Lucid Dream: Visit to My First Home

I was sick all day yesterday with a head cold (sore throat, congestion, stuffy nose) and did not get much sleep the night before because of a flare up of IBS brought on by eating salmon. The day seemed like it stretched on and on with no ending. I was dead tired but couldn’t sleep so the slow-motion of the day was difficult to bear. My youngest never took a nap, either. Seems like when I need a nap, he doesn’t. lol My husband is in Florida for a week so it is just me and the kiddos. Thankfully all three of my children went to bed without issue.

I slept very deeply and woke around 5:00am wide awake. I turned on my fan to block out street noise and create a kind of white noise effect which helps me to sleep when I wake too early. It did it’s job.

Lucid Dream: Visit to My First Home

I had been in a dream where I was laying on the ground with a blanket along with many others. It felt like we were watching the stars together but also like we were all in a “class” and waiting to head off on our separate journeys. I don’t recall anything spectacular in the sky. I was too distracted by a black man who came to assist me with my chakras and healing. What I recall most was him asking to help. He kissed me and his lips seemed fluffy, like clouds and I told him about it because it surprised me. Then my chakras began to flare up starting at the root, but it was too distracting and I disengaged from him. It was time to go, then, and people began to leave, picking up their blankets and going off in different directions. I did the same.

Then I was standing and looking at a tropical plant that was in a raised flower bed. It was not doing well, though. There were bulbs planted around it on four sides and they were sprouting all around it. It indicated it was Spring and I wondered what kind of flowers they were. Then I had a thought, “Everything mom tries to grow, dies.” It’s a family joke. My mom always said (still says) she had a brown thumb.

All of a sudden I realized where I was. It was my first childhood home, the home I lived in until I was 9 years old. I was standing on the patio adjacent to the living room. I was delighted! Immediately, I turned and scanned the yard to see what it looked like and what time period I was visiting. It was well manicured, chain link fence still up, swing set and tree house missing except for a tiny little fence. What I saw indicated that I was likely visiting it after we moved and the new owners came in and removed the tree house and swing set

I walked the sidewalk around the side of the house and to the pool area. To my surprise, the pool was still there. Hadn’t the new owners filled it in? I went through the fence gate and surveyed the area. There was no pool furniture and the pebble concrete patio was overgrown with weeds. The wading pool was still there. I took a closer look at it, remembering the lobster-sized crawdad I found and kept in there and all the times we use to splash water from the pool into it just because we could.

The swimming pool itself was a beautiful crystal blue color like it was being kept up by someone. I laughed inwardly because my mom was always struggling to keep it blue and it usually had a green tinge to it even when in top condition. She would be excited to see it looking so perfect. It looked just like I remembered, the sides smooth and round and the slide and diving board right where they should be.

I decided to jump into the shallow end. When I landed I didn’t go under like I expected. I forgot the last time I swam in the pool I was 9. Being full grown, the water came up to my chest and I could stand without issue. I could feel the coolness of the water and delighted in it. I didn’t linger, though, but walked up the steps and out, flinging water purposefully like I use to do as a child.

Still exploring, I noticed the pool equipment was still there as was the wood privacy fence. As I headed toward the diving board I noticed a tiny, brown poodle waddling around by the side of the pool. I saw her and knelt down, recognizing her immediately as one of the poodles we had when we lived there. In fact, she and the two other poodles lived long lives that stretched past our departure date.

I spoke to her saying, “Are you Sut-Sue or Bo-Jo (short for Mr. Bojangles)?” I couldn’t figure out which poodle she was yet she was brown and round like Sut-Sue was. I petted her for a while, smiling from ear-to-ear and thinking how I needed to tell my mom everything as soon as I could. Again I said aloud, “Are you Sut-Sue or Bo-Jo?” It was like I was trying to remember the third poodle, and my favorite, but couldn’t.

Something from outside the dream environment caught my attention then and I woke up hearing my alarm going off. I smiled and then began to cry tears of remembrance.


I had such a happy childhood growing up in that house. After we moved it was like my world fell apart. I missed that house/time all the way into my late teens. When I finally visited there at the age of 19, after my father’s death, it was nothing like I remembered and I was able to put that time in my life behind me. Obviously, though, I still consider that time in my life one of the happiest.

I realize now that I might have been visiting the house at an earlier time than I thought. My earliest memories of Sut-Sue were as old and blind with gray hair and barely able to move. In this lucid experience she was brown and much younger. The missing swing set and tree house would also fit for an earlier time period. The tree house was built by my dad for my older sister and the swing set was much later than that. Yet the pool was built when my mom was pregnant with me. Maybe I was visiting that same year? Or it could be that I was in an alternate reality, one of my own creation. The latter is most likely but then who knows.


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