Documenting Dreams

I’ve been sleeping deeply again and struggling to recall dreams. It is not as difficult as it was just a couple of weeks ago, though.

Dream: Dissertation 

In this dream I was with one man most of the dream. We were classmates at the doctorate level. He had just completed his dissertation and handed me a very thick manuscript. It was ridiculously thick and heavy, with pages numbering in the thousands at least. I commented that I could not believe how long it was and joked about how it must not have all come from him. He got serious and said, “It is everything I’ve learned.” With his comment I got a flash of lifetimes upon lifetimes upon lifetimes. It was so fast that I cannot recall specific lifetimes but I understood that much work had gone into his compilation and I revered him for it.

Throughout this dream we were walking through various doors into rooms that looked like very expensive and ancient libraries with wall-to-wall shelves filled with books.


This actually felt like I was hanging out with a friend and we were comparing notes on our spiritual progress through this classroom called Life.

Dream: Selecting a Crystal

This dream is hard to recall but I spent much of it going through crystals in order to pick the right one for me. The last one I remember and the one I finally chose was a rainbow colored crystal about the size of my hand and in the shape of a thick wand with a jagged tip.


This dream felt like my guidance was helping me with healing, urging me to participate in this healing.

Dream: Gathering

Most of this dream was in a kitchen that was brightly lit. We were preparing dinner for a group. I remember mostly that someone had made deviled eggs but when I took a bite I realized the egg portion was actually a boiled potato with the skin still on. It was way too big to be an egg, too, as it was the size of a potato. It had a small hole dug out where the filling was placed, just like a deviled egg.

There was a man who was at the gathering who spoke with a thick accent and kept staring at me. I knew him but wasn’t sure how. I also knew he was interested in me as I could feel his intentions. Interested just meaning he was curious and observant but there was also a romantic undertone with this interest. I noticed his eyes following me as I moved about. We had picked him up from the streets. He had been homeless and wandering wearing only a thick coat. He came with us to the gathering and ate with us. One of the women in my group told me, “_____ is interested in you. He is telling everyone, too.” She looked over her should at him and I saw that he was sitting across the room talking to a woman and kept glancing in my direction. I cannot recall the name of this man but I remember what he looks like and it is very similar to a person I know online.

Once we were finished with dinner, everyone went home. I traveled with some of my group to a shop that sold food. It was very European looking with a glass store front and very small. There was a woman standing behind the counter cooking a very large zucchini squash. It was being roasted like a hot dog on a skewer and the woman kept basting it with a reddish colored liquid.


I am still healing (kitchen) and so is a large number of my group. I want to focus on starting anew and it may be something I consider to go against the grain or be judged badly by others (deviled egg). I am being lazy (potato) about this start, though. There is someone I do not know well (foreign man) who has interest in me. This feels similar to other dreams where I am cautioned that there may be someone who is deceiving me. Maybe this is the man? Maybe he is getting to others like in the dream? At the end I am likely discussing the future and the abundance or fertility that awaits me (squash) if I stop being lazy.

Dream: Water Park Without Water

Again I was with a group and we were contemplating going on a slide in a water park. I remember having a discussion with someone about it and getting a feeling that they were not in agreement. Then I watched a dark haired woman picking up jewelry from the ground. She eventually was the first to go into the water park and walk backwards up one of the slides. There was no water on the slide and so you could walk the slides easily. I followed her up one.


There is a discussion going on about my self-worth (jewelry). I am picking up jewelry, so trying to regain my self-worth. There was too much emotion (waterslide) but it is drying up (no water). Going up the waterslide means I am taking back control because to go down a slide is to lose control.


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