora Star was obviously there to get me to go OOB. 🙂

chiron-the-wounded-healerOBE: Blurry Tunnel of Light

Immediately I knew I could exit my body. I sat up thinking, “I can do this!” There was no strange energy in my chest, no heaviness or sluggishness. It felt very real and I think that is why I was encouraging myself.

I stood up and went into the hallway. I could hear my family moving about and went toward a bedroom. My vision was on but extremely blurry, like how I use to see without my glasses before I had laser surgery to correct my vision. I saw in front of me a very, very long, golden lit hallway resembling a tunnel. I followed it despite only see blurry yellow and shadows. I said aloud, “I can see clearly now.” The song came to mind as I said it. My vision cleared instantly but still was not crystal clear. I saw my husband standing near the dresser putting socks on our youngest. I smiled and went toward him asking, “What are you doing?” He said, “You said you didn’t want to go.” I felt happy to see him but at the same time I felt repelled by him. This contradiction seemed to affect my OBE because as I went to hug him I was sucked backward down the tunnel and back into my body.

As I awoke, I heard someone say, “Chiron 3-4”. And then I heard, “Chiron the wounded healer “. I remember reading yesterday that this next full moon in Virgo (tomorrow, March 12) will be influenced by Chiron. I believe Chiron is in my chart.

I tried to go back OOB but just wasn’t feeling it. I had become to aware and awake and to try and go back would be difficult. There was a strange feeling with me as I got out of bed. It felt like I had no future and no past. I didn’t like it.

It was raining outside when I woke. So I guess the rest of the song from my OBE was not meant as a message – “It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day.” Not here. lol

The OBE was showing me my current situation that needs healing. The conflicted feelings I have for my husband need to be addressed. The fact that he tells me, “You didn’t want to go” suggests he is going to go without me; leave me behind. I cannot see the situation clearly, though, so there is more to uncover before it can be resolved.





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