Nightmare: Attacked by a Dustpan

Laughing at the post title? LOL Well, it’s true.

The last two nights I have not slept well – up like every hour or so. Fitful sleep. I blame it on the temperatures. Today it will be in the 80’s here in Texas. In February. BIG eyeroll.

Dream: Attacked by a Dustpan

In the dream I was in an unfamiliar house walking around a living area. There were others with me and the discussion was about me retrieving a photo album from a armoire. The house and everything in it was owned by an old woman. She had recently died.

As I was walking over to the armoire, someone mentioned they thought the house was haunted. I was feeling uneasy and looking around to make sure nothing was off as I went to get the album. I heard voices whispering to me, “It’s haunted. It’s haunted. She’s gonna be mad.”

As I opened the armoire I suddenly knew the old woman did not want me to touch her stuff. She wanted it all left alone. It was as if she was yelling, “Leave it alone!” I touched the photo album and suddenly was overcome with terror. I began to scream at the top of my lungs and as I looked up there was this white dustpan floating above my head. It began to come down as if to hit me on the head. I put my arms up to protect myself, still screaming.


When I woke up I could still see the dustpan from the dream. I was not scared, though, but a bit shaken up. I don’t have nightmares very often and this one, well it is the craziest nightmare I’ve ever had. lol

My interpretation of this dream stems from another experience I had a couple of nights ago. I didn’t write about it because I didn’t know what to make of it. I have had some sudden memories just come into my mind out of seemingly nowhere. They aren’t dreams, they are actual memories. Memories of things I did or experienced. When? Where? I don’t know.

One such memory came on suddenly and left me feeling quite a bit like this dream did. I almost became terrified, but stopped myself, falling into my heart space. Unfortunately, my heart space effectively blocked most of the memory so that all I am left with now are fleeting images and feelings.

The memory I have is of me looking directly at myself. An exact duplicate of me. When I saw her/me I Knew she was going to kill me, or at least that is how it felt. Thus, the fear reaction. She was smiling at me and only slightly different from me in appearance. Her hair was longer and she seemed much younger. There was absolute certainty that my life was ending and it would be because of her. That is all I can recover of the memory/experience, though.

There was also a sensation of losing my mind that accompanied this memory. I felt like I was on the verge of a psychotic break of massive proportions. This is what ultimately caused me to run to my heart space. It was very unsettling and I still cannot understand its cause or meaning.

Maybe I have an evil twin in another dimension somewhere? lol 🙂

So, I think this dream is about this other me. The old woman is the “old” me. She “died” and does not want me to retrieve her memories and her past (the photo album). I am in her house (body) and she wants me to leave. So she is haunting me (repressed memories/emotions/etc). I could not find the meaning of dustpan in but I found the symbolism of a broom. A broom indicates a need to clean up one’s act and resolve past issues. Perhaps my reaction (terror) to the dustpan comes from feeling forced to take on her issues as my own.


2 thoughts on “Nightmare: Attacked by a Dustpan

  1. teleile says:

    About that ‘other you’ – others have seen that, and so have I, in fact I did in a dream only last night, and was just telling a friend about it this evening!

    What it is ….. when we die, who is it, really, who brings about our death? We do! We, ourselves, decide when to end an incarnation, because we want to move on to the next experience. And you can have a dream of facing a ‘you’ who is going to kill you! It’s very unnerving to see in a dream, but spiritually it’s accurate.

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