Dreams: Ruined Christmas and Piranha in the Toilet

Lots of dream activity for me last night. My guides want me to take notice and aren’t giving up.

Dream: Ruined Christmas

I was in bed and couldn’t sleep. I could hear a movie or recording being played by my husband in another room. It was religious and loud and irritating. I went into his room and asked him several times to turn it down or off. I couldn’t sleep and had not slept for two days. I got so irritated at him because he purposefully wouldn’t turn it off. I went to my bed and cried and cried from the frustration of it.

Then I was being prompted to get out of bed and participate in preparation for the festivities. There was family everywhere, most my husband’s family and those he considered family but aren’t. I remember one of his friends who he considers family asking me, “Do you think you could help by cleaning the house?” I told her, “I am just too tired. I need to sleep.” She was disappointed but I didn’t care. I saw my family show up and leave to go Christmas shopping together. I didn’t go and didn’t want any presents. What would be the point of more stuff? Instead I kept searching for a quiet place to get some sleep.

I was confused then, wondering how I forgot it was Christmas day? Then I felt like it didn’t matter because it was just another day anyway. I wished it wasn’t so full of family and friends. I just wanted them to all go away. They were ruining it. I remember crying quite a bit at this time from being so tired and frustrated that I couldn’t get sleep for family being around.

I ended up in a hidden room. There was a man inside who opened the doors. I saw a long table inside and a hallway leading to a bathroom. I sat down at a table and closed my eyes to rest. The table was very long and I wondered why everyone was trying to set up the kitchen table when this one was already there? The room was cluttered, but who cared?

Moments later more of my husband’s family arrived. I opened my eyes feeling more rested and then opened up a box. Inside were house shoes. I took out a pair and put them on. They fit. My SIL was also putting on some slippers. She was pleased mine fit and asked me if I had gotten enough sleep. I said I was better.


I think this dream is asking me to confront some issues I am currently not wanting to deal with. One is my husband and our relationship. Another is family. Christmas symbolizes family togetherness, reunions, and celebrations. I am not feeling any of those things and want to avoid it all. In fact, I feel like my family ruins Christmas for me. I just want to sleep (avoid it all) and am extremely tired and frustrated. The slippers indicate I am feeling sluggish or insecure or that I am being lazy or may need to relax.

Dream: Renovated Garage and Piranha in the Toilet

I was at my mom’s house and she was having her garage renovated. I saw it and it enormous and completely cleaned out. I went into my old bedroom and noticed that there was water coming in through an electrical outlet. There were red furnishings nearby and so I moved them to safety. At the time I was going to take the trash out and had gone into the room thinking I could take the trash through the window as a shortcut. I changed my mind and went toward the front door but I never had the cans in my hands. They were just in my mind.

Then I was standing over a toilet looking inside. I saw it was full of clothing. Then a huge fish came out of the bottom and began to eat the clothes. I looked closer and realized it was a piranha. It shocked me and I thought it dangerous to have a piranha in the toilet. What would happen if someone sat down on the toilet? Would it eat their behind? lol One of my kids was with me and I asked him, “Hey, look what’s in the toilet!” The fish had retreated and so I had to lure him out. I found some folded laundry, picked up a shirt and put it in the water, jiggling it to get its attention. The fish came out and began to eat the shirt. I woke up just as I was about to jerk the shirt out with the fish attached.


I am in a period of idleness and inactivity (garage). The renovation of it indicates I am overcoming my judgement of this. Taking out trash is getting rid of old and negative behaviors/patterns. The water coming into the room indicates hidden emotion connected to trying to rid myself of these negative patterns. Red is anger. Toilets are a release of emotions. Finding a piranha in the toilet means something is eating me up inside but is at a subconscious level and trying to come through. It is eating clothing, so it is eating at my public self or how I am perceived by others. Maybe I am afraid of how others will view me if I deal with whatever is eating me up inside?


Dream: Too Many Raisins

This was a short dream where I was eating cereal and it was almost all raisins. I was freaking out because I didn’t want raisins in my cereal. I was pulling them out one by one but there were so many I felt I would never succeed in riding myself of them.


Cereal is the start of a new stage in my life –  New beginnings. Raisins represents negative forces that are working against me. There are too many and I am losing hope of riding myself of them.


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