March Through May – Let Go or Hang On?

There are currently 5 gamma ray bursts, some of significant size, heading toward Earth. 5 at a time is more than I’ve ever seen. This on the heels of almost continual geomagnetic storms where the K-Index shoots into the red zone (currently in the yellow zone) combines to make for quite an energy onslaught. Add to this Venus retrograde in Aries (later shifting into Pisces) and you may be feeling a bit on-again, off-again. One minute buzzing with energy and the next exhausted or just unmotivated. If you’ve been feeling it, hang on because this entire month is set to be a crazy ride and my guidance indicates it will continue into May.

For me the energy onslaught has had mixed results. I’ve been slightly bi-polar but nothing extreme, just kiddie rollercoaster stuff. My guidance is very quiet but not gone. Their messages are less vocal and more intuitive, sentences and visuals infrequent and tending to arise in dreamtime rather than during the day. I feel as if I’ve been let loose to test my new wings. Will I be able to fly or will I stay grounded in 3D? This is all part of the shift into 5D apparently. The rollercoastering is normal and will eventually stabilize. Where first I was on a major rollercoaster ride going from high bliss states down into near suicidal depression, I am now experiencing less intense shifts from one extreme to the other. Bliss has turned into a calm, happy acceptance and the depression is more of an irritable restlessness. Eventually (I am told) I will remain on a pretty even keel depending on what vibration I finally settle into.

If you’re family members have not been affected by the intense energies, noticing or commenting on the ascension energies in their own way, then they may not for some time. There is still a large group who have not chosen to accept the invitation and they may never accept it. I am told to expect many to exit this life and try again via a new body. This is a repeat from around 2014 when many were choosing to exit.

Many children, mostly those born in the early 2000’s, will begin to be affected by the energies right now. Emotional outbursts, minor (sometimes major) illness, and other setbacks may manifest. There are some who have already adjusted and may begin to express ideas and thoughts relating to spiritual and metaphysical subjects – dreams, spirit guides, imaginary friends, energy, empathy, questioning, etc. My daughter was born in 2008 and I have already noticed that her normally overly emotional tone has skyrocketed. She is also asking questions about dreams and telling me more of her dreams. She’s the only one of my children who saw Spirit as a child and told me about what she was seeing. She also had a whole group (5 or 6) of imaginary friends she played with, each with their own name and personality. I suspect she will eventually regain memory of some of this in the future.

Venus retrograde began to affect me almost a week before Venus actually went retrograde. My dreams introduced me to it via an entire dream sequence about me helping an ex-boyfriend move out of his apartment. So fitting of Venus retrograde! Since then, I have been on a journey of reflection and introspection not only in dreamtime but actively during my waking hours. Most of the reflection is on more recent relationships with family and partners. Thus far, I am finding this healing not uncomfortable but not pleasant either. There are some things I do not want to confront or deal with.

If you are currently in a relationship the Venus retrograde may ask you to inspect the relationship further. What are your motives? Is the relationship giving back what you are putting into it? Are you happy? Content? In Apathy? Where do you see the relationship going? How are the patterns of this relationship similar to other relationship patterns? Can you break certain unhealthy patterns? Add to this inspection the intense energies and you get a sometimes volatile combination. I suspect (though it hasn’t happened yet) that my emotions will begin to bubble up uncontrollably sometime in April and maybe into May. This may or may not be the same for others, I am not getting that specific information, but with my fiery tendencies (Leo after all) and Venus retrograde heading into Pisces in April, I may just say “enough is enough”. My goal is to try to keep my emotions under control – both the fires of anger and passion alike. πŸ™‚

How to mitigate these energies? The best you can! Everyone is a little different. I’ve found that my normal outlet – high intensity exercise – does not work for me right now. I run out of steam early on and end up exhausted, in low blood sugar mode or just feeling wrong. I am finding art, music, dance and other creative outlets working much better for me. Writing, meditation, yoga, long baths, silence, nature (especially soaking up the sun) are all helping much more than intense exercise. I actually didn’t do any sort of exercise for over a week and felt better for it. Yesterday I tried running for 20 minutes since lifting weights has not been working out and even running made me feel like death afterward. My body is protesting loudly saying, “Rest! You need to heal right now.”

Another little tidbit, a bit of future advice coming from my guidance, the next few months may bring about some abrupt changes for some who have been resisting change for a while. Work-related issues abound as do familial ones. I am reminded of my sister’s situation right now. She and her family were recently evicted from their home. She feels like her life is crumbling down around her. These kind of life hiccups will run rampant. They are meant as little wake-up calls to get you to notice patterns and habits that are not serving you.

The picture I chose for this post is purposeful. This time period is going to ask each of us, “What do you need to hang onto and what do you need to let go of?” If you hang onto those things that you shouldn’t then it will be just like the picture. Eventually you will be hanging onto a tiny thread and, ultimately, it will break.




12 thoughts on “March Through May – Let Go or Hang On?

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  2. This is so me right now.. Wiped out in energy.. and short bursts of feeling great.. I have been sleeping more, I knew these energies were affecting my physical body.. But my dreams too have been vivid I am always trying to save someone.. Water is prominent, floods, drownings.. many things which I feel the Earth will undergo, as these changes start to take affect..

    Thank you for this Dayna.. I have been resting more, blog visiting less. as I find too long with the Wifi on and my energies deplete even more..
    Thank you for the heads up regarding the solar flares..
    Hugs and Blessings

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  3. Trying to hang on to my hat, here! I knew something more was up than just the geomagnetic storms. What sites do you use to see the gamma ray bursts?

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  4. P.s. Thank you for sharing/posting!

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  5. Lee says:

    I just read your post and I was wondering if anyone who has perfect pitch and sings has been finding that when they do sing that go off key when they never used to? Because, that’s what’s been happening to me for about a year now. It’s really weird.

    Also, has anyone else’s taste buds been going wonky, mine have, sometimes when I put salt or other herbs and spices in my food and lots of it too it tastes like there’s no spice at all so I keep adding more and more and I still can never taste it, anyone else feeling this or is it just me?

    And yes I have been feeling these energies the same way as everyone else. Thanks for the post, it’s very interesting.


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    • Dayna says:

      Hi Lee! πŸ™‚ You’re welcome and thank you!

      I don’t have perfect pitch, so not sure on that but my taste buds have given me issues. I am super sensitive to sweet things especially and have aversions to certain things. Salmon most recently.


    • Zarah says:

      Hi Lee,

      my voice is still fine … recently I’ve been a bit hoarse sometimes, but that is all. Still right on pitch, thank God. πŸ˜‰ But a friend of mine has lost her taste and smell recently, so you’re not the only one. Maybe it’s just the recalibrating process … I have had really bad dream recall recently, when I always used to remember my dreams every night. I think it might be the brain being rewired to work in new ways, and we lose the way we were “used” to, so we can build new neural pathways. It’s probably best not to worry about it too much and go with the flow. πŸ™‚


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