OBE: Walking Backwards

Not surprised I astral projected this morning. I requested it prior bed. I am so blessed to be able to just request it and it happen.

Prior to the projection I had a dream and vision I want to recount first.

Dream: Family Restroom

I was sent to a new school against my wishes. I had forgotten my lunch in my rush to get to school. I was thinking about having to buy lunch. I felt in my pocket. My daughter had slipped half of a cookie sandwich into it.

I joined a group inside a room. They were practicing a music performance.  The class was preparing to go on stage. I saw the music sheets but it was scattered with musical notes popping off the page. Mostly I saw the flat sign. I remember hiding the fact that I was sneaking bits of the cookie.

I headed to the bathroom and when I returned the entire class was gone and a cleaning lady was inside. Wandering the unfamiliar halls, the principal asked me where I was going. I told her I was lost and suppose to be performing. She told me to follow a girl who was with another group who was also to perform but they were to recite lines of a poem. I lingered there and was asked why I was there. I told the teacher I was told to go there.

I followed the girl and ended up in the lunchroom sitting next to a high school boy who was a junior or senior. I was distinctly aware I was only 10, even seeing myself with this realization. I had blonde hair and was a bit chubby. The boy was dark blonde with thick, unruly hair. The boy took a liking to me. He was one who did not follow the rules. We got along well and he said to me, “I need to keep you around.” He made me feel special. There was a sense that I fit in with people like him, not with everyone else who followed the rules without question. The boy was not bad, he just pushed limits and questioned authority when something didn’t make sense to him. I was the same. I liked myself for being that way.

Then I was walking with the same girl trying to get back to class. I knew the school was four stories high with four sections on either side of us. She asked me, “Where is the family restroom?” I pointed to it. There was a sign on the door of an entire family walking behind a person in a wheelchair. I said, “I guess everyone goes in there together.” I laughed about it and the image of the blue sign with the family on it is the last I recall of the dream.


I woke at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I fell into the in-between at once point and saw an image of a pig in a tutu dancing. When I woke I heard the word “swine” and recalled others dreams I have had with pigs in them. I knew it was a message.


My thoughts on the dream are that I was being schooled in my present life situation and what I am to do right now – focus on family. I am against this and feel a bit lost. The number 4 dominates. The pig vision could refer to selfishness, opulence of a situation where I think one thing is true but it is not.

OBE: Walking Backwards

Something clued me in to the fact that I could detach from my body. I took the opportunity and sat up OOB. I felt odd as I stood up. My blankets were stuck to my feet and I was not in my bedroom but somewhere else. I could see the front door from my bed. It was very close. As I walked toward the door, I was talking aloud to myself the entire time. I said,”I need some clarity please.” I had assumed the strange feeling I had was because I needed more energy, yet I could see very clearly and vividly and all my perceptions seemed in tact. The closer I got to the door the more the feeling bothered me and the more I talked. I realized now I was talking to one of my guides because I felt the answers coming back to me. The reply I kept getting was, “Healing.”

When I got to the door I could see out the window. The window was very distinct with four panels. When I walked outside and down a step I could feel the cool night air hit me. It was chilly. Out across from me I could see the street lights of an unfamiliar neighborhood. The strange feeling was still bothering me, though, and I ended up coming back into my body.

I lingered for a bit in body and received a vision of a man wearing what looked like a green, glittery alien suit. There was a bright colored symbol on his forehead right where his third-eye would have been. He was short, too, like kid sized. Was he an alien or was my guide being funny? I had no fear, just curiosity. I am not even sure it was a suit….

As I caught the vision I heard, “Healing.” I knew my visitor was helping me with healing.

As I left my body again I announced my agreement to receive healing. I once again sat up OOB talking the whole time. I was in the same bedroom. This time I pulled the blankets off me before I got up. The strange feeling was still with me. Again I could see very clearly the front door as light came through from outside. I headed directly for it and as I got closer it disappeared and I floated outside. The strange feeling was really strong and I heard again, “Healing.” I walked toward the street, looking to my left. I saw the bright white outline of clouds and a brilliant light. It looked beautiful, like a sunrise in Heaven, but I shifted my focus to my right. There was a sense of, “Don’t look!.” Instead I focused my attention down toward the greenery at my feet. It was like clover or some similar plant and was cool to the touch. I knelt down and put my hands in it and said aloud, “This is healing. I am healing.” There was a sense of peace in doing this. Even with my eyes closed I could see the entire scene in which I found myself. The night sky and green grass dominated.

Looking up at the white of the street curb I became curious. Where was I? I could see houses but then it completely changed to a city street. There were tall buildings and cobblestone streets. I walked into the streets and looked down them. The buildings went on forever and it looked like an ally. I began to head down the street, saying aloud that I wanted to fly and trying to lift myself up into the air. The voice said, “You can’t.” I felt magnetically pulled down, noticing the strange feeling was stronger than ever.

I turned around, my back facing the city. I was still talking aloud and saying something like, “I want to see what’s behind me.” I began to feel myself pulled into the city. It was like a suction cup energy and I was floating backwards. I couldn’t see where I was going, only where I had been.

I came back into my body quickly and my heart was pounding furiously. Within seconds the alarm clock went off.


The feeling still bothers me. What was it? It is hard to describe. It felt sorta like I couldn’t breathe, like something was sitting on my chest but it was purely energetic. It caused me to think my energy was low, but that obviously was not the case because the OBE was clear and solid. My best guess is that I was sensing the healing occurring at the physical level somehow.

The OBE indicates that I am not wanting to look forward, or not needing to at this time. I am in a period of intense healing, which is made clear to me over and over. I think the white light and clouds could be indicative of going Home, or my draw to leave this body and life behind me. Thus, me being told not to look.



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